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  1. Do you see me doing that in this topic? All I did was post a link and comment on what the subject was which is an issue that the system has which multiple sites are reporting. You don't like it mute my posts or put a rule out that only positive news can be posted in topics. ... seriously that post is viewed as a drive by fanboy shit post? ... seriously!?
  2. Short answer = Zero. Long answer = He acts as a antenna/filter for various feedback to higher ups. This is a two way relationship. So likewise we too get feedback based on decisions made by ST. I'll probably elaborate on this when I'm not on the mobile.
  3. The thickness of your hand determins if your controller can sync to the system.
  4. The thickness of your hands determines if your Nintendo switch controllers can sync to the system or not....



    1. Gregtaku91
    2. Azoo


      Never change, Hogfather.

    3. -Ace-
    4. Josh


      It's also affected by stuff in your way + distance. You'll have to sit close to the TV until they find a fix

    5. Strickerx5


      Has a console ever had this issue? I don't even remember the first wireless controllers having an issue like that...

    6. Josh


      I've only ever remembered seeing issues like this with third party controllers. I wasn't paying that much attention to PS3/360 launch though.


      Nintendo not even bothering to let people know they're working on it is cool though. Real nice

  5. During 2016, Sega strongly hinted that they were going to be expanding Sonic's license into theme parks and other leisure outlets, aside from the odd interview in various licensing magazines, they even dropped the line that they had 6 new arcade games in development during their 25th party livestream last year. Well... it seems we missed a news story. Back at the start of 2016, Sega conducted an interview with Attractions Management, Sega discussed in some more detail their desires to get Sonic out into more arcades and theme parks. Then the article closes with this... Attractions Management also understands that Sonic will be the theme of a high-profile virtual reality rollercoaster, due to be announced later this year. I don't... remember anyone mentioning that at all last year? Now obviously, this didn't get announced, but it's possible that the announcement has been delayed given how this sounds like it wouldn't just be a case of re-branding like the Alton Towers ride was, this would have to be the creation of a new VR themed attraction incorporated into the structure and layout of a rollercoaster (be pre-existing or... dare I suggest, new). What you think?
  6. I know we used to only most ad blockers would stop them, since I'm rocking one I assumed we still did. Gotta be someones signature or a recently linked to image.
  7. It'll be one of the following. Someone is hotlinking to dodgy websites. Be an image in a signature or a post. One of the adverts on the site is causing a false positive.
  8. Here is the original source for that image with a lot more information.
  9. Urm guys... This is an official thing. 

    Batman Vs Joker Alien.


    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Yeah, IIRC there was a crossover where Alien eggs were placed into Arkham and infected all his main enemies, so Batman ended up having to fight Xenomorphs with characteristics of his villains.

    2. Ayliffe


      comics are weird

  10. I saw my name mentioned... Oh god not it's this again. How well is the Boom merchandise selling? Well lets think, Tomy does not release sales data for those toys, they do not release production numbers for those toys. So nobody outside of Tomy is qualified to say they're doing badly unless they have access to that sales data. If you have access to that I have one gif for you. So why are we able to say with some degree of confidence the merch is doing at least somewhere between 'expected' and 'good'? Because we do actually have data and evidence to prove that which is somewhat quantifiable. The first being, Tomy is still giving Boom rather generous spaces at their 2017 Toy Fair events. London Germany And there is absolutely no question that it'll be at this weeks New York Toy Fair when the photos come out of that too! So why would they be giving it shelf space... if it wasn't selling or doing very well? No... wait.... Why would there be lots of new toys as well as the old.... if it wasn't selling or doing very well? These toys have been out now since what 2014? If they were truly selling as badly as some people claim, why are they still being sold and why are new ones still being made? And before someone pumps out "Well it's Sega's money...", wrong answer, it's Tomy's. They paid for the license, they pay for the toy construction distribution and promotion, they get the lion share of profits. ....But it doesn't end there, the toy distributor I use sent me their 2017 catalogue the other week, you know I can actually order from it right now!? New Sonic Boom stuff, I can actually order new toys from it right now if I want which will be out later this year. That's quite a step for a retailer/distributor if the toys are not selling. So when people say 'Last I heard' my next response is... "Say's Who?"
  11. Nintendo has revealed that they have taken back their stolen switch.


    Which is the most information they have revealed about their machine since announcement.

    1. Gabe


      Yeah, stolen Switch or no, the videos the guy posted that demonstrated the setup and UI was the most information about those we were able to get since the press conference. :/

    2. VEDJ-F
    3. Dejimon11


      Yeah the guy actually leaked something Metroid related 

  12. Hello Good Sir, nice to meet you.

    1. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      Whose multi are you!?

    2. TheChickenWing
  13. Yeah but... I technically got all Sonic 06 topics banned...


    1. Soni


      You honestly did this forum a favor, papa bless.

    2. TheChickenWing
  14. Just been handed the prices for the Silver Statue...

    1. kirby1up
    2. Strickerx5


      "Sounds like being a Sonic merchandise collector isn't that easy!"

    3. Mayor D
    4. Strickerx5


      pff holy shit

  15. Christ... this email from First4Figures is just as messy as their quality control is.

    1. Soni



    2. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Are they really that bad? I expect absolute perfection for that price...

    3. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      @Lucid Dream Sadly a lot of their statues come with or develop serious defects, even the Tornado which I reviewed on TSS developed a serious problem.... in that the magnet that was built into the statue was so powerful it weakened the structural integrity of the statue and over time it ripped itself out of the statue.

      Check out the topic on SSMB, I'll be bumping it shortly.

      As for the email. Here are some of the highlights...

      The email opens with this image.


      Why does the pre-order information come before the live stream bit, when you need the live stream information to work out what time the statue is available? 

      What is the point in listing 21st Feb for the US and 21st Feb for the rest of the world when they're both the same date regardless as to time zone?

      Then the email becomes written text. I'm hoping SSMB should be able to accurately convert it to what it looks like.

      Hey Everyone!

      "If you say it exists in the past, present, and future, I'll destroy it all at once!" - Silver the Hedgehog

      Welcome to our fourth product launch for our Sonic the Hedgehog Modern line, Silver the Hedgehog.

      Arriving next week will be our latest First 4 Figures' line of Sonic the Hedgehog (Modern) characters with Silver the Hedgehog! Pre-orders will be opening on Tuesday February 21st, so keep the date free. 

      This is the fourth statue in First 4 Figures' Sonic the Hedgehog Modern line. Come along and join us on that day as we LIVE BROADCAST the event leading upto the Preorder Launch!!!

      Make sure to subscribe to YouTubeTwitch or Facebook to be notified of this epic event!
      There will be tons of activities throughout the event such as Live Q&A and something special known as DAY ONE Edition! This is a treasure you do not want to miss out on!


      LIVE STREAM Starts:-

      21st Feb - 6am (California), 9am (New York),
      21st Feb - 2pm (London), 3pm (Germany), 10pm (Hong Kong)

      and the 
      PREORDER LAUNCH starts 1 Hour later at 11pm (Hong Kong)


      Did you know we have an official F4F community hangout spot? Join us on Facebook in the F4F Official Collector's Club for daily chats with our friendly F4F staff plus meet and greet with fellow F4F collectors! During every Preorder launch, the F4F team will be there too, so it'll be a great time to get some insider info!

      On a note, we would be grateful if you could help spread the word of this news to your friends and their friends and their friend's friends! 

      See you Tuesday!
      ~ Team F4F


      I think my favourite bit isn't the all the grammar errors, but the fact the last half of the email is in bold text for utterly no reason.

    4. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      I'm  really turned off now. I mean, I have bought increadibly expensive figures, but they were utterly flawless and were spectacular in every way. The F4F are more expensive than them as well, and they aren't completely flawless? What a joke.

      I intend on reading your reviews. Hopefully I will be able to bear the flaws because I do want a high quality Sonic figure. 

    5. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      The problem with mine happened a long time after my review which I praised it like crazy, you should really read the topic in full since it's the most in-depth catalogue of peoples experiences with them.