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  1. AT GAMES are no longer on the project!
  2. AT GAMES have been dropped from the Mega Drive mini!

    1. Thigolf
    2. JosepHenry
    3. Harkofthewaa


      Well for as long as this lasts:


    4. Ferno


      "don't at me" - sega

    5. Polkadi~♪


      about fucking time

  3. Mayor D

    So urm... Can I get some feedback on my website?

    Just quoting you all in a hope you get a notification. I've done some more work on my site, was wondering if you could take a look at and see what you think. https://readyplayercom.wordpress.com/ Changes: I've changed the theme - reason being is that I think it makes it a bit easier to navigate, search bar is at the top now and for when/if I decide to put a blog on the site, it'll actually show updates on the left. University/Other work has a lot of content now, and featured images should now all work fine. About me has my CV link, should actually open my info doc if you click it. Known issues I cannot change. The amount of white space to the left and right of article text. Only way I can fix that is to upgrade a paid for subscription and change the CSS directly. Still only 2 column portfolio set up. Depending on your screen size, there might be a large white space to the right of your screen. It's a template issue, again, can only be fixed by editing the CSS file and you can't do that on the free version.
  4. I'd like to introduce you all to my new cats.


    1. RedFox99


      I'm sorry for your loss man. But at least there are new



  5. Aaron has denied a new cartoon is in development.

    Lady has edited her Instagram...


    So it's 100% confirmed then.

    1. KHCast


      What has he said in reply to people posting her unedited post lol

  6. Mayor D

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

  7. Mayor D

    How would you fix Null Space in Forces?

    Ok so quick off the top of my head... In terms of giving it and actual purpose and kinda related to the plot. I would say that null space isn't so much a place between dimensions as much as it's a state of mind, that when someone has lost all hope, all joy, all the 'fight' they enter a mental state which completely consumes them (null space). Instead of it being a limbo like area, they still see the world empty of joy, love and feel completely powerless to do anything. You know like how in Silent Hill, when Harry goes to the nightmare world, it's like a nightmare version of the 'real world'... well think something like that. Instead of a simple 'double boost' to escape the mental like torture, one has to actually do something to break through it like defeat a boss, or create a simple level that represents their mindset of despair.
  8. So ah.... There's just been a terrorist incident in my town...

    1. JonoD


      Quite a small one that ended up going nowhere thankfully. Either way, we like us some excitement and variety on Tuesday.

  9. I need the Detective Yakuza game!

  10. Mayor D

    So urm... Can I get some feedback on my website?

    Yeah I keep forgetting those things are there. Again I don't think it's something I can do too much about, I think I can completely remove them though which might be the best thing. The comments are certainly a left over from when I used to use the site purely as a blog. That'll likely get sorted later once I finish adding content. The mobile vs computer thing. The theme auto formats the site to pc, mobile and tablet. Again there's very little I can do being a free site. Now, the site is best viewed on a PC and since its a CV site anyway I would imagine it's more than likely to be viewed on a PC or a large tablet at the most. So not too worried about the mobile scrolling but I admit it is very annoying.
  11. Hello SSMB. I'm trying to make a little website to show off what I can do, think of it as a glorified CV. Well... It's not finished yet, but would quite like some feedback on what I've done so far if anyone is willing to give it a look. Just a few things to note first. 1: This is a free wordpress site. Meaning I only have access to the basic construction tools, no plugins, free themes and basic editing and manipulation options. An example of this is the homepage. I would rather the banner be much smaller than it is, but there's no way to edit that on the free version. Same with the portfolios, I would rather it be set up as 3x? But this themed appears to limit it to 2X?, which is annoying. Even something as simple as removing the page title from the top of each page doesn't appear to be possible. 2: The site is still VERY unfinished. So some pages have no content, some have barely any content, some of you may even find the blog which needs completely sorting out. 3: Site name is almost certainly going to change to my own name. 4: If you have any suggestions for better themes please say so (must be free ones). What I would like are impressions on if some of the more completed pages are easier to read or if it's hard to follow what I've written, even if you don't understand some of the material, would be nice to know what people think. Link as follows: https://readyplayercom.wordpress.com/ Feedback welcome.
  12. There are many jobs on TSS/SSMB.


    Ensuring user welfare.
    Moderating the boards.
    Replying to emails.
    Posting articles.
    Investigating issues.

    Making sandwiches.


    One of those is very important.


  13. Mayor D

    New Moderators

    Good news Tara, you're no longer in charge of the sandwiches. Bad news Pawn, You're now in charge of the sandwiches.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.

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