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  1. Is it wrong for me to think that the only way to fix the national and world debt crisis is to hire several hundred professional hitmen and spies to kill off every single corrupt world leader and have their places of power replaced with non-corrupt and fair people? Honestly, this seems like a good solution to me. Sure, many people who are both husbands and fathers (such as Obama) would die in the process, but they shouldn't have been so damn greedy. Let's just think of their fate as the punishment for their crimes.

  3. I know what your profile picture is! It's that cat from from that KiKi movie!

  4. I think Cream and Cheese are underrated. They can really be quite the team once they're in the right mindset, plus they can fly (momentarily like Tails, of course).
  5. This is just the game I've been waiting for. Enhanced versions of the old Sonic stages, cleverly mixed with well-designed newer Sonic stages, all with terrific graphics. This is definitely some of SEGA's finest work yet.
  6. I think that Silver definitely has potential, but I think SEGA introduced him in a way that could have been done better. Like someone previously said, he is sorta like Trunks from DBZ. Still, Silver deserves a chance to prove his worth.
  7. Perhaps it wasn't totally geared for the teenage (13-19) demographic, but I think you get the general idea of the fact that Japanese Sonic X was not intended for 5 year olds. I'd say 8-16 is a good age range. At least the Japanese one has a little swearing every now and then. That always helps.
  8. At least I'm not the only one. I just wish they could have used him more. I do have to agree i saying that his appearance wasn't done in a very good way. Still, it was a great idea.
  9. You all got me feeling mad about myself being the only one who seemed to like Dark Sonic. It seriously made me feel like a retard. It sucks being the only one who likes something. It's like being the only one who likes Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black; those people probably feel a little uneasy about it because of how everyone else hates them. That is why I lost my cool. I do apologize for the uneasiness I have caused, and I can only hope that you will all at least not totally reject my apology. wow, that sounded like something out of a bad cartoon....... Tis the way of life. Not everything works the way you expect it to. Just continue with this discussion.
  10. Can we all just stop pointing fingers at me and making me feel bad? It all seems childish. Yes, I realize that I kinda cussed you guys out, but you all made me feel like the one really weird guy because I seemed to be the only one who liked Dark Sonic at the time. If you all don't like Dark Sonic, then just say so. Just don't drag me into it just because you can.
  11. Why do you even watch the 4kids dub of Sonic X? That was just a letdown. The Japanese was was geared more towards teenagers, and it really is a pretty good show. I don't want to sound like some advertisement bot, but I do happen to have every episode of Japanese Sonic X (English subtitles) on my YouTube channel if you want to see the original version. Seriously, if you're going to talk about Sonic X, then watch the original one first. ANYONE can complain about the 4kids one (except for 8 year olds), but I think that at least some of you will change your mind about Sonic X if you watch the Japanese one.
  12. Well, I do like these new comments. At least you all aren't just saying that Dark Sonic sucks. Still, I feel a little left out, seeing as I'm the only one who seems to really enjoy Dark Sonic. I guess there's always gonna be that one odd guy out. Looks like it's my turn for now.
  13. Diogenes, you all seemed to quickly and mercilessly reject the entire idea of Dark Sonic being any bit "cool", so you all (excluding one or two people) made me feel pretty dumb. You have to admit, if you are the only person who likes something and everyone else hates it, it makes you feel dumb or weird. Now I just feel like another little fanboy who writes fanfiction as his job. I hate that kind of stuff.
  14. Man, is it just me or does almost everyone seem to hate the idea of Dark Sonic? I kinda feel disappointed.... I was hoping that more people would support Dark Sonic. Maybe I'm just a little f'ing retard, but I really like the idea of Sonic loosing his cool once in a great while. I guess I'm just a fucktard with a fucktarded mind (pardon my language, i'm sad.) Ok, I GET IT, I USED SONIC WIKI. It was the only source, credible or not, that attempted to give a proper name to him. I'M SORRY! If you guys wanna keep talking about how lame Dark Sonic is compared to DarkSpine or Werehog Sonic, be my guest. Just stop being mean to me. I realize that you're not trying to be mean and that's probably the last thought flowing through your minds, but I'm hurt.
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