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  1. You know, I was just thinking.. All this bickering about CaC, Classic Sonic, and Gameplay Styles.. you know what I honestly want...? SEGA and Sonic Team to relinquish unto me contROL OF THE CAMERA! I mean, really. If I wanna rotate the camera then, gaddamnit, let me rotate the damn camera. Alright. Matticus out.
  2. I just had a thought. Since Lil' Sonics roll in this feels more unnecessary than mysterious. Now it's only speculation and it's waaaay out there, but... What if Classic Sonic is there as alternative option for players who don't want to create a character of their own? I mean, yeah, it'd be real dumb, especially since any other character from the series could fill that roll... but, again, speculation.
  3. I actually took time to remake my old Profile icon.

    ...and yes. It's a recolored sprite from Sonic Battle on GBA.


    I'm one of those Sonic Fans.

    I remember back when everyone did this and it was considered a sin in the community. Ahh... the good days. 


    1. Eevee of the Everstone

      Eevee of the Everstone

      What I use to hate personally was people that took a Sonic sprite, coloured it purple and then when around claiming it was an original character, Course then I got into MLP and that stuff became canon so I couldn't really hate it as much anymore.

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      >implying it isn't considered a sin in the community even today

  4. Probably a bad idea to bump up this old thread but it'd be the best place to get this idea I just had off my chest. Seriously, it's awesome. Just wait. Kay, here goes~ Isle Delfino Stage Mod. Start off, in 3D running through the streets of Delfino Plaza. Wall jumping to reach the top of buildings followed by a large leap from the Shine Gate in to a 2D platforming and grinding section in Rico Harbor. Grinding the scaffolding and construction until you reach the Helicoptor pad that then lifts you above and dropping you into Bianco Hills. Back to 3D where you speed through the hills, jumping over the wall and eventually on top of the big Wind Mill's roof that proceeds to collapse sending you down with the goal ring at the bottom. BAM! ...or we could go BIGGER with a bounce pad that rockets you to other parts of the isle! Maybe a water running section to Pianta Park? Idk! My imagination is running wild with this idea and I haven't the skills or know-how to make it happen.. but posting this here may spark a flame in any existing modders? Maybe bring them out of a hiatus? Suffering Modders Block?! <- Check it. Your next big idea. Right here. You're welcome. B]
  5. Sonic "Resistance" is driving me insane. I NEED TO KNOW MOAR!!

    1. TheOcelot


      All you need to do is #JoinTheResistance

  6. Some guy has been going around claiming to have "inside knowledge" and claims to know the premise of the game. I believe he goes by the name "Larry". To sum it up Sonic goes missing for an undetermined amount of time. You create a character, by the name of Buddy, and join his friends to help rescue/find him and then proceed to join the resistance.. Nothing too significant but thought it'd be fun to bring up. If this happens to be true, I'm going to flip. In a good way.
  7. I purchased everything Steam had, played an hour of each before work. I dropped $60 on a bunch of Sonic titles After returning I played Generations all the way through then faced off with with my lovely lady-friend in Sa2:B. Add bouts of nostalgic tension and hopeless wishing for the return of my childhood and there you have it. That's how I celebrated today. lol Seriously. I dropped $60 on a bunch of Sonic titles, half of which I'll probably never get to or play.
  8. Yeah, yeah... I know; who the hell is this guy? I just wanted to re-introduce my self! My name is Matticus, previously known as WHoZ the Hedgehog back.. say... 13+ years ago? I stepped away from the Sonic scene after the games went... well let's just say I had lost interest in the franchise. With the release of Unleashed, Generations, and Lost World I saw a small kindle of hope I just earlier today I thought "hey, I wonder how folks on SSMB are fairing?" I'll once again be an active head in the community! I apologize for the lack of conversation value but I'm just so excited to be back and I'm shocked at how much has changed. Like seriously, how's Dreadknux? Is he even around anymore?? lol
  9. Local or no I don't care what they remove as long as the game is Good. If there is plenty Single Player content and a actual fleshed out Story Mode, I'm good.
  10. So... according to Gamefly DBZ:BoZ is scheduled for a March 2014 release date. Source: http://www.gamefly.com/rent-games/Search/?kw=dragonball+z+battle+of+z&sec=GameFly well then...
  11. Or even better... a what-if story of Fasha going SSJ. Female Super Saiyan FTW!!
  12. I get a slight feeling Character Creation -may- be in this game. O,o Maybe that's just my high hopes speaking. If character creation -does- feature in this game, how do you think it will work?
  13. Alright, so according to the scans in a Magazine, the Buu saga is in and so are ssj3 Gohan and ssj3 Trunks. 0,o What a twist~ Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIZgbueBqsk
  14. Skyrim. Dear god it's an addiction I cannot break from... and now with the removal of the level cap and legendary mode my level 81 Nord has more purpose.
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