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  1. If it's a thing you can do, it's a thing people will do.
  2. If this show is doing so naff, how come it's still selling well to other regions and being sold to other networks? It just got put on Netflix in Japan and pretty sure it's coming to Netflix UK end of this month.
  3. Don't ask for a source but... Pretty sure it was said long before ROL came out that Lyric would not be in the shown. Primary reason being the show is set after the game.
  4. "I still don't know how a game is made." Erm... You do know that different people and different teams work on different parts on the game? Sonic Team doesn't just go "Well we finished the camera let's move onto something else now" or "That's the Sonic campaign done let's move onto this instead". Each team is responsible for a different area and works on that area for pretty much the duration of the project. Now I can already see you thinking "Well if they were not spending time on this then they could do this!" Stop right there. There becomes a limit when the size of a team becomes an issue on a project, even when sub divided. You can't just throw people at a software project and believe that will make things better. Let's take the camera controls for instance. What is the benefit say of suddenly going "Well the camera is a bit naff... let's increase the team size by 20 people." Erm... Lol. Aside from the financial lunacy. It should be at most maybe a handful of people doing that and depending on the project maybe a single person? For dynamic cameras it's another story since you factor in level design and storyboarding but again... not many people. Furthermore, a lot of the problems you've said are only looked for in beta testing and depending how ST worked black in the day some are not handled until either black box or white box testing is done. Depending on the build stage or the type of testing this can vary as to when in development such things are carried out. You budget the game based on how large it is and the resources. So even if you stripped out the stuff you don't like. Odds are in terms of problems reported as a percentage of content vs issue, you'll likely be around the same figure since your team size and resource quantity gets reduced to compensate. Unless the plan is to make the game at a loss.
  5. Amy's spikes don't go down... they go up. Took me 20 years before I realised they went down... and Sonic CD was my favourite Sonic game for at least 5 of those 20.
  6. Anyone mentioned how it's now a days ex machina instead of an actual reason to include him?
  7. Is it just me or is Sega making much more a deal out of Sonic's 26th than his 25th?

    1. Dejimon11


      that's because they have stuff worth a damn coming out this year. Last year we got Mario & Sonic and Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice....not something worth celebrating. 

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I mean when you miss the deadline with your new game, what else are you to do?

      Boom Sonic being replaced with the CaC is totally the reason why this happened btw

    3. Forte-Metallix


      More like they had to push the two biggest parts of the 25th celebration back a year. (And thank heavens they did, or we'd have gotten a repeat of Sonic's 15th)

  8. Pre-orders open late July. Comes in 3 editions. Price = £20.
  9. Data-Discs are doing it. No price yet, no details on limited editions yet. Full announcement might be in 30min time..
  10. Does anyone actually read the criticisms anymore?
  11. In what area? "I don't know how a game is made."
  12. Is it just me or is this years sale a bit naff?
  13. It is not coming 2018.. they have just said it's coming 2019.
  14. None of that has anything to do with this movie.
  15. lol wut. 1: The Sly Cooper TV Show has nothing to do with Sonic. 2: The Sly Cooper movie has nothing to do with Sonic. 3: The movie was announced BEFORE any production started... so no you have not waited that long at all. 4: They have not said the movie would be a Dark Knight style movie treatment, that was a rumour which was never confirmed. 5: They have not said anything about a sequel to the movie at all. And right before I was going to press.... 6: Sonic Forces' graphics department has nothing to do with the movie. 7: Goosebumps 2 has nothing to do with the Sonic movie. Holy fuckballs, so much speculation based on utterly nothing.