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  1. And Tails' SLW portrayal is still fucking atrocious. Only thing worse than it is Flynn's House of Card's Tails.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Naw, I think SLW's portrayal was far worse. At least Tails' behavior was built up, just the motivation behind it was fucked up. SLW's Tails has fuck all reason to act the way he does, and it goes on for far longer than two issues.

    2. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Yeah I hate Lost World Tails, he's so annoyingly smug. I don't get why he's so bad either, I liked Tails a lot in Colours too.

    3. DarkLight


      House of Cards was bad on every character really. But yeah, when it wasn't Tails that annoyed me in LW, it was the plot's insistence that Sonic was in the wrong. And then there's RoL that tried an eerily similar thing.

    4. Speeps


      I don't like how anyone is portrayed in Lost World, frankly.

    5. Vertekins


      SLW was...sort of decent in regards to Sonic and great in regards to Eggman. The SLW portrayal of Sonic still can't hold a candle to his Storybook portrayal though.

    6. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      I'll never understand the extreme levels of vitriol I see directed towards Lost World's Tails. It was one of his less pleasant roles, I'll agree with that, but it's like even Chris Thorndyke gets more leniency at this rate.

      Hopefully the next game will do better for Tails, if only so that all the rants about Lost World's interpretation can simmer down a little bit.

    7. Speeps


      @Vertekins Oh yeah out of everyone there I'd say Eggman was probably the one with the better portrayal. I still felt he was thrown about by the other characters a bit much in that game though.

    8. Diogenes


      i liked how lost world allowed the characters to have actual range and feelings

    9. Vertekins


      @JmTsHaW Agreed. I still take issue with the fact that Eggman's specialty is shat on...in order to put Tails on an even bigger pedestal. Right....we're told Tails can do something Eggman allegedly can't by shutting down that machine. So tell me writers - Why would Eggman need a reason to shut down his machine if 1 - You establish that he's content with taking over the world anyway and 2 - He'd have no reason to shut it down and therefore hand Tails the means to mock him?

      There is nothing in-story that justified Tails getting one over the doc via this "I'm better at machines than you" assertion.

    10. DarkLight


      Too bad it was for contrived and stupid reasons.

    11. Azul


      I thought I was the only one who took offense to Tails casually knocking the rings out of Sonic as if he weren't already used to his ego. Sonic handled it like a champ tho, saying he'd even let him take a few shots if he was honestly hurt bu the way he was acting.

    12. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      @Azul: You're far from the only one though. =\ Virtually everybody, even people who like Lost World, criticise how Tails was handled in the game. (Not without reason mind you, I'm just saying that this is hardly an unpopular opinion.)

    13. Azul


      @Dr. Crusher I was talking about how he was handled in that Archie storyline "House of Cards."

    14. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Oh right, sorry. XS Guess I'm too used to all the rants about Lost World's interpretation.

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