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  1. May the force be with you young Prower. I friggin' love the scenarios and poses Uekawa puts into his artwork over the past 2-3 or so years. It's so much more endearing than the rather static and somewhat forced poses the characters used to exhibit.
  2. Lost World Wii U is mediocre through and through. I can't think of anything that is truly special about it. The game design is filled with potential that is never even remotely lived up to. Parkour is an intriguing gimmick that is never exploited for truly multifaceted level design. The Wisps are the epitome of tacked-on and add nothing of real value to the gameplay. Level design is seriously lacking and a chore to play through with the controls being as finicky as they are. The soundtrack, whilst having a few gems like "Sea Bottom Segue", "Sugar Lane" and the final boss theme, is pretty forgettable for the most part. Most Sonic OST's tend to be very earwormy and memorable. SLW's soundtrack rarely exhibits that quality. The visuals might be vivid and the game may run as smooth as a baby's backside at 60FPS but the backgrounds are seriously lacking in detail and the lighting is...just nothing special compared to what the Hedgehog Engine accomplished. Controls are just....wut. Having a trigger button for running is an asinine decision and the feeling of momentum is completely off. Motion controls for Wisps before the patch made them extremely annoying and led to deaths to the point that I'd avoid Wisp's during my first blind playthrough. Parkour is hard to get to grips with due t finicky controls. This game really needed a tutorial yet never gave it. The writing again has huge issues. Tails is mangled and comes-off as little more than a self-righteous little punk who thinks he's right about everything and is treated as if he's due something, the attempt at a message is undermined through plain bad writing, the Deadly Six are as dull as dishwater and don't get a proper send-off and Amy and Knuckles need not have appeared at all for all the influence they have.
  3. Sonic characters doing selfies isn't really new. Unleashed did it first nearly 8 years ago :3
  4. Whether or not Sonic himself gets "Dramatic" or "proper" development is irrelevant to his worthiness as and entitlement to the role of being the comic's main protagonist - He's due it as the franchise's lead character. Not Sally. Do away with Sonic or shunt him aside and elevate Sally to main protagonist role as well as rename the comic after her is extremely disingenuous and would no doubt result in the comic going belly-up because very few people care about or would be attracted to the comic if it didn't have Sonic's name on the front and/or in the lead role. The fact is, Freedom Fighters and Archie's original characters don't attract most people to the comic. Sonic does. As well as the Sonic name - The comic is nowhere near strong enough on it's own merits to continue existing without them because if you gut those out, the comic has very little to nothing going for it in terms of attractiveness except to a small minority of the readership.
  5. Well SatSR depicted Sonic living in what appears to be a house though personally, I like to think it's the upper level of Tails' Workshop in the Mystic Ruins; See? There's a chimney for presumably the fireplace shown in SatSR's first cutscene and a platform on top of the domed roof where I presume they use the telescope that is also shown in SatSR's intro.
  6. "Tails under Pontaff's pens is more realistic than what he was prior to 2010." ...No. I seriously question your personal definition of the word "realistic" when you voice this viewpoint. Pontaff!Tails is not realistic. Especially so in Lost World. And what gets me about the pedestal-placing of Tails lately by fans of this current godawful direction is that the writing is so incompetent in regards to it that it contradicts itself. First example; Sonic apologising. He does this specifically for having “doubted” him. But I personally challenge those who assert that Tails was due an apology from Sonic to look through all of the cutscenes in the game and specifically point-out to me where.. 1 - Sonic ever explicitly doubted Tails. Nothing, absolutely nothing about what Sonic did regarding trusting Eggman was inherently unwise or a betrayal of Tails. He didn’t betray Tails’ trust by expecting Eggman to shut down his own highly unstable machinery that they were strapped for time getting-to. And time and time again, we’ve seen numerous instances throughout the series prior to Lost World that Sonic and Eggman are capable of co-operating in the interests of the greater good. Oh, and TAILS AS WELL. So there’s no previous instance that would indicate to him that it was unwise to do so. Nor should it be realistic for Tails to get shirty about it, the fact that he’s a humble kid who isn’t snarky like this to start with also considered. 2 - Sonic didn’t have good reason to trust Eggman to stop the machine given the context the narrative provides (Strapped for time, machine unstable and Tails being too incompetent to reverse-engineer a fucking Badnik of all things) I’ve yet to see this assertion, that Tails was owed anything, be satisfactorily backed-up by SLW!Tails fans/defenders. Second example; Tails directing a “Take that!” at Eggman regarding competency in shutting down the machine. Right....So given Eggman’s real intentions to dominate the planet even if there’s only a small amount of it left alive to conquer, why exactly would he need to shut the machine down and by extension, where is the instance of Eggman actively attempting to do that, failing and therefore making him a justified subject of mockery by Tails? Answer - There isn’t one. It’s just a less than half-assed attempt at giving Tails the high ground in order to shit on Eggman's abilities and competence and once again show what a self-righteous little prick he is. For fucks sake Pontaff, we know you have a thing about making Tails out to always be in the right even when he inarguably isn't but dragging Eggman's face through the mud alongside Sonic's and crapping on the fact he's a world class roboticist with an IQ of 300 in order to place that fucking Fox on an unrealistic pedestal is incredibly annoying. This isn't realism. It's absolutely nothing of the sort. What it is however is gratuitous character derailment because oh look! This game all of a sudden needs DRAMA!! and CONFLICT!! I'll tell ya what is realistic though. A kid who feels that he has to step out of the shadow of his adoptive big brother and defy his misgivings about self-confidence to shoulder the responsibility of saving an entire city from the machinations of a madman. A kid who has to put aside his devastation at the believed death of his mentor and big brother figure in order to finish their mission to save the world from the same madman aiming at it with a giant space gun. That's a realistic Tails. That's what Tails should stand for. Not this pale imitation as of current.
  7. Sonic feels such a close connection to his shoes in Adventure that he actually took to inscribing his name on the soles; I assume that's what Sonic's writing looks like
  8. Well Eggmanland in Unleashed features large vats of what looks like molten metal so I imagine he has a large foundry there at least to make metal to construct his robots out of. Unleashed also stated that the electrified shield's that some of the more rarely seen Egg Fighters use are made of an expensive, electrically-conductive alloy. Also, the Egg Fighters that have both shield's and chainsaws are a privileged few as few of Eggman's Egg Fighters have the horsepower to lift both at the same time as they are heavy. This would suggest that the metal Eggman uses is quite dense. Metal Sonic according to it's official specs in the Japanese Sonic CD manual states that it's outer armor is made of "Strength Enhanced Navy Blue Metal Tektite"
  9. Pretty unwise to judge a game as being bad purely by both of these things. Judging if a game is bad isn't as simple as that.
  10. I concur with Jova, SatSR was widely considered a breath of fresh air at the time of it's release and got good scores in the media on average.
  11. The Ironic thing is, all three of those adjectives pertain to SEGA as a whole and not just Sonic. Well, as far as I'm concerned. "Potential" pertains to how SEGA has it but isn't living up to it, "Misguided" and "Unwise" pertains to how they're failing to realize that they're not tapping into potential audiences and therefore potential sales by not localizing some of their games.
  12. I know it isn't. Hence I included my thoughts on Skies of Arcadia and Super Monkey Ball as well. Oh, and NiGHTS. My strongest feelings though pertain to the Sonic series. Which is why my focus was on it over those. There's also the fact that Sonic is so integral to SEGA as a whole. Which naturally means I'm going to put more focus upon it. '06 and Shadow were 10 and 11 years ago. They're irrelevant. Whilst the series' current downward spiral is much more recent and much more relevant.
  13. I completed the survey. My 3 adjectives were "Misguided, "Potential" and "Unwise" all of which specifically pertain to the mishandling of the Sonic series since 2010. Including Boom's failure. They were choice words because they pertain to my feelings on how SEGA's operating in general. Not just how they're handling Sonic.
  14. Shadow's official physical age is indeed 15. This is, to my knowledge, cited in only one official source; The leaked internal script for '06. Within the document are character profiles that elaborate on the characters as well as their ages. Shadow's is listed as 15.
  15. The above is an honest to god unedited screenshot I captured from episode 54 of Sonic X by chance. I think I want a bit of whatever she's been smoking.
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