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  1. Trailer for my new Sonic Documentary


  2. @34 onwards... 

    A visual representation of what it's like to go into a topic to continue an argument after a mod has close it.



  3. Someone needs to mod all the Sonic games so that the only music they play is YMCA...


    ...And it never stops.

    1. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      Actually... Just make it the Super Sonic transformation music.

  4. Anyone else spot how the argument just ever so subtly changed once I pointed out the real reasons why movies fail? Yet if we didn't limit it to Paramount Animation which has only existed for 7 years, suddenly we're very limited and can't bring in the numerous examples of where cartoons have worked in movies?
  5. Because your argument is only right if you completely simplify it to the point of explaining it to toddlers or someone who doesn't understand what makes a good movie. You're whole stance, which you've now just admitted is 'Sonic must look realistic, because otherwise people don't like it, look at all other movies to prove I'm right.' So the reason why therefore the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie failed is because the characters didn't fit in with the real world setting? It had nothing to do with the following... The script. The acting The jokes. The plot. Sound design. Costume design. Direction. Cinematography. Editing. Now apply that to any other movie which meets your criteria. It's completely nonsense argument. And even if you were adamant that it was that, I can name a good chunk of movies in which it has worked exactly like that, even to your parody extreme with the 'cartoon artstyle.' It's like how some people think that all you need in a game to make it good is a good story and that Gameplay is a minor thing.
  6. Isn't that the plot for the Secret of Nimh which is a cartoon? Same for An American Tale? Plague Dogs. Watership Down.
  7. Can I just see if I understand this right? Your entire argument is... "Sonic must look realistic because nobody will take him seriously if he looks like a cartoon in a live action film, my evidence of this is every other film which has had a live action cartoon hybrid." Even then I'm not sure what you mean by cartoon.
  8. (Tweet) So I got some utterly incredible video today... And I want this amazing Sonic 2 Sign!


  9. (Tweet)

    This is me. Hello me.



  10. So in other words. "I made them up despite earlier claiming I had seen people praising it online and I'm just hoping I'll be right."
  11. Nobody has ever ever ever done this. If you are not a fan of something. Why on earth would you be interested or go looking for what fans of something have to say. Also you keep harping on about 'people outside will like It.' Where are these people? Because I'm looking at places outside of the Sonic fansites, reddit and social circles. It isn't a positive response so far, it's overwhelming negative. Where is this mass of people who find this poster appealing? So far, the only other person I've seen other than you who genually likes what they've seen so far, is the Sonic Adventure 3 admin... Lol.
  12. (tweet) Just found something interesting in an old Sega documentary 


    1. Operationgamer17
    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      So Eggy at one point actually looked like his game self instead of the conehead abomination...what a timeline that'd be to live in

  13. This is why it's not. Or if it is... bloody hellfire it's utterly stupid to do so.
  14. (tweet) I posted quite a long thing about why people who are convinced the movie design is a hoax marketing ploy are likely wrong...



    1. Unidus


      It's weird, because because in a way it would be a brilliant marketing idea! This has got people talking everywhere. Then again, the broadness of talks of how ugly the model is will surely not last more than a week or so. Then the "general public" will move on and forget all about it... So, it's not good marketing as well. 

    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      I don't think anyone actually genuinely believes it's a hoax like it makes sense or anything, they're just substituting that in as a way of trying to keep hope alive that it's better than it is. Same reason I compared it to those "no really you guys Team Sonic Racing lets you race in cars AND on-foot" comments.


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