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  1. So here is my reply to that tweet.

    Because this is actually a good gameplay tip. Tails and the other technical characters can drive on rough and slippery terrain without a speed and control penalty. In fact if you are playing as a technical character, this is really useful way to overtake opponents and even access shortcuts or weapon power ups that power and speed types can't access.



    Actually I got a better question...


    Tell me I is not crazy and someone else sees that?

  2. The list is actually quite good.

    Like I've been saying for months, the game has a lot of mechanics and tactics which if you're able to do really helps your fun mileage with this game.

    The fact that you have achievements tied to these moves and one which appears to tie to using them all in one race is a really good way to encourage the player to actually learn what to do.


    Even the online ones, there is only one which may cause you problems and that's the GP one, it doesn't try to force the player into too much online co-ordination or requirements. ASRT had this issue with one trophy requiring players to pick specific characters and then try to come in specific positions in a race.

    Not to mention all the other online gameplay modes which barely anyone touched even on the first week of launch. 

  3. 20 minutes ago, Dreadknux said:

    Sonic Forces wasn't actually announced at one of these panels, was it? My memory Is hazy..


    I want to say they revealed the name of the game at SXSW? It was project 2017 before then?

    Oh and we got about 30 seconds of gameplay?


    Also something else people need to realise. If they do stream it, they won't be able to show a movie trailer during it due to the ratings rule.


  4. Jasmin Hernandez: Production Manager on Sonic Mania Adventures. In fact her entire CV is virtually TV Show related... Mania Adventures Season 2. You can also bet some TSR news will drop on that day as well.

    5 minutes ago, Dreadknux said:

    Maybe we'll finally get to see mutant movie Sonic... in the 'flesh'.

    *Are you sure you want to report this post to a moderator?

    Reason: Offensive content.

  5. 6 minutes ago, goku262002 said:

    It's over, a 3 year mystery is finally over. this is amazing we know all about this thing now I never thought I would see this day tbh.

    But maintenance! it needs serious maintenance!! what's the next step in trying to preserve this historic timepiece?!

    Well.... The issue is, because of what the local resident said, it likely has an owner, that being the farmers who apparently bought it. So.... even if someone turned up and 'fixed it' that would be illegal. 

    The only thing I can think of is... make people care for it, make it get noticed so it becomes a big deal and people want to save it?

  6. Guys.... We found it!

    (Video is basically a summary of this topic, as well as video of the statue itself which was taken at the weekend and the original location of the statue).

    These pictures are less than 3 days old.






    This is the location of the statue:

    ソニックのオブジェ 〒518-0216, Takao, Iga-shi, Mie-ken 518-0216, Japan


    We were actually amazingly close to it 3 years ago! We got the right area just the wrong road!

    Why Make The Location Public Now?

    On the issue of security. The location is very remote and not easy to get to (it's also expensive!), the issue of theft is very unlikely. On the subject of vandalism... well... see the next paragraph, nature is ahead of us.


    But the main reason... The statue has deteriorated a lot, since the original photos from 3 years ago, and even the one photo from 2016, the statue is decaying badly. It desperately needs some maintenance, moss is growing over large parts of it, some paintwork has completely gone, parts of the statue have broken off, other parts have large cracks in them, even the supports for it are also showing signs of decay.

    It desperately needs someone to take care of it.


    What Else Do We Now Know?

    The statue was originally in a Sega World a few towns over.

    The following information comes from a local resident who lives nearby.

    The area is prone to snowfall, making it look like Sonic is actually snowboarding down the street.

    The Statue was purchased by a group of farmers and industrialists who work nearby, it was then placed (gifted?) to the local area. 

    It's been in that area for between 10-15 years.


    Any Other Pictures?

    Yes Lots! Can someone name a good place to upload a zip file since I imagine there will be a lot of interest in this?

  7. 11 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    I totally forgot about that piece of music. Geez... They've done a pretty good of advertising game as nothing more than a remix album, and even that's inaccurate when just talking about the soundtrack.

    Yeah it's funny you say that because...

    I'm... quite surprised at how quickly that gained a bit of traction and none of the people with a lot of followers have retweeted it.

    Basically... imagine this game was ASRT. A game which most of us agree on is a great title.

    Nobody would be excited for it, yet we were all hyped for that game back in the day.

    Even today's 'news', it's just Jun playing guitar over a few clips we've already seen, there's no making of at all... and this is part 1!

    Yeah Jun is cool and all but... that's not selling me the game.


    This might be a bit of a hot take, but this feels like one of the absolute worst promotional campaigns for a game I've ever seen Sega do, and I include Binary Domain in that!

  8. So I'm going to reply here for now... in hindsight I should have posted this earlier but some people get angry over stuff like this which is why I've kept quiet about it.


    Basically. Since posting that I knew the location. Multiple people have said they would go and then suddenly go silent on me. 

    Since about April of last year nobody has asked about it, which is why I've not posted in here since.


    Now... about a month or two ago. Someone who I know very well who is an avid Sonic fan and a good friend of mine is going to Japan and wants to find the statue.

    I have given him the location and he's going to go with the full intention of documenting it. He's going around Easter time so its not long to wait.

    And because he's done a lot of organisation already with sorting out travel, scheduling and has managed to get his wife to agree to go as well, which is taking a full day out of his vacation, part of me feels that he should have first 'dibs' at trying to find this, since I know there will be a lot of interest and it will help with his online presence too.

    And also, he's been a very good friend to me for quite a long time now so there might also be some loyalty there and I do want him to have that moment of 'wow I'm the first fan to see this in the flesh for years!' moment.

    So what I've done, I've messaged him and asked him what he'd like me to do, if he wants me to keep it a secret still or not.

    But either way. After is vacation, I will be making the exact location public.


    I know this probably isn't what boy-blue wants to hear, but since this has come so out of the blue with barely a day to get to know you before you intend to go, I really don't know what's the best move here.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Kuzu the Boloedge said:

    Just to poke a little fun, I suggest people to watch this with subtitles on because hog's accent makes for some amusing moments 

    That and a combination of the fact I recorded the audio whilst I had really bad flu.

    So it's basically someone with a Yorkshire accent and flu trying to speak English, and Google's Ai is trying to turn that into English...


    Regarding Donkey Kong.

    He probably just threw Omega at something or something at Omega, the shock of the impact shook something loose. Omega wakes up and is like "What happened?"

    Kong be like: fixed ya mate.

  10. 1 hour ago, PeterPancake said:

    They'd have to retool the design and send new assets to any license holder who is making promotional tie-in for the movie. All of the current material would have to be thrown out of the window.



    And how much money do you think they'd have to compensate those groups for any and all work currently done which now as to be thrown out?

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