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  1. 2 hours ago, Eurisko said:

    Anyway again, great video. Would love to see more of this sort of thing.

    There's plenty more on my channel lol.

    As for the 'it never came near my town'.

    I thought the same for mine... Then I discovered it actually did, it came within 45 min of my town. But Sega never published a full list of the bus stops, so you had to ring them up and ask where it was stopping... which... is really annoying.

  2. I recently did a lot of research and investigations into an old event that Sega used to hold between the years of 1992 and 1995.

    They were basically Sega Roadshows, the first was called "Sega on the Road" and the last one was called "In 2 Action." Each bus would tour major cities and large events in the UK allowing people the opportunity to play the latest Sega games and hardware. 

    You've probably seen a few pictures of these in videogame magazines and issues of Sonic the Comic. Well... I was able to find some video and accounts of the events so I decided to try and gather together the best and most common accounts of the events into one video which covered the roadshows in order to catalogue and inform.

    You can watch that here.

    Anyway... I wanted to ask about this here due to a really interesting comment I got on this one and something that was bugging me even when I was making the video.

    So the first roadshow was in 1992, the bulk of the events happened during the Summer of that year in the UK. The bus was decorated as you see in the thumbnail, with Sonic 2 imagery all over it. 

    And part of the attraction was the chance to play Sonic 2 in a competition style "How far can you get in 5 min" or "Can you beat the Sega high score?" And from what someone has told me, when they went onto it, someone was able to get all the way to Aquatic Ruin Zone during their run.

    Others have said that when they tried the game some people didn't make it out of the Emerald Hill Zone since the game wasn't released.

    So.... Does that mean that these events had Sonic 2 available to play in a near full condition... BEFORE it was officially released? Just that it seems the upper floor of these busses always had a Sonic competition, yet in some of the footage I found they're clearly playing Sonic 1, soooo... 

    Anyone go on these in 1992 and remember an early Sonic 2?


    Anyway, the 1995 event seems to be the last one and they had a Sonic, Tails and Knuckles mascot attend a few of them, sadly there's a distinct lack of media for these. Did anyone attend these and does anyone have any additional photos or dare I say video? 




  3. This is actually the first time in a very very long time where I haven't a clue what they're going to do.

    between the shift to the US for the 'Sonic Hub' all the re-structuring in Japan, the fact Forces didn't do as well as they wanted and Mania so blatantly shook up their plans.

    Like... When they saw Mania... and saw how it was received... I would loved to have been in the room of Sonic Team when they had their debriefing.


    The only thing at the moment I'd like to try and predict is if it's going to be a cross gen title given how the PS5 is likely coming in 2020 and several devs have hinted their next projects are cross gen.

  4. So there's a documentary on Netflix right now called Playing Hard.

    It basically follows the development of the game For Honor, yes the Ubisoft title which is very grindy.


    I don't want to spoil too much about it, but.... It's a really eye opening look at the politics of game development to the point where you'll be asking for someone to look into how game devs are treated.

    Whilst the doc follows the development and release of the game, they avoid the grind and micro transactions controversy and make the game out to be a huge hit. 

    There is a really shocking sub story going on... 

    Basically, the creator of the game slowly has creative control taken away from him, before he's effectively fired and kicked out of the company just prior to the games release.

    The health and mental well being of some of the devs completely collapses, one shows how he now has to sleep wearing an oxygen mask because his health is so poor.


    So many of the devs just appear depressed as the management slowly puts more demands on them and starts to change what they want to make into a money making machine.

    Give this a watch, it's about 1 hour 30min so it's not that long and it's a really interesting insight.

  5. On 3/30/2019 at 2:29 AM, Cuz said:

    In a related note, does anyone else find the shear size of the issues to be a barrier to collecting them? I mean the paper is over twice the size of most comics I’ve seen. evidently when they make a comic in the UK they  use the whole damn tree. Any storage tips?


    I show you exactly how to bag and board them, as well as explain what style of Comic book bags and boards you need to store these comics.

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