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  1. Oh my GOD! You guys... This happened on the Sonic Livestream today!


    The chat erupted with people chanting for the Sonic statue... And they talked about it! It was the first thing they talked about! In fact the chat was so relentless they had to address it multiple times!

    Aaron said he was aware of the story and thought it was amazing. He also said that, he would tell ask his counterparts in Sega of Japan if they could look into it, because it's clearly outside their field of influence. 

    So to Review...

    In less than a year, we've found the statue.

    Got great pictures and video of it.

    And now Sega are aware of it and have responded positively to calls to save it.



  2. Let's be honest here... the other thread is going to be just for the console/pc release. Also not sure if we have a thread already so I dunno lock or merge I guess.


    Sonic Racing is an upcoming mobile game from Hardlight studios.

    The game appears to be a mobile version of Team Sonic Racing.

    Currently the game is advertised to be an Apple Arcade Exclusive.

    Due for release later this year. Not price strategy announced yet.


    Will add more pics when I'm back on desktop.

  3. So I've done an update video... Because there have been a few developments.



    First of all, the statue is now a landmark on Google maps.

    The statue now appears in Pokemon Go (No really it's there as a Poke'Stop)


    But the big thing, a professional fabricator and prop maker has been to the statue and examined it.... He took some new pictures and video (Included in the above)...

    But he also had some worrying news... The statue is decaying faster than anyone previously thought, parts of it are in really bad shape and some are at real risk of collapse. 

    Not only that, but... the board itself is nearly completely rotted away and the main supports are also showing major signs of decay. By his estimates, it's got 5-7 years at the most before it will completely collapse.


    Is there any good place I can upload the photos that were taken?


  4. Unleashed - Present Day = Automated Gameplay era/Boost Era

    Whatever you wanna call it. The modern area is well and truly over. I'd say it probably died when just after Sonic 06 came out. 06 Without a doubt pretty much hangs onto Adventure 1 & 2's cape in virtually every respect with even Shadows game stapled to it. 

    But unleashed just feels completely different from 06 and everything before it.

    Unleashed for me was the start of every Sonic game practically forcing you to go forward no matter what you wanted to do, whilst it had a lot of sections where you still had some control and freedom... looking at every game since, control is reduced with each outing... and now we're at Forces which has levels which are nearly 50% automated.



    God you could even classify TSR into the boost era since it removed all the All-Star moves into just an epic boost move.

  5. I just checked ebay.co.uk 

    Typed Sonic the Comic and several bundles came up.


    But in terms of collecting fleetway Sonic. It's a really hard comic to try and value and recommend issues. Because the early issues are not that rare compared to the rest of them so you don't wanna be paying too much.

    However, the first 5 or 6 issues are a bit pants. The artwork is really poor (even the artist admits it's bad) and the stories are just one shots (except for issue 1 and 2).  But once it gets to the Issue where Sonic escapes the special zone with his friends, it really ups the quality and story telling.

    It might be an idea to try before you buy with fleetway, last I checked EmuParadise still had the entire series on it's website. If you like it and want some actual issues, either ebay.co.uk or get in touch with me since I know I have a bunch of issues that I've been wanting to sell for a long time.


  6. We did have a topic on this, but it seemed to have died during one of the last few database crashes, so this was originally going to be a reply to that but might as well now make it anew.

    This video is mine, but it's a full visual summary of the topic and some additional info and observations.


    Anyway, details.

    The show was broadcast on Russian and Ukrainian TV via channel RTR (now known as Russia 1). The title of the show translates to "Sonic Super Hedgehog" and it seems to have been a mixture of a kids game show and what we would consider in the west to be a 'magazine' or videogame show.

    Whilst teams made up of a child and adult would take part in a quiz and then competition in a 'game of the week' the show had other features too.

    News & Reviews: These covered any Sega console title from 94. They also did news and segments on games, consoles and even various Sega arcades (one of which might even be a Sega World in Japan but the video is too degraded for me to tell).

    Letters to the show: In one of the videos, the show reads out letters sent to the TV station, they also show some fan art from the viewers. 


    For nearly 20 years, it was considered "lost media" before someone uploaded footage from it to YouTube back in 2014, however the earliest discussions I can find about the show date back even further preceding 2008 in one case. 

    The show was hosted by Yevgeny Stychkin, who has since gone on to be quite a well known actor in Russia, having lots of roles across TV, Film and Theatre. In fact if you check out his website (Just be aware his site tries to force download a SWF file to your system.) He still lists the show on it under his TV history

    From what I've been able to tell, the show only ran for one season in 1994. Whist it seems kinda cheap and low effort, they were giving away between £500-£1000 worth of prizes per episode, and they made a lot of effort to theme the show around the 'game of the week'.


    So how did it work? Well there were 3 teams, made up of a kid and guardian, the first round they would answer questions based on the game of the week, however it wouldn't necessarily be about the game. For example in the Aladdin episode, the questions are all on the Disney movie and not the game. 

    Round 2 was the competitive mode which would be a challenge in game, like a 2 player vs mode or beat the first level the fastest. 

    There was also a bonus round in the event of a tie. 


    During the show there is an animated Sonic who appears and reacts to what's going on, he's got several animation states that I've noticed so far.

    • Standing still/looking
    • pointing.
    • cheering (Jumps up and down, waves his arms)
    • Laughing.
    • Crying  (yes he cries in one episode).

    He was also given a voice in the show, a very high pitched squeaky voice, I've only found two cases though where he speaks in the shows (one is included in the video at around 10:40). 

    But I was quite impressed with this, because not only are the animations quite varied. The design is spot on! I can't see any errors and normally with this like this there's normally one thing like the shoes or the arms being blue, in this show they are all 100% right.


    So what could you win from this? 

    3rd Place: Posters, T-Shirts and Sega watches.

    2nd Place: The above + a lower end console (Master System/Game Gear)

    1st Place: 3rd place prizes + Mega Drive & games.


    And of course there is that intro... that crazy intro... Which isn't complete. It seems that there is actually more to this intro. During one of the videos there is a cut to part of the intro which is unseen in all the videos uploaded. 


    Special thanks to @Bobnik & @Woun for their help with translations.

    And here's the uploaded videos themselves for you to check out again.



  7. 6 hours ago, Blue Blood said:

    So Iizuka said this:

    "As you play, whether you win or lose, you earn currency in-game which you can use to get random prizes. As you get these prizes, you will begin to collect different car parts for different characters."

    I really dislike that the prizes are random. I hope it's not not a grindy loot-box system, and especially that there aren't options to pay real money for more currency. I'm pretty sure Mario Kart 7 and 8 have random unlocks based on total coin collection, which isn't ideal but it's not offensively bad either. The currency in this game is more than likely to be the rings we've seen scattered across tracks that haven't had any noticeable application yet. It's just the fact that this game let's you buy random items, whilst also having special rare parts that has me worried.

    I think... or at least I hop it's similar to that of OnRush.

    How that game works is that the player has a level/rank, each time you level up you get a loot box + Currency.

    You also get 'currency' by completing races in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

    Each box has 3 objects in them, at random, but the drops rates for the rare stuff is pretty good, like every 2 boxes you'll get a rare item. 

    Duplicate items are converted to currency, you can use this currency to buy another box, or the item you want. 


    I think when I'd finished with the game I'd unlocked around 70% of the stuff and still had lots of money left over.

  8. 1: New TSR Information Trailer + Screenshots.

    2: Toys

    3: Comics, some new covers, probably the B cover for the annual.

    4: A tease for 2020, nothing major...  just a tease.

    5: Update for a mobile or new mobile game.

    6: Details on new animation, probably Mania Adventures season 2.


    Honestly... I think that's about it. The movie is a huge can of worms to show off in front of a live panel. I can see them doing it but I think they'd be best to distance themselves from it.

  9. 1 minute ago, Skye said:

    i didn't say i learned anything about the game. i just said that i enjoyed it. admittedly because of arin. to be honest i have barely seen any marketing for the game asides from music, but there could be more that i have not seen.

    Well... there we go...


    That's why people are saying this video was terrible. It didn't matter who was in it, it told people nothing about the game it was supposed to be advertising.

  10. 36 minutes ago, Skye said:

    yknow i quite liked this. perhaps im biased, as i love the game grumps (even if havent been watching them lately) and i do watch jirard on occasion. i thought it was some odd marketing, but i liked it nonetheless.

    and i dont think arin necessarily hates sonic. you have to remember, his.. persona on game grumps is exaggerated. im sure he doesnt hate sonic nearly as much as he seems to on the show.

    So what exactly did you learn about the game that got you interested in it? Based on this video?

  11. Ok so let me elaborate with my stance on this video today.

    When I used to watch Game Grumps back when jonTron was on it, it made me laugh, I enjoyed it.

    Other than that, I don't have any real thoughts or opinion regarding Arin or Jirard, I'm aware of Jirard's stuff, but I don't watch it.

    Now look at this video, they invited the pair to Tokyo, all expenses paid to make a video to promote Sega/TSR. I'm assuming it's for TSR since that's how the video ends and we see some blury over the shoulder game play during the video.

    What does any of this have to do with promoting Team Sonic Racing? There is nothing here that makes anyone excited for the game, nor does it do anything to show a consumer how much fun it is or how the game works.

    The fact they've picked Arin is irrelevant. The fact they picked Jirard is irrelevant.

    They could have asked me to go. They could have paid anyone else on earth to go. They could have just hired an intern, put a sock puppet on their hand and done the exact same video...

    .... And it still wouldn't have advertise or promoted the game in any worthwhile respect.

    The issue is, the video was just a paid holiday for two people who don't work for Sega to pretend to promote the game, the video does nothing for the game in any respect you could replace everyone who appears in this video with anyone else on earth and it still wouldn't promote the game. 


    That's why it's awful. That's the real controversy here, it's a completely pointless video which doesn't do what it should be doing and must have cost in the tens of thousands of dollars to make, the flights and hotel costs alone put it close to the 10k mark.

  12. So I'm not going to do this myself but... Here's something someone with more time can do.



    3 Return flights to Tokyo, from LA. (+ Flights for translator and camera crew) So let's be ultra conservative and say 5 flights total.

    Lets say it was 3 nights at a hotel in Tokyo (find average price for a cheap hotel)

    Shopping trip (prices of all the merch they buy is on ebten).

    + Salary for person who edited the video together. 


    = Total cost of the video.


    For 2 seconds of gameplay footage.

    What a bargain!



  13. 6 minutes ago, RedFox99 said:

    When did he insult people?

    He basically just dismissed any criticism of the Sonic design as being hysterical fans who needed to relax, then when it was pointed out respected industry professionals had raised some key points, he included them as being hysterical...

    Then started to block everybody who said hat was being very disrespectful.

    Should point out, those people who he included in his 'relax' manifesto included Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima. 

    Then claimed he only blocked people who had been abusive towards him... despite the fact... Nobody had been abusive towards him before he started his mass blocking, he just got caught out and didn't like it.

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