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  1. The Alien Queen is now the best Disney Princess!
  2. This was advertised in Tomy's 2018 catalogue. You buy the figure and it comes with a comic book. It is not Archie or IDW, but a new comic by Sonic Team.
  3. Probably getting something to do with Sonic Adventure in 2018.

    1. JosepHenry


      ... what are you saying

    2. Marcello


      Sonic Adventure bubblegum.

    3. Josh


      Care to explain

    4. Tracker_TD


      It's the 20th Anniversary of SA1 next year, innit

      We'll probably get SA Music Experience in JP again (though I think it's also at Magfest) and maybe some knick-knacks like the vinyls 

    5. Gresh11990


      Don't hold your breath my dude. 

    6. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      oh boy another terrible SADX port

    7. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      20th anniversary of the game.

      OST is being re-released on Vinyl and CD which came out of nowhere.

      Suddenly there are now Chao toys and plushies for 2018.


      Same thing happened just prior to Mania's reveal, suddenly there was stuff promoting classic era out of seemingly nothing.

    8. JosepHenry


      You got a point.

      Hmm... I don't expect a sequel, but maybe a remake?

    9. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      Unless they pulled out 180% of the stops in making it a reimagining, a remake wouldn't be worth it

    10. Josh


      Hopefully the best 3D Sonic game gets some love.

    11. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      why would they celebrate Lost World, it'll only be five years old by that point

    12. JosepHenry


      True, Unleashed needs a port.

    13. Josh


      Only joseph provided an acceptable alternate

    14. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      He provided a wrong alternate

    15. Tracker_TD
    16. TheOcelot


      Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3

    17. Bobnik


      Sonic Heroes remaster.

      easiest choice

    18. JosepHenry


      2018 is also Unleashed's 10th Anniversary too, no joke lol

    19. Josh


      Now would be the perfect time for another Sonic game like those

  4. Welcome to Sonic 



    1. Scar
    2. Teoskaven
    3. SweeCrue
    4. TheOcelot
    5. ThePrinceOfSaiyans
    6. A 3 KINGS Heavy engine

      A 3 KINGS Heavy engine

      (  •__•)

      (  •__•)

      (  •__•)

      (  •__•)🔫

      💥(  ×___×)☁🔫

    7. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      Sit down SSMB.


      Relax SSMB.

  5. You should make an Animals of Farthing Wood box sometime. 

  6. So I have taken a new part time hobby which involves making customised MegaDrive cases, some are for games which are modern that I think would look cool on a 16bit cart, others are for TV shows or other media which I just think would look cool. So far I've made 4 cases in my spare time and have also gone the extra step of producing actual game boxes and carts of said titles. Concept Stage After I come up with an idea for a box, based on something I like most of the time, I make an initial concept and run it through a small script which creates quite a nice looking concept image. It's not a perfect mockup since the frame is for a PC case, but it's pretty close. Translations A lot of the time, whenever someone makes a custom game case, they decide to skip this step, but most EU games had multiple translations on the back of the box. However, what I've discovered is a lot of the original MegaDrive games had very inaccurate translations or completely different translations to the English blurb. So what I try to do is, either find an official press release for the source material, or some kind of official blurb in English, and with most things released in the EU in this day and age, actual care and attention has gone into making an accurate translation of that, so I try to source that. Otherwise I write my own blurb and ask for translations at various places like reddit which often gives pretty good translations, much better than an automated attempt. Creation Stage So if I like it I then move onto the next and more expensive stage, creating an actual physical box. Are They For Sale? If you are interested in any, please PM me and we can work something out. Suggestions If you have a suggestion for something, go ahead and post it, always on the look out for new ideas. =================== Stranger Things Season 1 & 2 I really enjoyed this show and given how it's set in the 80's I could completely see this show getting a game adaptation if it had come out during the 16bit era. The hardest part of these were actually the logos, especially on the sequel, it required a lot of work to try and get the '2' right due to the fact the logo never looked quite right on officially released assets. These are large images so click on them for full size. I have two others to show, will post later this week.
  7. Is Sonic Boom finally dead?

    They were still selling the rights to license it at last year's Vegas expo and BLE so I doubt it.
  8. Amazon have sent me an email which is sponsored by Sega.

    It says "Buy Sonic Forces" 

    Followed by links to Bubsy.

  9. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    People are taking Yahtzee way too seriously.
  10. A Sonic stage which has you running up the inside of a skyscraper, constant right turns, vaulting over office furniture, defeating office employee themed robots. 

    When you finally reach the top Eggman appears in a helicopter and begins shooting you.

    You then run down the side of the building dodging Eggmans bullets and glass as the windows get shot up.


    1. JosepHenry



      Just yes.

    2. StrickerXmas


      It’s like Speed Highway and Empire City had an updated baby.

    3. jingleblurs98


      with a remix of this:

      can i steal this idea for a game one day?

    4. A 3 KINGS Heavy engine

      A 3 KINGS Heavy engine

      Sounds like a SEGA headquarters level.

  11. They're closing Demons Souls!

    1. TheOcelot
    2. MegasonicZX


      Online in that games been pretty dead for a long time anyway so I can't say its that big of a deal. Still a shame though.

  12. Demon's Souls It Makes Waffles!... OUT OF YOU!

    And so it ends. EU Online services due to retire February 2018. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/demons-souls-shuts-down-online-servers-soon-losing/1100-6455205/ Umbassa....
  13. Sonic Forces is now only £20 at Argos... on the switch.

    1. Stasis


      that's... actually a surprise.

  14. Am I the only one who really wants the full context of this line?
  15. It's true. 


    I am drunk.


    1. Ayliffe


      hi drunk i'm ayliffe

    2. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      You're meh best friend.

    3. Alex2Beta


      tell us drunk, do you possess powers?

    4. TheOcelot
    5. Mayor D
    6. DiamondX


      Do you know the drunken fist?

    7. Mayor D
    8. SweeCrue
    9. McGroose
    10. Maxtiis