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  1. Sega should make a Sonic game where Sonic is a gorilla and collects bananas instead of rings. Who's with me?
  2. I hope that wasn't sarcasm. Either way, it would mean less work for Taxman.
  3. It is a remake. A remake that uses the same graphical assets, yes, but still a remake that uses a completely different engine. One that supports widescreen, different graphical filters, soundtrack selection and Sonic 2 physics upon selecting its Spin Dash. The various Sonic Adventure ports, however, have been... just ports, completely unchanged from the DX version. If we could get a re-release of Sonic Adventure that actually fixes any of the problems the Dreamcast original had, then I'm sure we'd see more favorable reviews.
  4. If Taxman were to remake Knuckles Chaotix, I would prescribe a few things that might make it feel like a completely different game. - Classic level progression, with 2 acts and a boss act for each zone. 5 acts is way too excessive and the random level selector made the experience feel even more disjointed. - An option between playing as one character alone, one character with another character following (like Tails in Sonic 2) or the ring-band system. - Add Ray the Flying Squirrel. Mighty's appearance is not complete without Ray. I do realize the first suggestion would negate the "time of day" system, but the remake could work around that somehow. Perhaps use the console's internal clock?
  5. Why is there a rapping pirate in the JP version of Metallic Madness?

    1. Ferno


      *struggles to hold in joke*

    2. Octarine
    3. sniffy


      easter egg (laughs)

  6. Welcome to 2011, where the government can censor the Internet and pizza is a vegetable.

    1. Stardust Speedway
    2. The Dead Skin

      The Dead Skin

      ...what happened?

    3. TheGerkuman


      Pizza was never a vegetable. It was just that a couple of teaspoons of tomato sauces counted as a portion of veg.

  7. I can't wait to live in a state where every 10-year-old boy is arrested for uploading Spongebob clips on YouTube.

  8. Pardon me for that brain-fart. We can resume panicking.

    1. The Dead Skin
    2. Silencer226
    3. PaddyFancy


      Gonnae say something instead of post videos?

    4. Chibinuva


      Well, we're fucked. Looks like it's back to Super Mario Kart.

  9. "Super Mario Galaxy allows you to play as Luigi after getting all of the power stars, but who wants to play as that guy?" "Mega Man 9 allows you to play as Proto Man through DLC, but who wants to play as that guy?" "Viewtiful Joe allows you to play as Alastor after beating the game on V-Rated Mode, but who wants to play as that guy?" "Christmas NiGHTS allows you to play as Reala on April Fools, but who wants to play as that guy?" "Kirby Super Star Ultra allows you to play as Meta Knight after beating Revenge of the King, but who wants to play as that guy?" Yeah, you're right. Who wants more content in their games?
  10. The time they could be using to crack the music format so we can put in the original You Can Do Anything and Cosmic Eternity back into the game.
  11. Sonic CD is just like the Christmas tree in Charlie Brown; all it needed was a little love.

  12. I thought for a second we were going to be sucked.
  13. Eh, if this year's E3 sucked, it's only natural VGA does as well.
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