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  1. Taking a break from here to consider whether or not I want to stay. Lately perceived a change around here that I don't like.

    1. Vertekins
    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Sorry to hear that Verte. Hope you're okay.

    3. DarkLight


      With how things have been going for you, I don't blame you for wanting a break from here. Even though I'll miss you, I only hope the best for you.

    4. Vertekins


      @DarkLight I have been feeling huge frustrations with things on here and in RL that put me into precarious mind states. To the point that avoiding the things thatcause it i the only thing optimal for my moods. Flunctuating health, having to come to terms with my diagnosis and being immensely annoyed with what this place is turning into even though I like it so much has just made me throw my hands into the air, say "fuck it" and go on hiatus. What compounds it is my frustration with the Sonic series.

      I feel more at home on Tumblr than I do here. That's saying something given I've been here nearly 11 years but on Tumblr just over 3.

    5. caseykz


      Get well soon

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