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  1. MARCH 6 MOD EDIT READ THE DAMN RULES BEFORE POSTING: 1. No image macros. There's the statuses for that. Don't clog up the thread with this crap. Any posts with macros that take up a noticeable portion of a post's reason for being made will be deleted. 2. No fanboyism. We don't care if you're excited for the movie and want to piss on other fans with your passive-aggressive 'positivity,' nor do we care if you hate it and want to describe everything wrong with people supporting Sonic Forces this movie. You're free to express your opinion and civilly disagree with others, but if we catch a whiff of any ad hominems or intentionally pushing others' buttons you're gonna fucking get it. That also includes none of this Paramount executive shilling crap. We get it, there are higher-ups who make these seemingly questionable decisions because Hollywood likes to run shit through an eldritchian algorithm in the probability of generating the most money. That doesn't mean people have to put up with it and acknowledge it as even a remotely good idea. Also these executives aren't your friends so you can stop defending them. 3. Argue in good faith. This ties in with the previous rule, but it bears clarification. For fuck's sake, a bunch of you really do act like this series' target audience sometimes and we can't have that, especially on a public forum where your embarrassment is laid out for everyone to see. Members can pick up on your argumentative habits and learn how to poke holes through your paper-thin points and when that happens you better not act like a fucking crybaby about it. So if you want to avoid that scenario you should make a deliberate, conscious effort to discuss with others in an open and honest way from the get-go. Be upfront about your opinions and don't insinuate that others are dumb for not sharing them. It's not a competition and you're not more or less right for liking or disliking the movie. On the other hand you guys are free to dial down on the dogpiling. A lot. And by free I mean you have to because many of the posts we had to wipe yesterday were unacceptable. - - - - - On Tuesday 3rd December, Sony Pictures registered 3 domain names for Sonic the Hedgehog. sonicthehedgehog-movie.com sonicthehedgehog-movie.net sonicthehedgehogmovie.net The sites don't lead to anywhere yet, however they do appear to be legit registrations since the details match up with other Sony Pictures projects announced and in development. At Boom, Iizuka did say he expected to see Sonic on the big screen at sometime in the future, however this doesn’t mean a Sonic movie is definately coming, it might however mean that talks have started and this is a pre-emptive thing to protect the domain. http://www.sonicstadium.org/2013/12/sony-pictures-have-registered-3-sonic-the-hedgehog-movie-domains/
  2. I recently did a lot of research and investigations into an old event that Sega used to hold between the years of 1992 and 1995. They were basically Sega Roadshows, the first was called "Sega on the Road" and the last one was called "In 2 Action." Each bus would tour major cities and large events in the UK allowing people the opportunity to play the latest Sega games and hardware. You've probably seen a few pictures of these in videogame magazines and issues of Sonic the Comic. Well... I was able to find some video and accounts of the events so I decided to try and gather together the best and most common accounts of the events into one video which covered the roadshows in order to catalogue and inform. You can watch that here. Anyway... I wanted to ask about this here due to a really interesting comment I got on this one and something that was bugging me even when I was making the video. So the first roadshow was in 1992, the bulk of the events happened during the Summer of that year in the UK. The bus was decorated as you see in the thumbnail, with Sonic 2 imagery all over it. And part of the attraction was the chance to play Sonic 2 in a competition style "How far can you get in 5 min" or "Can you beat the Sega high score?" And from what someone has told me, when they went onto it, someone was able to get all the way to Aquatic Ruin Zone during their run. Others have said that when they tried the game some people didn't make it out of the Emerald Hill Zone since the game wasn't released. So.... Does that mean that these events had Sonic 2 available to play in a near full condition... BEFORE it was officially released? Just that it seems the upper floor of these busses always had a Sonic competition, yet in some of the footage I found they're clearly playing Sonic 1, soooo... Anyone go on these in 1992 and remember an early Sonic 2? Anyway, the 1995 event seems to be the last one and they had a Sonic, Tails and Knuckles mascot attend a few of them, sadly there's a distinct lack of media for these. Did anyone attend these and does anyone have any additional photos or dare I say video?
  3. Mayor D

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    Sega Ages Collection coming to switch. Confirmed for Japan. America and Europe. Sonic 1 is in it. More details soon.
  4. This is actually the first time in a very very long time where I haven't a clue what they're going to do. between the shift to the US for the 'Sonic Hub' all the re-structuring in Japan, the fact Forces didn't do as well as they wanted and Mania so blatantly shook up their plans. Like... When they saw Mania... and saw how it was received... I would loved to have been in the room of Sonic Team when they had their debriefing. The only thing at the moment I'd like to try and predict is if it's going to be a cross gen title given how the PS5 is likely coming in 2020 and several devs have hinted their next projects are cross gen.
  5. Edit 2: ATGames have been dropped! Edit: It's a bloody ATGames product... https://mobile.twitter.com/ATGFlashback/status/985158110837911552 A proper one!!! A Mega Drive Mini. Like the nes mini! Coming 2018. Details soon. On mobile so bare with me.
  6. (Tweet)

    Singing is easy.


  7. I found some images today from multiple sources of a bus in London back in 2017. So the only thing I can find on this is the company who produced the banner and they don't have any details on it... Anyone here know what this was in reference to?
  8. So I posted this earlier today and people are going ape... it's apparently the highest quality look at the logo so far?
  9. Do we have any members from France? 

    Need help with a purchase if anyone can help?

    1. tailsBOOM!


      If we don't, I know a friendly person on Discord who does.  He always likes to help me out.  He may be willing

  10. Mayor D

    The Topic of OMG FREE STUFF!?

    Ever since we've had our online gaming services, sometimes we get free games and offers given to us. However unless you should be online at the right time or checking a certain website, you can miss out on getting some free goods. So I thought this would be a good idea. Basically, subscribe to this topic by clicking on the 'follow this topic' button just up there on the right. Make sure you have notifications turned on (go to your user My Settings). The option you want is called... "Notification method to use for topics in followed forums" Then click in the check boxes for how you wish to be notified. (Email or the pop up is probably the best bet). Now... what will happen is that say theres an offer or someone finds out a game is being given away for free, post it in here and you'll recieve a notification, meaning you will never miss free games or any free trials/dlc codes etc. Also if anyone ever gets a DLC code for something that they don't want. Bung it in here so someone else can snag it. ===================== So without further ado. Here would be some offers I've managed to find this week. PS3/Vita: PSN+ 30 day trial (EU Only) PS3: 4 Free PSN Mini's (EU Only, but should work if you download them via an EU account then play on your main). XBLA/IOS: The Walking Dead Episode 1 (Currently Free to download, this might be a Christmas Day only offer so be quick! (The 'Episode 1 Trial' is NOT the full episode DO NOT download that one).
  11. So I made a new video on a really controversial subject in gaming... 

    Please give it a watch... Then you can tell me why my opinion is wrong.



    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      Hmm… I gave it a watch and it was for sure a interesting listen. However my opinion is still fairly neutral on the matter for various reasons.

      And there is one possible area you didn’t fully cover. Certain games gain fame/attention of it’s existence from the public sometimes just purely because of it’s harsh difficulty tagline… As you said it’s not as if a easy mode is a god mode, and I agree… but if a game gives players a easier mode that allows more casuals a better chance of entering and beating the game… is the game still capable at that point of getting culturally famous as a “Brutally Hard” game anymore? I personally don’t remember any games that got famous for their hard mode when they also had a easy mode available. There is lots of different gimmicks out there to help sell a game, and it can be possible that sometimes by trying to make something more appealing to a wider audience as a result it becomes more generic and forgettable to some degree. Just a thought anyways.

  12. So there's a documentary on Netflix right now called Playing Hard. It basically follows the development of the game For Honor, yes the Ubisoft title which is very grindy. I don't want to spoil too much about it, but.... It's a really eye opening look at the politics of game development to the point where you'll be asking for someone to look into how game devs are treated. Whilst the doc follows the development and release of the game, they avoid the grind and micro transactions controversy and make the game out to be a huge hit. There is a really shocking sub story going on... Basically, the creator of the game slowly has creative control taken away from him, before he's effectively fired and kicked out of the company just prior to the games release. The health and mental well being of some of the devs completely collapses, one shows how he now has to sleep wearing an oxygen mask because his health is so poor. So many of the devs just appear depressed as the management slowly puts more demands on them and starts to change what they want to make into a money making machine. Give this a watch, it's about 1 hour 30min so it's not that long and it's a really interesting insight.
  13. I'd like to propose we change the security settings on SSMB.

    So if someone types "Ken Penders" it changes to "Creepy Chicken Lizard Man"

  14. SSMB... why is this in a random forest in Japan? No really anyone know the story behind this?
  15. Here is the article that I was shown from my friend in Japan. https://j-town.net/tokyo/news/localnews/277903.html?p=2 The story has also been mirrored on a few places so I'm going on the assumption that it's factual and accurate.
  16. (Video) The owner of the Sonic Statue in the Japanese Mountains has been found...


    1. tailsBOOM!


      Did he agree to get it repaired?

    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Well that's both cool and kind of melancholy.

      Still, the statue has a bit of hope for the future and that hope seems to also imply a bit of fond memories for the family as well so if the opportunity to repair it comes it just might get repaired.

  17. (tweet)

    If anyone can help me out with some research, would really enjoy your thoughts on the subject of an easy mode in games.


    1. tailsBOOM!
    2. Blueknight V2.0

      Blueknight V2.0

      @Mayor D Sure. I think easy mode is good for 1st time playthrough before starting on the higher difficulties. Like me with the 1st Lost Planet, now I'm at hard or extreme and I can't finish whatsoever.

      Now for games that have upgrades, that's another story. Like the Ratchet & Clank games starting with Deadlocked and the Future series. All have a difficulty of easy to hard with extreme unlocked after 1-playthrough. Then there's the challenge mode afterward which'll give even further upgrades. Now the thing about R&C games, when everything's upgraded, it can be very easy even on the harder difficulties.

      I hope this helps out.

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      I'll bite.



      So, me personally, I think an easy kind of defeats what I find to be the purpose of SoulsBorne games.

      While they could do with significantly better balancing more often then not I find that the core of the games is presenting the player with a challenge and asking them to overcome it. Sure some of those challenges are harder for some than for others to the point that I recall the percentage of players with the achievement for beating the first boss of DS3 was well under 50% when I had been playing. I think what surprises me more though isn't the number of people actually succeeding being so small, but more so how many gamers of today just give up as soon as they fail. The lack of imagination they demonstrate by this to come up with new strategies and approaches significantly astounds me, and since with DS3 you can literally just keep grinding the starting area enemies to level yourself up to have the HP to better face that boss you don't even necessarily have to be more imaginative to succeed but rather be a little more patient. Of course in today's society with the constant emphasis of have something done before you were even told about who really was the luxury of harboring patience?

      Still, much as I feel it defeats the purpose of facing and overcoming challenges (a necessary life skill at that) I could see adding the option to turn on an active tutorial when facing new enemies including bosses so that way the game can teach you how to fight the boss without compromising on the goal of overcoming the challenge. But just like the time it takes to adjust values, attack patterns, test, and balance all of the changes for a second difficulty that would consume a massive amount of time in an era where game design takes ridiculously long as it is. Now considering how time is money that isn't necessarily viable to the investors and that isn't to speak of project fatigue among the developers for working on a game for an extended amount of time.

      But, back to the question at hand, I feel certain games better accept difficulty levels than others. As I explained above I find that the approach of giving the players a challenge to overcome with the SoulsBorne games with the only real reward for clearing one is to be able to face the next I find no value there. This is also considering the games' story which requires extensive exploration and imagination to even make anything of which the lack of patience to get better to proceed already prevents the average player from ever experiencing. As a result, the average player gains nothing from the SoulsBorne games just for clearing it as it is a gameplay focused game first and foremost.

      Now other games like racing games actually wear difficulty levels quite well since you can adjust it to match your skill level in a genre that is all about coming in first and unlocking new tracks and cars. The downside here though is just like a lot of the games I played as a kid didn't let you play the whole game on easy (Golden Axe anyone) modern racing games penalize your earnings for adjusting the game to be easier. It's a sign that game developers don't understand that you can't encourage less skilled players to play better by punishing them out of the gate for not being at the entry level of skill they want them to be at. This gatekeeping practice of game developers needs to go long before you can even hope to see properly implemented difficulty levels in games. If and when it does happen though I expect contemporary single player game design to change quite significantly. The next problem that arises however is dealing with games that are designed in a way that difficulty can't reasonably be affected.

      If not for the difficulty settings on Sonic Jam for the Saturn back in the day I normally find Sonic to be one of those games that don't work well with difficulty adjustments. The game already gives you an unlimited health resource that lets you bungle your way through without any regard for skillful play and on top of that their is almost no major difference usually between completing the optional side challenges beyond the end card. Now from personal experience I can't say I'm aware of other games with Sonic's distinct difficulty problem but I would not be surprised to know that other games have similar problems. Unlimited lives with frequent checkpoints comes to mind though.

      So, in the end what I find myself looking at it is creative vision, reward, and financial viability. When I break it down like that I don't believe that all games should have an "easy" difficulty. It can conflict with the creator's vision resulting in a game made without passion, it takes away any value in clearing the challenges presented without punishing the player so those who do overcome the original form of the challenges can feel rewarded, and the time it can take to develop everything can become a financial burden that either the studio cant afford or the investors won't support. So as someone who couldn't even clear Green Hill in Sonic 1 back when I was six I more than sympathize with those who just aren't good enough. The difference is, I was raised with patience and perseverance as core values of mine so I kept at until I could and developed the skills as a result and even with a lack of time in my adult life due to multiple commitments I don't find myself sympathizing with the lack of patience of today's gamers. In actually respect to time I find myself more often than not feeling sorry for the game developers whose own limited time to balance their vision with the demands of the gamers and investors who have little care for what goes into their work. As a result, I'm not 100% against the inclusion of easy modes, but until developers can actually handle it and disregard their own gatekeeping practices around player skill level I can't support the type of easy mode that would fostered in our current environment.


      Hope that wasn't to long and unconcise.

    4. Diogenes


      sure, why not.

      different people have different skill levels and physical abilities, and different amounts of time and patience that they can afford to spend on a game. easy modes and other optional assist-type features open up a game to more people with no detriment to more skilled players. can't see reason to complain about more people playing a cool game.

    5. tailsBOOM!


      My opinion is exactly the same as @Diogenes.   A lot of people a) Aren't that skilled yet, or b)have physical disabilities such as deficient motor skills, vision problems, etc.   Games should be accessible to everyone who wants to play them imo. 

    6. dbzfan7


      I personally think not all games are for everyone and that's ok. I also think the intention of the games design should be kept as well. If it was made a certain way, then it could or could not have an easy mode. Easy mode for souls is magic builds, or summoning help. Makes things a lot easier having help. The tough but fair challenge is part of the experience. The games want you to fail and get better.

      Easy mode I think is fine for games that welcome it as well as the intent behind the games. Like having it in Spider-Man or God of War which there is one, is fine to me. It's not the games intent to have you die and try again and again, unless you want the challenge. They focus on solid gameplay and story. Challenge exists if you want it.

      I think for Soulsborne/Sekiro that's part of the point. You're supposed to deal with failure and improve, rather than breeze through everything. Super Meat Boy also follows this and it's damn hard. If difficulty is supposed to be part of the experience, I don't think it should have to cater to break that experience. 

  18. (Tweet)

    This is why Sonic being an alien doesn't work.


  19. Did anyone seriously think it wasn't going to be an action movie?
  20. (Tweet)

    My contribution for today.


    1. tailsBOOM!


      Why can I actually sing this in my head.  It fits the tune so well.

  21. ... ... Anyone else here who has been in an adult relationship want to point out why that dialogue isn't raunchy? Because mate... that ain't raunchy, it's shit.
  22. I'm posting my tweet because that saves me uploading the images again. There is a strict no filming policy at the paramount presentation. So... Don't hold your breath on video/still leaks.
  23. (Tweet) 

    Sonic's first voice.


    1. Strickerx5


      Huh, even then he sounds oddly like White.

    2. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      What is the clip from?

    3. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      @Ernest the Panda

      Specifically, it's from the Russian Sonic Quiz show. But it's going to be in my newest video upload. Should be going live this Saturday all being well.

    4. tailsBOOM!


      I thought the Japanese commercials had a voice first, though?

    5. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      Wait yeah, if that’s from 1994 it can’t be anywhere near being the first.

    6. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      Sonic’s first voice would have been either this or this.

  24. (tweet)

    Remember that time when Sonic & Tails got high from Yogurt?


    1. SupahBerry


      So high in fact, that Sonic challenge Tails to race him to "Level 10," even though it later shows Sonic at the final boss (which is could either be level 10 or 11) where Tails isn't even there with him.


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