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  1. I just would like like to say that Trial and Error isn't a bad concept by itself or else games that thrive on them wouldn't be popular. The problem is the context of the use of said tactics. For example, on one case you have a game where levels last 10 seconds and have a death trap in each of them. On another one you have a game where levels last 5 minutes with no death traps until the last section of the levels. Of course this isn't taking into account visibility or speed, as these would be other factors. I think there is a place for Trial and Error design in Sonic, it just should be linked to mostly keeping speed and not to keep living. A player should be rewarded for knowing the level and how to obtain the most speed in them.
  2. Well...one is a visual trick to help the game flow better while cutting some corners and the other is a flaw that actually compromises your ability to play the game. So while one is a design decision made by the developers having in mind the budget and deadlines of the game, the other is probably a failure on part of the team to optimize the game that may or may not be because of said budget and deadlines. So I wouldn't really compare the two. However everyone has his own opinions, you don't like that small choice they made, understandable.
  3. Don't forget the fact that EA bought Bioware at the time, so that probably had a bigger influence .
  4. Technically the Rush formula continued until Generations. I mean if we count from heroes to 06 all Adventure games, then both Colors DS and Generations 3DS are kind of Rush games. But by name sake alone sure it ended, but I wouldn't say it failed.
  5. The Biggest changes I would do to the new one is center the whole thing and put the navigation bar in the left side, people gravitate towards the left corner at more frequently. Besides that maybe the font on the navigation bar is a bit small and I would probably remove the side bar, its a bit useless. I also like the green, but I would probably update the banner image on top with some splash of green to balance the colors.
  6. I don't have much experience with wordpress, but I did design a few websites. I would say it has too much empty space makes that makes it a bit of chore to get around. I'm not too fond of the font, although I have a bias towards sans-serif ones. Still I would say for the theme itself and your CV a more simple font would probably look better. If you want google fonts has some cool variety of free fonts ready for web use. If you can't make the banner smaller maybe try to emphasize the top navigation buttons. I would say to try to add some borders on the images of the works in the university works, they kin of blend with the white background. Finally I would make the home page your about about page. If its a CV you need to put the focus on you and your work, while presenting it as fast and as simple as you can. So I think when someone enters your CV for the first time they should get a clear picture of who you are and what you are about. I don't know if you already knew about these things, but this is what I saw at a quick glance. I hope it helps.
  7. I don't see how that goes against anything I said, yes the Boost can be used as tool just like all the other skills to help you traverse obstacles. That said it still is the primary focus of the gameplay and just because there are specific moments in the levels where you have to use it that doesn't take mean the rest of the level isn't created thinking you have the ability to do it at any time. In the fact the sheer abundance of rings in the levels of Unleashed just shows that the team really wanted the player to always be able to Boost or keep Boosting.
  8. The whole philosophy of the boost formula is how long can you keep the Boost on. Is not about gaining speed but maintaining it, using whatever means possible, that includes avoiding enemies you can't boost using the quick step or using the drift to avoid falling of the stage. While some levels are better than others at doing this, the mentality is still there. Forces still has it it just doesn't do anything interesting with it.
  9. @Tarnish I understand what you are saying, you want to pick the 2D classic formula add more movement options kind like when you start a game of metroidvania style with limited options but by the end you can a multitude of options to face a situation. The thing is, like some people are saying, is that some options you are giving the player might be a bit redundant. For example if you have the ability of using the shields at all time, why have a bounce attack when you have a bubble shield? Also why not forget the homing attack and do something like Ori and the Blind Forest, that way you can do something like this: Have the normal sonic movement A to jump, Down and A for spindash, transform on Y or X. Then you can double jump by pressing twice A, but if you press the right trigger you can freeze mid air and aim your jump, release it to blast you where you are aiming. If you Aim at an enemy it will react something like a homing attack, if you aim a ring line he will do a light speed dash, if you aim at nothing in the air do an air dash, if you aim at a wall cling to a wall for a wall jump, if you aim at the floor do a bounce. You should even be to even add the possibility of in the ground if press right trigger and release it before a line of ring and do a light speed dash. And if you want to keep the grab you can put it in the left trigger, and shields the same on the bumpers(even if I think they become irrelevant with all these movement options). While not perfect it is an example of how you could accomplish a more complex move option but with a more simple control scheme. Lastly I'm not trying to bash you idea, I think it's cool trying to create something new based on a style you like. Also I get that you are trying to create something you want to play, but I think trying to do that while also creating something that could be easily shared with other people would fulfill even more. But in the end it is your idea, we are just trying to help you improve it.
  10. Yeah that kinda is a HCI(Human Computer Interaction) nightmare XD Like @Blacklightning said you should streamline what you can. For example start with something easy by asking yourself why would you need two buttons for choosing shields if new shields were added they should complement and blend with the old ones, so why divide them? You should keep asking yourself these kind of questions until you reach a point you can no longer remove buttons. Personal opinion if Lost World taught anything is that I hate item management in a Sonic Game, finding itens like shields in the levels themselves is more gratifying than choosing from a selection of them. Also the player gets an idea of what kind of challenge they will face depending on the shield they find in said level. So I would remove that feature all together.
  11. To me I like to think limitations is what makes us more creative. And I think that thanks to that a game will probably be better designed around a simple control scheme than a more complex one. While a game should evolve with time the basics should remain the primary focus of it. I think first the creator should have a thought process like "What new thing can I do with this move?" than "What new obstacle can I create that will require a new move?" Basically kind of what they did with Mania, they created new ways to interact with the stage using the same moves as the original games making the game feel fresh, the only new move they added takes advantage of the already established moves in a way that only improves flow and doesn't add extra difficulty to the player. I mean look at modern gameplay it has a more complex move set but not only is it less accessible to play it makes it have a simpler level design. What I mean is because the move set makes it more complex to play they create levels focusing on a action at a time to not overwhelm less skilled players, creating a less focused and more boring level. So in the end you have to be careful when you want to add new moves to an already established gameplay. Not only For the sake a more focused design but because of the audience you want to appeal.
  12. I was born in 1992. While I think the 2D games are more consistent in terms of quality I can't deny that I have a little bias to 3D ones, probably because I started playing with the Adventures Series. Though if we are talking nostalgia I would say 2D games like the advance series and the Rush ones are bigger for me. However in the end I have no preference, if the game is good I don't care about 2D or 3D.
  13. Well we have two Sonic's and we have only seen one Tails, unlike Generations. Also wasn't in a plot synopsis somewhere that Tails had giving up fighting because Sonic disappeared, maybe this could be a Tails from another dimension just like Classic Sonic. I'm just saying
  14. Hey people have been mad at Sega for only teasing fights with a brainwashed Tails. Now it could be for real XD
  15. I don't want to deviate the conversation much. But just for curiosity, and I don't know if someone has talked about this before, I'm not the only one that sees a a japonese Kyubi inspired design in Infinite?
  16. Do I think the biggest problem with the series right now is direction? Yes, does this mean it's Iizuka's fault? I can't say. It's easy blaming the person that most of the time is the face of the franchise, but that doesn't mean the questionable decisions in games like Forces come from him. Still I do think the franchise needs some new blood, maybe it wouldn't be too bad if he was replaced. Also I don't think it's ok to give credit to Iizuka for Mania, because everyone can have an good idea but what you do with said idea it's a different thing. And I think that's where Mania shines, it's an great execution of a good idea. I mean making Sonic 4 was also a good idea and look how that turned out.
  17. I don't know if this sounds stupid or somebody already said this. But that egg robot sentinel color scheme seems kind of similar to Nega...With time traveling plots who knows...
  18. If we are talking about the like system, I must say that even though I agree with the points above I also want to point out it also has some good sides. For a person like me who follows a discussion but doesn't like to repeat arguments from other people, this system is a away of showing my agreement without adding redundant arguments or posts like "I agree with this guy". If I have to be honest I liked the old system a lot better, if you someone said something that wasn't of your liking but someone already said what you were going to say you could just dislike said comment. Maybe this could diminish the amount of one sided arguments where a group of members go against just one. However maybe if you separated the comment likes from the reputation, maybe that could work. I mean even if someone has a controversial opinion that doesn't mean that he isn't a respectable member of the community.
  19. I don't want to sound rude or anything, in fact I might not be the best person to be talking about this since I spent less time than I used to, but lately this forum feels a lot more aggressive than what it used to be. I don't know why and it probably is a fare amount of reasons, all I know is when I joined a couple of years ago I did it because I felt like it was the most welcoming sonic community from the ones I found. Now looking at all of these problems...it just doesn't feel like the same place anymore. I used to spent a somewhat unhealthy time here, even if only lurking, however I don't remember all of this drama. So in the end I think it is good that there is a discussion over new rules to keep this place working well. I just think it is a little sad to see this happening here.
  20. I haven't done anything colab related for here recently and this looks like fun. You can count me in for art of Sonic Colors.
  21. YES!! The more I see of the game the more I want it. I know the "second" game didn't even release it yet, but...is it too bad that I want this to actually become a game series.
  22. I got to say that recent events did have an effect on me and I feel like I'm slowly disconnecting with the franchise. But in terms of past games I can't really say I enjoy them less than before. I probably say that what this fan base needs is a kickstart something that hypes people in someway. I think that most probably the begining of next year will turn things around. I don't have big expectations just a small hope that Sonic Team will deliver something to be excited about. So no I can't say I feel like that only a bit tired of the rollercoaster that is this franchise.
  23. I find that decision from Marvel rather odd...I mean since not only we have Big Hero 6 which is basically Marvel(like it was said above) but we had cross-overs like the Phineas and Ferb ones... Oh well maybe things will change in the future.
  24. It's fireworks celebrating the Obon festival if I'm not mistaken.
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