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    Vertekins got a reaction from ProfGawhite678 in Dr. Crusher Presents: The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog Mk.II (Daft and Tolerating It)-PAGE 72, FIN   
    Question #7: Which character(s) do you think would have the easiest time adjusting to the real world?
    Vanilla and Cream I think. They seem to be the most grounded and socially realistic characters amongst the cast. They live pretty much like Earth people do hence why I think they'd find it the easiest to adjust.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from DryLagoon in The "Other Sonic Knowledge & Discoveries" Topic   
    Sonic feels such a close connection to his shoes in Adventure that he actually took to inscribing his name on the soles;

    I assume that's what Sonic's writing looks like
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    Vertekins got a reaction from MainJP in What are your favourite official Sonic images.   
    I've never played Sonic Shuffle but the images in the credits roll are awesome.

    I really like the one that shows Sonic carrying Amy's shopping XD.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from tailsBOOM! in Tails is fat   
    I've noticed this before as well. Tails' rump appears to be far more pronounced than other characters'. I always got the impression that it's because his rear end is so often lifted above the rest of his body by his heli-tails, contorting the muscles there and making them look more prominent.

    And his chubby tum looks cute ^-^ He's a growing boy after all, gotta have somewhere to pack away all that food
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Cuz in Sonic-related pet peeves?   
    - The "rule" that absolutely everything that isn't a main series title is non-canon if it hasn't been deemed explicitly so by word of God. Or the discounting of a game's canon status due to dislike of that game i.e Fanon Discontinuity.. Just because you don't like the game or the things it brings to the continuity doesn't mean it's officially non-canon.

    - I completely echo Alexander's sentiments about those who use Wikipedia/SonicWikia/News Network as the basis of their knowledge on Sonic the Hedgehog. As Eon so eloquently said in "The things that piss you off" topic, copying swathes of text from Wikipedia/Wikia's doesn't prove anything but your ability to use Google and the copy-paste function. It proves that you haven't understood the argument and it also proves that you're too lazy to/you can't eloquently cobble together a rebuttal. It also proves that you settle for low-quality information and frequently shows that you're so unknowledgeable about the subject at hand that you can't see outright falsehoods and factual innaccuracies in what you read/copy-paste.

    - The depiction of characters in fanart with overtly human proportioning and aspects such as defined musculature, visisble necks, toes etc. Basically designs of the characters in fanwork that deviates a lot from the character design standard. It's one of the reasons why fancharacters, Archie-designed characters and Fleetway-designed so frequently look awful with their deviation from Sonic character design standards and realistic human-esque hair. A lot of fans, Archie and Fleetway show that they have little to no grasp of the essence of Sonic character design.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from SaturnWolf in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    - "SatBK is worse than '06" I think this is really a load of crap. SatBK shows no signs of being unfinished, it's not a glitchy mess and it's story isn't convoluted and poorly written instead being the exact opposite. It doesn't waste your time, it doesn't demean Sonic as a character and it's nowhere near as technically inept. Say what you want about the gameplay but to honestly call SatBK as being wholly worse than '06 ever was? ...

    - "What was wrong with Chronicles can be chalked up to Bioware being unfamiliar with the DS" Oh? So that explains ear rape music, ugly visuals, screwed characterizations and just plain bad game design and battle system?

    - "Unleashed has more genuine love invested in it's worldbuilding and overall experience than Colours and Generations" wholeheartedly agree with this, it's an opinion with real merit. Generations and Colours did level design and gameplay arguably better but they just don't have Unleashed's heart and soul.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from jgcatindig in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Don't get me wrong, Anti-Archie on DA has become a bunch of fanbratty idiots. It's the reason why I rescinded my membership of it and am actually ashamed to have ever been a part of it despite the fact that it made very credible, salient points when it first started up.

    Sonic there is basically doing an Aberforth Dumbledore; Wallowing in 'defeat' then getting his ass in gear when Amy speaks some 'sense' into him. But the fact that he's doing that to start with?....No.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Legendary Emerald in Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo - Nazo Unleashed sequel coming in 2019   
    Isn't trying to make money via a Kickstarter by using a companies IP illegal?
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Cuz in Sonic The Hedgehog OVA   
    So is the DVD uncommon/rare? I actually own it :3 Found it second-hand in a Gamestation for £8.99 some years back.

    Despite it's oddness, to me the film is awesome. I honestly think that game Sonic should take on more of OVA Sonic's personality, such as being more hot-headed. I mean the manual bio's seem to love consistently stating that short temperedness is a part of game Sonic's personality and OVA Sonic's temperament makes for a genuinely fascinating iteration of the character. The film had Naka's and Oshima's direct creative input didn't it? So I guess that this Sonic is more in-line with how they think Sonic should be characterized.

    I really appreciate the endearing way game aspects were included such as the sequence that shows Sonic and Tails making their way to Eggmanland (Robotropolis in the dub, silly nod at the "In name only" adaptation that was SatAM) featuring the springs, spikes and even Badniks. And I found the concept of Sonic and Tails seemingly owning their own Island with a crashed airplane for a house appealing.

    Still find characters like Sera and the President really weird and a bit out of place but they were tolerable and didn't detract from the film. And it's really quite cool that the Tornado makes appearances.

    Also, am I the only one who found Knuckles' ability to levitate really weird?
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    Vertekins got a reaction from TB100 in Why has Sonic Unleashed become such a 'sacred' title?   
    Why has it become such a 'sacred' (Which is an exagerration) title?
    Because it's the game that shows how passionate and imaginative Sonic Team can be when it comes to developing Sonic and his world and everything in it and stood at the last game that had this aura about it. Did you see developer diaries for Colours and Generations that went into as much depth as these?
    Unleashed is special because no matter which way you dice it, it had a level of love and investment that is clear as crystal and is frankly mindblowing. It felt like a world adventure rather than a series of disjointed levels and missions in a white void or a group of acts lumped together, a comprehensive world filled with delightful characters and a large variety of things to do. The Werehog gameplay is cool as is the form itself, the visuals are absolutely jawdropping, the soundtrack is truly something remarkable and the intro is one of the very best cutscenes in Sonic history.
    Hashimoto (The game's director) wanted to make something truly special before he jumped ship to Square Enix. Well he didn't go out with a bang with this game, he went out with a Sonic Boom.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Gresh11990 in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    - "SatBK is worse than '06" I think this is really a load of crap. SatBK shows no signs of being unfinished, it's not a glitchy mess and it's story isn't convoluted and poorly written instead being the exact opposite. It doesn't waste your time, it doesn't demean Sonic as a character and it's nowhere near as technically inept. Say what you want about the gameplay but to honestly call SatBK as being wholly worse than '06 ever was? ...

    - "What was wrong with Chronicles can be chalked up to Bioware being unfamiliar with the DS" Oh? So that explains ear rape music, ugly visuals, screwed characterizations and just plain bad game design and battle system?

    - "Unleashed has more genuine love invested in it's worldbuilding and overall experience than Colours and Generations" wholeheartedly agree with this, it's an opinion with real merit. Generations and Colours did level design and gameplay arguably better but they just don't have Unleashed's heart and soul.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    I'll follow on JezMM's template regarding what I think would've been improvements in each game
    Sonic Unleashed
    - Far less QTE's. Tornado acts? QTE fests. Dark/Perfect Gaia? QTE fest. The QTE's are far too common and not every player finds them intuitive. Whatsmore, they're a plain boring replacement for actually doing something. They don't often match at all with what Sonic is actually doing and are often used as a means of simplifying something that could've worked perfectly well through another technique. The button combo's for defeating night enemies was cool though. Always did find it fun to knock an enemy's health down to the point that a quick easy button combo can take it out quickly and stylishly.
    - Lower medal requirements for entering acts. Sorry but 120 Sun Medals for Jungle Joyride Act 1 Day is frankly ridiculous. I concur with JezMM in that it would've been far more rewarding if Medals were awarded for accomplishing a variety of feats rather than having to go hunting for them in a game that's half-fixated on speeding.
    - Monopolization on plot aspects and greater usage of side characters such as Amy. I freakin' LOVE the Werehog but I can't help but feel that much of what could have been done with the form was massively passed over/underutilized. It could've been a source of trouble for Sonic in multiple ways; Distrust and/or horror from certain NPC's, Sonic being a bit more affected by Gaia's influence mentally but not too much. After all, his ability to keep his sanity through strong will is such a great character aspect IMO. A great way to explore Sonic's feelings on his new form as well as include Amy a bit more would've been to reveal her thoughts/regrets on not recognizing him and divulge more about Sonic's visible shame and depression about it.
    - More Werehog moves available from the outset Werehog only ever becomes truly fun to play as when he's levelled-up. His initial movepool is extremely limited and he's not very strong or resilient. Making him more powerful and resilient with a wider movepool early on would've eased players more gently into that part of the game.
    - Nerf the boost The fact that it attracts rings which serves as it's fuel and the bar being rather long to begin with effectively encourages the player to spam it all the time, leading them more easily into pitfalls and areas of difficulty. Nerfing it would make it less attractive and slow down the stages a bit more, making them easier to play.
    Sonic Colours
    - More 3D. The game's level design to me felt like the level designers were afraid to push the boat out and expand on level design, constraining the game to being overwhelmingly 2D. Even a lot of the 3D areas were straight paths with few open areas. I would like to have seen a 3D underwater environment for example. Terminal Velocity's linearity was appropriate, contextual and exciting though.
    - More creativity with the 7 Wisp forms. Less automation. Colours to me was very pedestrian in how it utilized it's gimmick and certainly didn't utilize the potential those forms had in relation to emergent gameplay. It showed flashes of brilliance and creativity but these were too few in number. I expected to how more degree of control over what the forms could do without the game playing them for me. Frenzy also required far more precise controls.
    - More original bosses. Quite a few of them were very samey. Frigate Skullian and Frigate Orcan were near-identical as were Robotatron and Refreshinator.
    - Less fixation on comedic shenanigans, more development of story progression, more development of the Wisps and Yacker, more active Eggman, less exaggeration of Sonic's character. When I play a Sonic game, I expect it to have a interesting story with a sense of progression rather than focusing on the tone to the detriment of furthering along the plot, victims of Eggman that I can actually care about and visible bastardy and plotting by Eggman thus giving me more of a satisfied feeling concerning taking him out and making him more interesting because he factor's into the story more. Sonic is also a versatile character and there's more to his personality than using him as a vehicle for lightheartedness as the two Storybook games showed.
    - Better extras. It's nice to be rewarded well for playing. Super Sonic was a pretty poor unlockable and the Game Land stages were nothing to write home about. Would've been awesome if concept art/sound test was available upon collecting Red Rings.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    Unleashed. Yet again, Colours provides absolutely no comparison to this game in any real way.
    Good lord, where to begin regarding all of the things that make me come back to this game over and over again?
    Levelling-up both forms to develop abilities? Yep. I wanted to see everything the Werehog could do as well as utilize him to his fullest possible potential. What has the effect of compelling me to do this especially is the desire to fulfill the missions offered by the Hot Dog Vendors. They become much more feasible when the Werehog has been maximized in every area. The same goes for normal form's missions and it's honestly awesome to be able to maximize his running speed and boost meter because it makes the stages even more fun.
    Collecting items? Yes again. I wanted to see the insightful and charismatic opinion Pickle has on the souvenirs brought to him, I wanted to see how the NPC's would act when brought items such as little Yaya in Mazuri gradually growing out of her shyness problem when she's brought a Sundae Supreme to give to her ill mother Essie, I wanted to see hardworking little Ippolita be happy again by bringing Irma (Her grandmother) her arthritis medicine so she isn't confined to her bed immobile. Far far more examples than that. What cinches this is the fact that the NPC's are very well developed and such, making fulfilling their missions that much more awesome and adding to the replay value.
    The acts themselves? They have such unique level designs especially for the DLC and the ever-changing environments, luscious visuals and lighting and gameplay both day and night really entertained me. Unleashed is one of my most replayed games period due to how fun and exhilirating I find it's stages.
    Colors' replay value has never come even vaguely close to matching Unleashed for me. I mean what does it have? A static map screen with no real interaction and elaboration. Acts of which a huge amount of completed within a few minutes or in some cases, under a minute, ALL of which are part of the story mode which doesn't really compel me all that much to replay them. Level design that never pushes the boat out and therefore becomes trite and samey with extreme quickness. Bosses that just plain suck balls including the Egg Nega Wisp which, considering it can be defeated in 2 minutes and is extremely banal in how it is attacked, is devoid of replay value and a Super Sonic I was never compelled to use that much because the level design revolves around the other forms and he's all boost boost boost.
    Colours is just plain by-the-numbers which has a huge impact on it's replay value. Unleashed does so much with it's premise and has such a massive degree of effort and work invested in multiple aspects of it that it makes me come back to it time and time again. And that in all honesty makes me shake my head sadly at Colours for how it so utterly fumbles the ball and never lives up to it's potential for replay value.
    My reasoning is that focusing on Sonic gameplay is only one single aspect of a game as a whole.  Colours only effort being it's gameplay whilst it's story is incompetent at telling a cohesive and interesting story, the majority of it's acts being extremely short and uneventful, it's bosses being carbon copies of each other with the exception of the banal final boss and the game having absolutely no investment in being a well-rounded experience proves to me how half-assed Colours is and how the games have taken two steps backwards for every step they've took forwards since. Colours is a great game but I'm being honest, the final product is only a shadow of what it could've been and if honest to god effort of the likes of that invested in Unleashed was invested in it, I would be more inclined to believe that Sonic Team actually invested some heart into it.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    Well to me, Unleashed was the last game aside from SatBK that seemed like an honest-to-god love letter regarding it's extras. The care that went into it was amazing. And they were so good that I was very compelled to seek them out. Unleashed was the kind of game that had merit regarding this because effort was invested in specifically making extras that served no purpose other than to expand on the game and entertain the player. And now that I'm getting games like Colours that haven't had a shred of that level of investment, it's such a fine example of how soulless Colours ultimately is to me, how the development team aren't bothered showing off the development and quirks of their game like they proudly did in Unleashed.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    Unleashed is the clear winner here by a landslide. 'Boring' is ultimately irrelevant to the fact that Unleashed's many extras contributed to the expansive image and developed the fascination for such an in-depth world and serve as one of the many testaments to the sheer degree of care that Sonic Team invested in the game's world to make it come alive. The DLC acts could be gimmicky, yes. And quite a few of them were clearly designed by people with a sense of sadism towards the player (I recall reading that Jezmm accidentally broke one of his laptops in rage over one of Shamar's Night DLC acts ) but then a lot of those DLC acts were immensely interesting, fun and utilized Sonic's abilities in some very creative ways.
    Nothing is left to guessing in this game concerning it's customs and such. The items that you can buy from shops or Wentos and then give to Professor Pickle each have a story to tell. Even the countries flags are explained in detail regarding the meaning of their designs which just serves as a testament to the sheer imagination and creativity of Sonic Team. For instance, did you know that the stars on Empire City's flag represent the diverse people there whilst the stripes represent their interconnection? Or that the motif on Spagonia's flag represents the seal of the royal family that used to rule the region? Or that Eggmanland's flag epitomizes Eggman's obsession with self-representation, such a powerful image to make on a country's flag?
    The other objects delve into the customs of the people. Jenny is just one example of the dolls that new parents of Empire City give to their children upon their birth, the doll serving as the child's first friend. Amusingly and interestingly, Adabat has the Chehaya Charm, a representation of the messenger of day and light. Two guesses who is represented in it   Items in Shamar attest to the reverence the people hold for day and night. Barely scratching the surface with these examples.
    Additionally, Pickle's descriptions of these objects in such detail and with such character proves how worldly and refined the professor is and provides him with even more exuberant personality to top-up how endearing he already is. I personally found it very funny how he describes Eggmanland items with such distaste yet with a palpable sense of curiosity
    People, bosses and enemies are delved into in admirable detail inside the directory within Pickle's lab. If the NPC's loveable personalities and interactions weren't awesome enough, no shit! It gets even better! And then there's the hints and explanation of enemy behaviour and personality. Those Egg Fighters who can use a chainsaw and a shield? Guess what? They're the elitists of Eggman's robotic army because they are the select few with the horsepower capable of lifting both of their arnaments and this makes them feel superior to 'lesser' robots. Nightmares and Deep Nightmares act of primitive drive, being motivated by the bestial instincts to harm because they don't know any better.
    And it's not just the ornaments that get across the world's detail. It's the food as well. The fact that so many food items are stacked with cultural significance and that you are encouraged to feed Sonic and Chip them proved that Unleashed wasn't just a world adventure for the two. It was a culinary adventure too. Even the credits monopolizes on this concept, showing both of them sampling the delicacies with much enjoyment.

    These aspects are a sheer testament to the kind of worldbuilding Sonic Team is capable of, a testament to the sheer imagination, care and thought they are capable of investing in their games to make them feel like expansive, fascinating and deeply endearing experiences. It's a real crying shame that this level of detail-orientation was practically abandoned after SatBK (Even SatBK when into detail with it's items and characters but that's not the argument of this topic so I'll drop it)
    And you know what? The concept art and unlockable Sonic & Chip videos proves to me that Sonic Team are ecstatic about their game and want to show the player the effort they made.
    Colours? Extras? Well the stimulator to me was just something to endure for the sake of 100% completion, which I was motivated to do because I am a Sonic game completionist of games that are actually good rather than being interested in the thing based on it's 'merits'. And Super Sonic was less of a prize and more of something simply to be unlocked considering how limited he is and how the already mostly uninteresting, sedentary level design has to become EVEN MORE uneventful to accomodate him. Having to fight the occasionally silly level design to get red rings just for that was a huge let down. Missed a red ring? Well screw you! Have an invisible barrier so you can't backtrack to pick it up and have to start all over again or an obstacle that requires laser-guided precision to bypass to get the ring inside it! See the Starlight Carnival mission with the one purple Wisp that demands perfect control of something that is uncontrollable and the Asteroid Coaster mission with the cyan and pink wisps. That one caused me grief of the like I've never experienced since I nailed both Storybook games and those ones are legendary in how frustrating they can be. The game is so thin that I can't recall other extras except for the Egg Shuttle. Replaying every level from the first to the last was extremely underhwhelming and samey.
    Unleashed wins. Plain and simple. It has effort. HONEST TO GOD EFFORT invested in the extra's part of it. Colours tries and fails so hard that I can't help but shake my head at how far the development team have fallen when it comes to developing a truly expansive experience. It's bad because the very few extras that are there are so awful, so lacking, so epitomizing of the pandering. Where's your unlockable videos and concept art colours?
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    And this is one of the reasons why Unleashed is the superior title because so much effort was invested in motivating the player to make the most of the world and to explore it, this being very in-line with the game's premise as a World Adventure. You're rewarded with very worthwhile things.

    When you've dealt with the bad design of Colours regarding it's one and only collectible, put up with the frustration of needless invisible barriers or having utilized a Wisp accidentally before having reached an area with a red ring that demands it or can't control Frenzy with anything remotely close to refinery to get that red ring in that one Starlight Carnival mission all for the sake of an unlockable as horribly limited as Super Sonic, you realize just how much Colours fumbled the ball when it comes to rewarding for exploring.

    When I picked up a book or a video or an item, I instantly wanted to know what it was. It was a delight, trotting off to Pickle's lab to see what it was and being presented with a piece of concept art that attests to the love and creativity invested in the game or a charming cutscene to view or Pickle's very charismatic opinion on the souvenir he's been presented with that, you guessed it, contributes to the expansive feel of the game . Can't say that about Colours.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    What always stuck out to me about Colours was that it's by-the-numbers platforming and extreme linearity in it's 3D sections epitomizes just how afraid the level designers were to push the boat out. Whatsmore, a lot of the platforming wasn't entirely contextual to the overall design of the stages and come off as unimaginative, which is such a contrast to the wonderful level of imagination and originality the art design has.
    Planet Wisp's art design, an industrial place with scaffolding, actually suits it's take on platforming

    Whilst unimaginative platform-fests in stages like Aquarium park with it's blocks hovering in the air for no apparent reason in multiple missions including one part where you have to use Laser Form in a very precise way to nab a red ring which turns out to be a huge game of trial and error as well as the water areas never coming close to living up to it's potential for design opportunities look contrived and vividly epitomize just how convoluted the game's fixation with 2D really is
    Terminal Velocity's linearity was relevant to the design of the stage and what Sonic is doing (Getting back to the planet as the park implodes behind him) as was the 'Racing the Motobugs' parts of Starlight Carnival and the one race with them as a mission in Asteroid Coaster.
    3D areas in other levels are even more linear than Unleashed

    "Look! Look! I've got 3D too! Even though it is ultimately no better than a 2D path placed in a 3D environment. 2.5D?"
    It shows flashes of brilliance and the Wisp forms can be utilized in some very creative ways that feel satisfying but the level design is so incredibly constrained by the obvious lack of adventure on part of the level designers and the very limited use the forms generally have. When it comes to Unleashed and Colours, I'm more inclined to want to play Unleashed's stages because they have such variety especially with DLC, use Sonic's abilities better in relation to level design and they give me a real sense of an environment that is ever-changing as I run through it.
    In addition, Unleashed had a noticeably more balanced feel between it's 2D sections and 3D ones and actually incorporated more alternate routes. Skyscraper Scamper Act 1 Day is a particularly fine example, providing very different routes to the goal ring in the rails area, one involving running on the side of a skyscraper, the other route involving deft jumping between rails. Whatsmore, the level design is often very contextual to the art design of the stages and doesn't stand out like Colours' does. A bunch of winding pathways around a enormous Baobab tree and zooming through the savvanah in Savvanah Citadel? Running atop the aqueduct in Rooftop Run and through the streets? Traversing the walkways around the stilt houses in Jungle Joyride as well as the ruins in Jungle Joyride? This kind of level design looked so in-harmony with the stages and therefore look natural.
    Unleashed also had some very cool set pieces such as bobsled riding in Holoska, soaring on firework rockets in Chun-Nan, the rollercoaster part of Eggmanland....again, all of these awesome-looking gimmicks are contextual to the setting of the stage, the rollercoaster in Eggmanland even getting across just how lethal and crazy Eggman is! Didn't get this sense that much in Eggman's ENTIRE self-designed themepark of all things!
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    Right. Because "being fun to use" is a different kettle of fish to the way the forms are utilized in relation to the story/plot/writing, if they are used within their full potential and any elaboration on what they actually are and how they do what they do. I judge gimmicks on every single relation they have to the game as a whole and fun factor is only one factor.
    Wisp forms are lame in comparison to Werehog this respect because aspects of their abilities are automated, they are never elaborated upon in the story and they are certainly not utlized to their full potential. If that was the case, the level design would be more imaginative and there'd be more utility afforded to the nature of what they are i.e Rocket being used like it is in the DS version to cover vertical and horizontal distance, Spike clinging to things in a 3D environment etc
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    I'm judging the Wisps and the Werehog on the basis of them being gimmicks and how well they were used in the game as a whole.
    To me, this goes for everything
    - What relation to the narrative do the gimmicks have? How well are they used in relation to the narrative?
    - How fun are the gimmicks to use?
    - How well are they utilized in terms of relation to game design? Were they used creatively? Were they utilized to their potential as I see it?
    - What is the nature of the forms? Is any elaboration given on their nature?
    Werehog wins all of the above I don't settle on one point to judge the gimmick as a whole because that is extremely one-sided and one-dimensional reasoning.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    Actually the opposite is true.
    The more he eats the bigger and heavier he gets and the harder he is to control. He becomes considerably slower, consuming the gauge fast for relatively little destruction in comparison to the speed that he can move at. His turning ability is worser than a combine harvester and there's no point really to the jump button because he can hardly jump anymore at that size.
    It's like controlling a ravenous tank with broken tracks and orientation.
    I always did find that Frenzy form's sheer uncontrollability was insane even for the nature of the form. He's always veering off to the left or right regardless of control input, can hardly turn at all even when he's at his smallest size and has an extremely poor jump, leaping and falling in a very narrow arc literally like a shark jumping out of water.
    Anyways, for this round? Unleashed.
    I've always felt that the fun of the Wisp forms were constrained by automation and 2D. Yeah some of them have secondary abilities but let's look at how many of those abilities are automated;
    Drill Form - Going through pipes is automated with no input from the player.
    Laser Form - Aim and the game does it for you.
    Rocket Form - Position Sonic and press a button. Game does it for you.
    Hover Form - Position near rings, press a button, game does it for you.
    AND how many of the Wisps are usable only in 2D
    Blue, Pink, Orange, Yellow.
    Do the DS-exclusive Wisps count considering all of it is 2D? Add Red and Violet onto that.
    That's over half of the available forms in the Wii version. Alongside the other 3D availiable Wisps being used far more in 2D than 3D, it starkly reveals just how 2D-reliant Colours is and how it doesn't use it's gimmick in a particularly varied or interesting way. Why only two Wisps maximum for acts? Why can't the level design adapt to the form's better?
    I suppose what also makes the Wisp's so uninteresting in comparison to narrative compared to Werehog form is how the mechanisms of transformation is never elaborated upon and their personalities are never utilized or revealed except in supplementary material and the DS version. Sonic can change form with Hyper Go-on? Why? How? It's only ever revealed by a SEGA rep that Hyper Go-On changes Sonic's molecular structure in incredibly bizarre ways and having to play a non-canon version of the game to get a better gist of Wisp personality for only 5 of them does not excuse this missing from the Wii version's narrative.
    Whatsmore, the game's scoring system demands that you use the forms for as long as possible regardless of having done what needs to be done with them. For instance, staying underground as Drill form to rack up score, staying in Spike form without charging the 'spin dash' to make the gauge deplete faster so score racks up. This is a boring way to score and yet many missions truly do require it for an S rank.
    To praise the Wisp forms though, I did love the occasional glimpses of emergent gameplay, utilizing the basicness of the forms in relation to sometimes clever stage design and making me think outside the box.
    Comparatively, the Werehog form involves a great amount of actual input from the player, be it fighting the enemies, using his abilities and Badnik's and even objects in clever environment-relevant or enemy-relevant ways i.e Using the flamethrower robots to set enemies alight, melt ice and pillars of ice and torches, throwing Little Rex's at switches to activate them, throwing water barrels at the wizard-like Fire and Shock Master's to put them out/Fry them, hanging onto Dark Bat's the navigate whilst trying to avoid their attacks because they don't take kindly to Sonic grabbing onto them...I could go on.
    What I also appreciated about Werehog form was that I have a hand in expanding on the form's abilities be it through defeating the enemies or feeding him. When I was levelling up Werehog, I really enjoyed getting new moves and testing them to see what it could do and how it could be included in a combo in a specific context. His moves have interesting properties. Some of them knock enemies flying to keep them away from you. Some of them stun them temporarily so you can get a free hit in. Some of them knock them down so you have a chance to pick them up and do as you please with them whilst they struggle hilariously in vain to break free. Did I mention how once you get certain enemies down to low health you can perform a QTE on them to take them out if it's successful? The game doesn't even force you to do this, player incompetence causing them to interrupt and attack you and them to get their health back. What is additionally cool about the QTE ability is just how effective it is on those extremely annoying Killer Bee enemies; One button press, instant KO.
    About the above, it makes the Werehog look so damn fun and stylish. I don't care what anyone says, Werehog pulling forward a Big Mother's body so he can slam his spiked soles into her head to bound off of her then slamming into her to make her recoil enough so he can leap into her widely-revealed stomach and beat her up from the inside is frikkin' AWESOME. So is tormenting a Dark Titan to distract it enough to wrap his elasticated arms around it's waist and slam it into the ground a hilarious and satisfying display. And picking up an enemy and using the B button to slam them into the ground repeatedly with bone-shattering force never ever gets old or any less amusing.
    What makes the Werehog form additionally very interesting is how Sonic's body has utilized Dark Gaia's distinctive properties and how even the enemies exhibit the same properties. If you care to watch the enemies, they all have a stretchy elastic quality to the way they attack. Those weak little Dark Fright's use the rubbery quality to their bodies to contract themselves in order to fling themselves at Sonic. Nightmares and Deep Nightmares have stretchy arms and on the odd occasion they will even mimic Sonic's Were-Tornado move (This weakens them though because the side effect of mimicking Sonic's Were-Tornado makes them small temporarily and prone to be picked-up). Big Mother's have considerable reach with their dexterous stretchy arms and will whirl them around themselves in an attempt to slap Sonic and send him flying. Pieces of Dark Gaia have this property and Sonic, harboring a large piece of the monster, is no different. It's EXACTLY in-line with the way the Wisp's Hyper Go-On power changes Sonic's body and is in-line with the now established fact that Sonic has a very strange body, capable of 'adapting' to the energy he's absorbed to change form. So proclamations that Werehog is 'stupid' because of the way he transforms are null and void when comparing him to the Wisps because they're "equally guilty"
    But what cinches it for Werehog form above Colours' forms? It has the bonus of showing just how creative Sonic himself can be with his body in an alternate form. In Colours, you don't get this impression because of the underutilization of form's properties in gameplay and total lack of form-usage in narrative. In Unleashed, Sonic utilizes his stretchy body in incredibly original and effective ways such as increasing his attack range in various ways and to stun the enemies or make them even more prone to his attacks (Were-Tornado, Comet Punch, Wild Werewhip are just the tip of the iceberg). He uses his elastic arms to navigate with considerable reach. He even uses his hefty 60kg weight to body slam opponents.
    Can't forget the way he completely decimates the Egg Dragoon with his bare hands, again utilizing his body's stretchiness to assist him in doing so as well as his brute strength. What does Colours have? The glorified homing attack called Final Colour Blaster?...Oh.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    Unleashed not only had Sonic's arrogance as the catalyst for the game's happenings which is on a whole very influential in the plot, he's also unable to look Amy in the face after saving her as if he's still upset at her failure to recognize him. The first instance is more important to the plot than Colours' one instance of him being called out on being the cheeseball that he is whilst the second actually gives Sonic a form of emotive depth.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    Sonic's determination to find Eggman and make him fix his form is very early on in the story way before Sonic ever truly gets to grips with Werehog form and what it can do. By the time he saves Pickle and takes him back to the university, Sonic is more in-tune with his new form and Pickle notes that he is visibly accepting of it and even likes what he can do, expressing the opinion that he believes that Sonic is now in no rush to get rid of the form. By the time you can feed Chip after the first temple has been restored and food is avaliable for purchase, Chip is also noted to take notice of the way Sonic regards his new form and will comment when fed that he thinks that Sonic likes Werehog form.
    This is believable development. Whilst the form was nowhere near as well utilized as it ought to have been, I'll give the game that.
    And I thought it was less of a case of being "pure" and more of a case of being "strong-willed". There is a difference there. Purity has a reputation for making characters out to be unrealistic. Being strong-willed is an altogether different kettle of fish. Claiming that that cutscene was a boast of Sonic's 'pure-heartedness' and using that to say that Sonic is flat and boring becuase of that is a misrepresentation of what that cutscene was trying to get across about Sonic's character and it's relation to the influence of Gaia; His will is simply too strong to be dominated whilst not being inclined so much to darkness was an additionally protecting factor. Sonic gave in to darker emotions to an extent before in SatSR when the Rings responded to his darker feelings about Erazor and Shahra's death and forcibly transformed him yet he was not turned evil by Darkspine transformation. He just doesn't outright give into it that is the point being made.
    Sonic has characterization outside of Unleashed.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    Nope. I said that the exaggeration of it is a bad thing because Sonic is versatile enough a character to get various traits out of convincingly. He's polite but can be a snarker. Selfless but selfish when it comes to his freedom. Arrogant and proud but also modest and rebukes obeisance. He can be played comically yet he knows when it's time to get serious.
    Colours undoubtedly exagerrated Sonic to put him in a mostly comedic role for a game whose 'comedy' was immature when there's more to his character than that. Unleashed, whilst making him quiet, paid heed to multiple traits without exaggerating any of them and this is ultimately why I respect it's characterization a bit more.
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    Vertekins got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors Extra Round - Final Thoughts   
    I'll do this on a character-by-character basis.
    Unleashed: Am I the only one who thought that Sonic's curious quietness in a lot of this game's cutscenes was likely due to the influence of Dark Gaia? He has a much more subdued manner to him and to me, feels like a character whose actions and body language spoke louder than words, the animation for the latter being really good and therefore convincing. He's a character of subtlety though as a contrast, his fighting moves in Werehog form I think epitomize a very funny sense of whimsy and are actually indicative of how creative Sonic can be, utilizing his form's properties in a very effective manner. I for one found it intriguing just how much of an effect the transformation has on his personality; He's not hesitant to howl if he gets off a particularly good combo or rank at the end of a stage and he obviously has an even shorter temper and as shown in NOTW, his temper becomes so bad that when Baker taunts him in photos, he loses all sense of rationality and begins throwing an almighty tantrum, being so consumed by rage that Baker even manages to strike him head-on and knock him out.
    Sonic has his quirks in Unleashed particularly his apparent love of food as evidenced by the fight he gives just for the sake of a single meat bun and the way both he and Chip manage to get one in over the other i.e Their playfighting in certain cutscenes, Sonic laughing at Chip getting stuck in the vase but then Chip getting unintentional 'revenge' by hitting the tree he's lying under and then bonking him on the head with coconuts.
    Some of Sonic's most defining traits is present and true in this game; Friendliness and selflessness. I always loved how his motivation for helping Chip seemed to 'evolve', starting off as a kind of guilty obligation because he thinks that landing on him caused his amnesia in the first place and then becoming something that is not an obligation because, as Sonic says, he doesn't need a reason to help out a friend. And then when Dark Gaia absorbs the energy that is causing his transformations and then forcibly reverting him weakens/injures him greatly, telling Chip to run with one of the most harrowing expressions he's ever shown in ANY Sonic media...the sheer hopelessness and weakness in his entire posture is powerful. Yet these two mannerisms are just so Sonic. You know, you can go on about Colours turning Sonic into a 'vivid' character 'for once' but ignoring his intrinsic traits in favor single-dimensional portrayals just because Sonic's more do-gooding traits are 'boring' is missing the essences of his entire character. And you know what bolster's Sonic's mannerisms in Unleashed? Jason Griffith's acting. There's such a genuine thread of sincerity in Sonic's voice that just makes his mannerisms and attitudes that much more believable.
    Unleashed still nailed Sonic's heroic, good character traits despite how comparatively 'flat' and introverted he was and to me, that's partly what Sonic's all about and partly what makes me love him so much. He's knows when to shut up as well.
    Colours: A likeable portrayal that whilst being undoubtedly exaggerated to epitomize the tone of the game, still contains very noteworthy and loveable traits that thoroughly deserve praise. He's clearly extremely determined to stop the oppression of the Wisps which is in-line with that eternal part of his character in that he makes it his duty to bring salvation to the oppressed and I think it's great how his love of nature of shown in the way he despises how Planet Wisp has been turned into a polluted parody of itself and notes how that's low even for Eggman. His interactions with Tails are fairly natural and the bromance is top-notch; It was always intriguing to me concerning how he apparently goes to punch Eggman's lights out in the intro upon seeing all the poor little Wisps floating in those containers and I did wonder what he would've done to Eggman had Tails not gotten in the way. It speaks droves about how protective he is and such.
    And this, as I've said a fair few times before, is absolutely bloody fantastic;


    It's just so telling of Sonic's big brother instinct whilst being fairly subtle at the same time.
    There's a likeable vividness to Sonic's character in Colours and his new voice is very good but puts too much emphasis on a sarcastic tone. This is not one of Sonic's defining traits and detracts from the way he carries himself. I firmly believe that this is a result of some questionable direction however and not the fault of Roger at all, I think he's the best English VA and has tremendous potential.
    Overall?....Unleashed for Sonic IMO. Colours has a very notable and praiseworthy portrayal that falls flat in very few areas and exaggerates Sonic's character for no good reason when he's versatile enough a character to be portrayed in funny and serious scenario's without needing to do this as proven by games before it such as the Storybooks.
    Unleashed: There's not much to note here unfortunately due to Tails' pretty minimal role and portrayal in cutscenes. It is curious about how Tails is acknowledging of Eggman's more amiable traits by expressing the belief that he would not let Pickle starve in his captivity and it's funny how in-game dialogue can portray him as getting a tad irritable with Sonic if he isn't paying attention i.e on the World Map when it's shown for the first time and in Mazuri if you have Sonic say "Sorry, my mind was elsewhere" and Tails responds pretty exasperatedly with "Pay more attention".
    Colours: All right! Now we're talkin'! It is extremely praiseworthy how Tails is less inclined to be impressed with Sonic's antics. This is very believable development. He's not the Sonic-worshipping fanboy-esque character anymore yet he still exalts Sonic's actions where it's due i.e When he defeats Frigate Skullian. In this game, Sonic's and Tails' bond was that of mutual concern.
    When Eggman tried to hit Sonic with his mind control beam, Tails, without a single second to even consider what that beam could potentially do pushed Sonic out of it's trajectory and took the hit instead. This speaks volumes about the extent of his bravery and it's easy to tell that Tails did this because he knows that Sonic wouldn't hesitate to do the same for him if Eggman's target was him and he noticed.
    When Sonic paid back the favor and shoved him into the space elevator, it's so sweet that Tails' mind was always on Sonic; The hint orb at the very beginning of the Egg Nega Wisp boss fight has Tails absolutely frantic and clearly having found anything that could allow him to be in contact with Sonic and then in the final cutscene when Sonic gets back to land, Tails frantically asks if he's ok and remarks on the only thing him remembering was being shoved into the elevator. These instances remarkably powerful and speaks droves about how much he loves Sonic.
    Overall? Colours. BY A LANDSLIDE
    This is extremely false.
    A character with multiple personality traits as outlined by his role in the story, the lines in the bookshelf and the proclamations of other chatacters. Otto the dormkeeper attests to having been friends with the professor for over 80 years and frequently comments on the man's quirks; He tends to pout if not being visited often, is comically curt when it comes to asking him to relay messages to Sonic ("FOUND LAST TEMPLE OF GAIA. STOP. COME POST-HASTE. STOP") and is very particular about his cucumber sandwiches and passionate about them, even grading-up his student's papers if they drop off cucumbery care packages. He's an amazing contrast to Eggman - Where Eggman is spiteful, not very classy and frequently unrefined in what he does, Pickle is kind, has a lot of class and knows exactly what he's talking about both regarding Dark Gaia and his advice when Sonic asks for it. He has a tremendous passion for souvenirs, unsubtly hinting to Sonic that he wants some and then going over in great detail what they are when asked.
    Unleashed: He has a great balance of diabolical, devious and funny. He obviously puts his IQ and deviousness to good use by engineering that entire fleet just for the sake of luring Sonic in then taking advantage of Sonic cornering him to act repentant, feed Sonic's arrogant talking-down to him in order to distract him long enough to activate the cannon and trap him. He's completely ruthless in how he disposes of Sonic whilst pulling a classic blundering move at the same time in sending out the emeralds along with him. The intro melds both Eggman's competence and his incompetence in a very believable fashion.
    He uses the threat of force to get what he wants and is actually pretty prepared - He kidnapped Pickle knowing he was the pre-eminent scholar on all things Dark Gaia and stole the manuscripts. He threatens the people of Mazuri that he'll do something nasty if they don't tell him where the temple is and when he doesn't get an answer, takes to trying to find it himself which he would've done if Sonic hadn't intervened and destroyed his Egg Beetle. He knows what to do and he gets to it.
    His way of praising himself for ideas he didn't come up with befits his shallowness. The way in which he's dead serious about getting rid of Sonic in the Egg Dragoon battle, telling him to "Give up and die already" and making genuine threats to kill him are actually a bit chilling, proving how evil he can be and being in-line with how threatening he was in the two Adventure games.
    Colours: The story balances the doctor's whimsical childishness, temper and wickedness very well. The notion of him changing Cubot's voice chip because of annoyance is a really funny image. When his plot to put Sonic under mind control failed, he still tried to take advantage of his mistake, trying to pit Sonic against Tails and using the latter as a meatshield. That's so wicked and such an evil way to take advantage of the situation.
    The shallowness he exhibited in Unleashed (Regarding claiming ideas that were not his) is very well shown in how he wants to mind control the world and force them to love him, which isn't a genuine form of admiration.
    His interactions with his two henchbots are genuinely funny and put across how much disrespect he has for his lackeys, delegating them such jobs as cleaning up Big Boy's remains and catching more Wisps depsite their ineptitude. It's cool how he managed to keep his cannon a secret from Sonic for the entire game and only failed due to something that was beyond his control.
    Overall? Colours.
    What I like about Chip was how he grew from being rather cowardly, being spooked by certain bosses to being very willing to take on Dark Gaia personally and being genuinely pissed when it injured Sonic. He's brave when he really puts his mind to it and takes a stand for his best friend. Most of the time, the character was utilized for subtle humor that wasn't in-your-face. And it's just cute and an example of his insightfulness how he has the ability to know the true nature of people.
    Orbot and Cubot
    Damn these two characters work so well together. Orbot is the prime servile snarker whilst Cubot is a ditz without being annoying. Orbot being the logical straightman and Cubot being the dunce is two contrasts that are really well utilized to make them endearing. These characters are where the comedy is the most refined. Cubot's repeated voice and mannerism changes are comical as is Orbot's logical take on things and butler-like mannerisms.
    To me, Unleashed has the marginally more endearing characters and Sonic's characterization is mighty fine despite his more quieter and analytical nature, he's badass, caring, snarky on occasion and the selfless guy I know and love without exagerration and without sarcasm being made out to be a defining trait. Tails' and Eggman's characterization are superior in Colours whilst Unleashed's worldbuilding IS a fair point to bring up in relation to characters that are endearing including NPC's. Pickle is a character with quite a few quirks and is the best written human in the franchise next to Eggman.
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