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  1. bc it dealt with rainbows and like, rainbows are a staple of the lgbtq+ community basically sort of
  2. i quite liked the rainbow roadtrip special. i think it's funny in a good way that it aired during pride month. i do think it went on for maybe a little longer than necessary but im not complaining considering i /love/ the movie style.. i wish it was used more often.
  3. i quite liked the opening episodes for season 9. it was a bit all over the place and whatnot, but hopefully it'll slow down a little this next episode that is coming out tomorrow. i am excited to see more of cozy glow though. she's one of my favorites to be honest.
  4. Tales of Symphonia! It's a super good game and has a really great story with lots of twists and turns. I am almost done with it. I am gonna be super sad when I finish it because I have grown ridiculously attached to the characters. Also if anyone replies to this, no spoilers please thanks
  5. that's fair. and that's okay. i didn't say the video was great. i just enjoyed it because of arin. i know people are entitled to their own opinions.
  6. i didn't say i learned anything about the game. i just said that i enjoyed it. admittedly because of arin. to be honest i have barely seen any marketing for the game asides from music, but there could be more that i have not seen.
  7. i just had the hardest time getting into my account oh my goodness. ;w;

  8. yknow i quite liked this. perhaps im biased, as i love the game grumps (even if havent been watching them lately) and i do watch jirard on occasion. i thought it was some odd marketing, but i liked it nonetheless. and i dont think arin necessarily hates sonic. you have to remember, his.. persona on game grumps is exaggerated. im sure he doesnt hate sonic nearly as much as he seems to on the show.
  9. im really sad season 9 is gonna be the last one. ive grown attached to these characters. to this show. ive been watching this since middle school for hecks sake. im really gonna miss it.
  10. i feel like i tend to only visit this forum once a month or every few months. oops. that's not my intention... ;v;

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      That's life though. Priorities and what not

    2. Kiah


      It’s okay. You can come and go as you please. Hope you’re doing well 🙂

    3. Skye


      PaulyB, that's true.


      Kiah, thank you!! I'm doing alright i guess. could be better mentally but eh.

    4. Kiah


      At least you’re doing alright. Whatever is going on not to have you at your best mentally I hope you’ll get through it okay and that things will get better for you soon.

    5. Skye


      Kiah, thank you! i hope so too. ❤️

  11. i loved the finale and im so ready for season 6 and the movie. i'd imagine that season 6 would pick up after what happened and that i'm quite excited to see where it picks up. i'm also going to be incredibly sad when the show ends because i am ridiculously attached to these characters.
  12. i quite liked escapism, and all the episodes beforehand. escapism feels like the calm before the storm, yknow? im super hype for battle of heart and mind.
  13. im really hype for the new episodes omg. it looks so good
  14. i can admit the game has it's fair share of flaws. the controls aren't great and going through the same levels again basically (but with slightly different missions) is a bit of a chore, but as a child i enjoyed the hell out of the game. heck, i still do. as janky as the controls are, i still enjoy it a lot. the characters are lovable and although the story is fairly simple for all the characters and teams, i dunno. it's probably my nostalgia clouding it but i still enjoy it a lot. getting all the chaos emeralds was a chore for me and something i couldnt even manage to do until a few years ago. but..eh i dunno. i enjoy this game still a lot.
  15. i loved that special! im not gonna lie, it made me tear up. i loved the jokes and the sort of mini side stories we got of all the characters.
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