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  1. Who remembers the sonic turkey?

    1. Dejimon11
    2. CottonCandy


      I think you're the only person to remember that. 

  2. Well, Aaron has been asked it directly once, and commented on it last night, and in both occasions his response was kinda a dodge and almost as if he didn't know what the problem was, just that there was a problem. But last night Alex was also there and said something slightly different which suggested that they were aware of what was going on, think it was something like "Not yet, no" which sounds more like they know what the problem is, at least it's a problem which isn't just an archie thing, whereas Aaron has been more 'I don't have any news on that right now'.
  3. Matches up with what they accidentally let slip on the stream last night.
  4. Can we not do this. It really doesn't help with finding out information and if someone slips up then it's on them and never ends up going well.
  5. Jun: Zebrahead for Forces! ... ... I do not know if that was an accidental confirmation or not! Ok some context to that... Jun was asked "What's your involvement in Forces" and he replied along these lines. "When Ohtani makes music in Sonic 06, Colours, Unleashed, I get asked to find the singers for songs." He then started listing singers for games and said "Zebrahead for Forces" and started listing singers/bands for other games. So either way, Juns involvement seems to be that he is talent scouting for the vocals for the main title theme.
  6. There are 8 prototype versions of Open Your Heart.


    On Juns Macintosh computer back in Japan.

    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      How do we hack that

    2. Cyrus
    3. JezMM


      Oh he did confirm they weren't "prototypes" as such, just 8 unique songs that were written as being the main theme that were scrapped before he settled on Open Your Heart.



      ...Still need to hear them ofc

  7. I think they might have accidentally confirmed than Jun is working on Sonic Forces on the twitch stream. If not... there is another project we don't yet know about.
  8. I think they just confirmed Jun is working on Sonic Forces.

  9. Any news on Archie comics?


    Sega: Not yet no.

  10. Well the game is about Sonic trying to turn the tide of a dictatorship... so Sonic probably watched the new season of The Walking Dead for inspiration. In the current season, Rick is trying to build an army against the Saviours, Sonic is trying to build an army against Eggman's Forces, which he calls 'Sonic Forces.' So he's calling up all his old drinking buddies to try and join the battle. Mighty and Ray said no. The Chaotix said yes but only if they got them more music CD's and Pizza. And the Wisps joined because Iizuka said so.
  11. Why isn't it? Everyone said the same about the storybook series until was it colours or Generations confirmed they were? It's a statement about a thing in Sonic's world that makes sense, was made by Sonic team. If we're going to consider anything which didn't do well because it didn't last or wasn't a critical success... lol this series is in fucking trouble. Also really? People are questioning why a powerup is placed in a box? Lol have we never played a game before?
  12. You are jumping to some amazingly daft conclusions though. Died of falling glass... Right... we should also add heart attacks from every time an explosion occurred or high cholesterol from the boom in chili dog sellers. Or increase in lung disease due to eggmans pollution emissions.
  13. All the death and murder is in your own mind.
  14. I promised you that if you followed me in SSMB you would have a more rad time.

    Well here you go.


    1. Soni


      Totally radicool duderino broguy!

    2. Solkia
    3. TCB


      fckin Koko B. Ware lmao

    4. ShroomZed


      It's like if Captain N's bedroom vomited all over them 

      Image result for captain n bedroom

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