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    -blank- got a reaction from Jovahexeon The Undyne in One of the reasons, Yellow is my favorite of the Gen 1 pokemon games is its introduct   
    It's one of the reasons whyI adore HeartGold so much
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  3. Thumbs Up
    -blank- got a reaction from Jovahexeon The Undyne in Popping in just to say that I am incredibly excited about the new CaC feature in Forc   
    I'm sorry, but don't expect me to stick around.
    I justwanted to get my support for the new feature out there.
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    -blank- got a reaction from TailsTellsTales in Who here has done anathesia before and how scary was it?   
    Once, for a teeth-related operation. It's not bad at all. All they do is give you a shot and you fall asleep for however long the operation lasts. I remember it only feeling like I was out for five seconds, if even that.
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    -blank- got a reaction from Penny in looks like i'm not the only one in the Sonical theme master race. Azoo has good taste   
    Sonical was awesome.
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