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  1. FOUND THE EGG CARRIER 06 with texture :D

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You must be so proud

    2. Scott


      too bad it didn't have a throwback hub world D:

    3. Knux03


      soooooooooo I the people to BEG Muhahahahahahahahahaha!! or how egman would say hohoho!!!

    4. Knux03
    5. SchemingMinor


      We need another Egg Carrier hub world. Going through Eggman's personal effects was just fun.

  2. nice sonic and NiGHTS game :D

  3. Searching for the egg carrier of sonic the hedgehog 06

    1. Raxz


      The Carrier of the Egg is a holy saint who can only be found at the tops of the tallest mountains, standing on the tips of his toes, balancing carefully, whilst carrying the world's largest Egg and still not making a single mistake. Disturbing his concentration is a crime.

    2. Knux03


      O_O ummmm what

    3. Knux03


      the 3d model

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Raxz is right.

    5. Knux03


      found it but no texture :D


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