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  1. Do you read any of the posts in this topic? Forces' impression so far has been overwhelmingly negative. The only thing the majority of fans are united behind is how dull the game looks. It's so dull I can't be bothered to change the topic title anymore.
  2. Lol! Oh man that's a good one! Where to start with this? Boom isnt even half that age and Lost World isnt even that old either. Forces healing animosity? What nonsense is this? Only a handful of people have been praising this as being the next glorious coming and all they had to go on was a dark and moody CG trailer. Probably why the only place that universally praised it was the SA3 facebook page and God help you if thats your basis for that claim.
  3. Next Instalment of 'The Spin' is about Sonic Forces... don't expect it for a while yet.


    But bring ya beans we'll be cooking on gas with this one!

  4. Villains like that in a game like this tend to be really crap. Given what kind of character Eggman is and the nature of this game, Eggman needs to be a constant presence in the game, constantly mocking you and constantly ruining your day until you finally beat him at the end. Take a look at a Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack is a great villain in that... however you don't actually meet him until right at the end of the game... so why is he so good? Because he's constantly calling you, telling you that you suck, insulting you in every way, and laughing every time he scores a minor victory. That's how Eggman should be, even if you beat him at the end of the first act boss fight, I want Eggman to quickly run back into frame, kick Sonic so he loses his rings, and laugh like a maniac as he runs off.
  5. What is this city doing in the middle of the Green Hill zone?
  6. In GHZ Sonic Forces. Sonic runs into a rock.


    Draw your own joke.

  7. Don't worry guys the third character will be great!

  8. You can have an opinion... but making stuff up makes your opinion stupid. The carbon copy thing for example, the whole 'Beautiful' thing is also kinda daft since the only pretty thing about forces GHZ is that they turned on the 3D shaders and added particle effects... Which would look all sorts of stupid in a 2D game. ... Well maybe not the particle effects. But all that diffuse and spectral lighting effects would look a tad odd.
  9. Well theres... me... Soni said it was nice... urm... those guys who like my post. Urm... that guy. The one with the avatar. And my Cat thinks it's cool.
  10. Desertification... Heavy industry turns the grass to sand.
  11. Hey guys I just got out the shower did I miss BOUNCE PAD!?

  12. Youtube trailer... Bullshot... Where the rings?
  13. Not exactly a masterpiece though.