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  1. Lets see now *fires up Sonic Unleashed PS3* Is there a patch!

    ... ...

    ... ....


    Mind you it was a lot less laggy anyway.

    Although I am suprised that they've bothered to release a patch so late into the games life.

    Hmm... this is interesting, quoting from the gamespot link...

    A "Go to the lab" option has been added from the world map. Convenient.

    The Go To the Lab option has always been there, you just can't access it until a certain point in the game. Also, it takes you to Spagonia Lab even after he moves to Shamar. They need to fix that, too.

    Thats not on the PS3 version... BAH! We're hard! We can find our own way there!

  2. Does this mean we'll now have Big Daddy and

    Big Sister

    themed Hentai?

    Also it does add an interesting thought... in the first game you become a Big Daddy... does this mean that the main title character is a


    ? A

    grown sister


    Well... I just hope that they give us more FPS as well as the atmosphere this time.


    Big Sister

    idea is not original, not in the slightest. Unless the story behind them is amazingly fantastic, I can think of no reason why something more interesting couldn't have been though of.

    It's a shock tactic. Other than the woman who helps you in the first, all the women in the original are either dead or barking mad, theres no female boss in the first, theres no sense of any female character who has a big evil impact, so a


    Big Daddy... not original as far as speculation goes, but certainly a shock value tactic.

    Edit 1: *looks down...* It's a ruddy topic about Bioshock 2... what do you expect us to talk about, afternoon tea with the vicar!?

    Edit 2: HO! HO! The staff edit icon no longer remains! Mu-AHAHAHAHA! I HAVE THE POWER!

  3. Does anyone else feel that this forum feels a lot better all of a sudden?

    I don't mean it's looks, or it's content... but I mean the way memebrs are treating each other? Theres little of this veteran on newbie bashing, and the genuine new members actually have some bite in their posts instead of going "oww... they're old... I best be careful..."

    Regardless of what we may think or want others to think... post counts will always have a huge influencing factor to them. It's almost as though, the higher the number, the greater the influence or power that user has.

    Yet we've just had something happen that no forum really ever has... a total wipe... everyone is back to zero... and... something has changed. Everyone seems nicer than they were last month, and we've actually got a lot of new members registering and sticking around.

    The only thing that has really changed with us, the older members... is that we no longer have our post counts. We have the same usernames... the same signatures, avatars, interests, errors, positives etc...

    But something has changed. And my guess would be that it's the post count. Nobody at the moment looks like an old member, everyone is new. Theres never really been on this forum a "Must have a higher post count than you" culture, we don't have spam forums, and when we did post count was disabled, we rarely see "Yay 4000th post!" remarks (they usually stop at 1000 when people discover nobody cares anyway).

    Even if it's just a trial for a week or two, scrap the post count and see what happens, if newbies stick around and if this "I feel happy!" period continues.

  4. Does anyone else find it interesting how just about everyone so far has put the words "Long distance relationship" and "The internet" in the same post?

    I don't quite understand why people are so convinced that long distance relationships don't work when I can list a place that I've seen tons work and chances are many more people will also see them work... That place is university.

    Uni is a strange place for relationships. Mainly because if you go to one whilst being in a relationship, you're then forced into the status of being long distance relationship (unless you go to the same one or live in the same town!). Or... if you get into a relationship at uni... come the end of term, thats several weeks of long term relationship loneliness.

    Now I've seen people come in both camps and they've survived 3 years of long distance relationship goodness... some have even got married and had kids... yikes!

    With any relationship, you get what you put into it. If you can't be bothered then it's never going to work, if you want it to work and do everything you can to make it work, even if it's just the occasional message, or pressent sent in the mail, just anything that lets the other know, 'you mean the world to me.'

    But both parties must want it, and must make the effort, otherwise it won't work... just like a relationship in which you live in the same street of house eh?

  5. The only time I've ever played a Sonic Rivals game was... interesting at Summer of Sonic 08, someone in the pub had a PSP and the game and it found it's way into my eager fingers.

    Theres something about it that is just... well... failing to find a better word... fun...

    I can't put my finger on it, maybe it's the fast pace of it, the multiple paths the Sonic Battle esq fights, or maybe it's just that it's genually trying to be a good Sonic game without trying to be too clever or trying to pull a gimick out of it's top hat.

    It's like a toff saying "How do you do" and then buying you the first drink instead of saying "How do you do, would you care to gaze in awe at my new shoes?" before putting his cigar out in your face.

    I can't remember the music very well, but I think I liked it. It was a bit hard to get into at first, but it was a really fast paced game, the whole racing themed working for what it was and the limitations of the PSP compared to what a console could do.

    It's a shame this series is so under-rated and so under-loved... meh... maybe if Sony slapped the word "Nintendo" on the box then they'd sell and people would go ape as it's rare to dislike many nintendo sega titles... no matter how anoying they are!

  6. Uncharted is magnificent, I was amazed at how good it actually was, and how colourful it is whilst still looking realistic. It's quite cheap now what with it being a platinum title.

    I have Bioshock and... well... it's good... but there are better FPS out there... but theres nothing that has an atmosphere like Bioshock.

    Fallout 3 is pretty good apparently but a bit short.

    Complete rubbish. Fallout 3 will take you a week and a bit to do if you do not have a guide to hand and aim to get 100% completion, even then theres a ton of side quests and things to explore that do not count towards 100%.

    Fallout 3 is a very good choice, however it does have a LOT of bugs and this is across all releases, some consoles have unique bugs to match! But it is 100% completable, so theres no worry there. A word of warning with Fallout 3... do not get the PC version... go onto the fallout 3 forums and read some of the technical issues it has... it sounds broken beyond repair.

    Valkyria Chronicles is another stunning little title, it may not be to your tastes so I'd have a look on the PSN and see if theres a demo.

    But one thing. With the games you listed, they're all very popular big sellers, as a consequence they'll get a lot of second hand copies... resulting in a big price drop at a quick rate. So I'd try to avoid those titles for now.

    Or... wait until the end of March when we get Red Alert 3.

    Mirror's Edge is on the short side? Well that's a little disappointing. I guess I'll just rent it like you said. That was another game I had interest in I forgot about.

    Mirrors edge is short... but if you plan on going for platinum... it'll take you a week at the most. Those time trial challenges are utterly brutal at times.

  7. Well I just this moment got platinum on 'Alone in the Dark: Inferno,' not a bad little survival horror if I do say so myself. Just a pity that the endings are a bit of a let down.

    Before that I was considering having another play with Aquanauts Holiday on the PS3, it's a nice relaxing game.

    Not sure what to play next, I've got Hawx, Endwar, X blades and Valkyria Chronicles still to touch, as much as I want to try V.C. I think it'll have to be Hawx as I just love air combat type games.

  8. Stupid move.

    Games are only going to get bigger. DLC is only going to increase in both size and in terms of games that will have it.

    The space may be working now, but in a years time? In the last 3 month theres been two giant DLC packs released for 2 big 360 titles, GTA, and Fallut 3. Fallout 3 has at least another 2 confirmed which are aparently larger than the first one.

  9. I think I love you lol

    that post was epic.

    Oh my... why thank you. *blush*

    I do believe, Good Sir, that you have just won this topic!

    That is soo freaking epic.

    Not yet, have a look at the end of the post for my attempt at winning the topic!

    Oh god I can't even read this embarassing topic D=.

    Would you like me to read it to you for a bedtime story?

    Anyway! Now it's time for me to attempt to win the topic... with this MOVIE that I made

    And also! Good news, if I got made a mod again... I could ban all those people once more! YAAAY! *waves arms in air*

  10. When you first fire up warhawk it's quite epic in just how ferocious it is.

    It seems impossible to do well, you wonder how those newbies (according to their stats) do some of the things they do. But once you start to master the controls, it's amazing.

    The number of ways you can play this game is stunning. Most people take to the skies, but I do know a number of players who are absolutely deadly in tanks and some even more brutal on foot! I've seen guys take out warhawks with sniper rifles!

    Even when in the warhawk, theres so many ways to play it. One of my favourite tactics is to find the remote missile and then fly far from the map. Then launch it... steer it towards an enemy warhawk, then detonate! The blast will take him out and he'll wonder "How the hell did he just hit me with that!?"

    The only two problems I have with it would be the following..

    * Lack of comunication... the best games are those where theres a clear sense in whats going on... the worst are those where everyone is running around like a loony. You'll always lose if you're on that team. Some people are idiots when it comes to this game, the idea of support as well as hard hitting front lines is lost... everyone seems to just grab a plane and rocket away.

    * Warhawk was one of the first (if not the first) game to get trophies... yet it's too bloody hard... Only 1 person has the platinum, and the in game ranks are so stupidly impossible that theres no way you can do it without boosting or cheating. e.g. Capture the flag 5 times in one game... THE HELL!? Theres no way you can do that! The dynamics of the game make this stupidly hard enough to capture it once as it is.

  11. Someone's been watching too much Blackadder haven't they?...


    Yes! But the Americans don't know what that is so shhhhh!

    And good news! Someone has already given me the lowest rating possible! BASTARDS! *shakes fist*

  12. I'm very mixed about wii-fits.

    I don't own one, yet I've come so close to buying one, theres a couple of people in my work who own one and they absolutely love them.

    On the one hand I think it would be a great thing to own, the other I think that I'd just get bored of it like I would any game. Then theres also the stories about it's ability to take measurements not being very accurate. Remember that 9 year old child who was perfectly healthy and the wii-fit said see was obease! Outch! Thats not a good thing to see!

    One day I think I will own one, but not until it gets a price cut, as I can't seem to find one thats under £100 at the moment, mainly due to stores constantly selling them in bundles... groan.

    Well I've had Wii Fit since mid-January. Haven't lost any weight with it, yet, but then I've definetly not been sticking to a healthier diet, so its more than understandable. I have noticed my body's getting alot stronger though =)

    If I were you, I'd have a go on one of those BMI machines that Boots have, if you think that you're getting stronger then it's possible that you've grown muscle. The people who I work with are currently doing this sponsered wieght loss thing for Comic relief and those who own Wii-Fits say that they no longer trust the measurements as the machine in Boots gives them a much clear picture and sometimes the results are very different to that of the wii-fit. Not to say that the wii-fit doesn't help or do anything, as it's a form of exercise, but that it's ability to measure BMI isn't as accurate as it makes out.

  13. I'M HERE!


    I shall say here what I said on AAUK's forum.

    "I made an entry in my diary when I heard the news... it simply reads... Bugger.

    Well now. So many long faces, so many upset people... But... This dear friends is not the end of a great tale, oh my no, no, no, no. Merely the start of a new chapter.

    *Puts on some inspirational music*

    For those people who are saddened, or who are convinced that it'll never be the same again, to them I say, I have full confidence in the abilities of those behind the scenes working away attempting to find a new host, and to generate new content, and to restore what was once and what will be again. Those who are doing their duty to support their friends in their time of need, those who are offering words of support, these are the days when these faceless and untouchable friendships prove what they are really made of. Those who live thousands of miles apart, those whose only contact is by there mere words of which we type, those who only know Sonic fan 27 as Sonic fan 27 will show themselves as the kind of person that they really are.

    We shall ride this storm as we have done previously, we shall endeavour to build on what has been lost, and strengthen what has always been. We shall work and strive for the best, we shall give our best, and we shall expect the best.

    As we should tell those doubters out there in the dark, those who take pleasure in the disappointment, that TSS 'it's just too hardcore for host providers.' When the dust settles and we re-group as we have done always, we shall continue doing what we all love doing the most... having a jolly good moan at something... well the bulk of the users are British Sonic fans after all, and I, like many a British Sonic fan, are never truly happy, unless I'm moaning about something.

    As for now. Urm... Cookie? *offers plate*"


    Good news! SSMB is back, and it looks like lots of very very old members are returning too despite the fact that their postcounts are now zero! OHHHH CALAMITY! I was so close to 7k posts! BWARGH! ALAS! Since I met the Queen in Hull today I don't really mind!

    And if it may help the cause, I may have a few old TSS articles saved onto my computer that I happened to like, they're mainly ones that I wrote, but if you need them for extra content. Feel free to ask for them.

    Oh! And theres just time to suggest that when TSS gets back on the horse, here is a quick banner I made for the occasion... call it a welcome back gift.


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