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  1. i quite liked escapism, and all the episodes beforehand. escapism feels like the calm before the storm, yknow? im super hype for battle of heart and mind.
  2. im really hype for the new episodes omg. it looks so good
  3. Skye

    Why is Sonic Heroes unpopular?

    i can admit the game has it's fair share of flaws. the controls aren't great and going through the same levels again basically (but with slightly different missions) is a bit of a chore, but as a child i enjoyed the hell out of the game. heck, i still do. as janky as the controls are, i still enjoy it a lot. the characters are lovable and although the story is fairly simple for all the characters and teams, i dunno. it's probably my nostalgia clouding it but i still enjoy it a lot. getting all the chaos emeralds was a chore for me and something i couldnt even manage to do until a few years ago. but..eh i dunno. i enjoy this game still a lot.
  4. i loved that special! im not gonna lie, it made me tear up. i loved the jokes and the sort of mini side stories we got of all the characters.
  5. wait there's a movie sequel? what the heck. ive been avoiding all leaks possible so i had no idea about this 😕
  6. Skye

    New Moderators

    im a bit late, but congrats to yall! im sure you will all do a great job and will have fun being on staff!
  7. watched the season 8 finale and it was really good!! the villain was someone i kind of expected, but they put a twist on it to make it interesting. i cant wait to see if they bring them back in season 9.
  8. i loved the new episode!!! autumn blaze is adorable and i love her dearly. also fluttershy and applejack are a good duo as usual, even if they do argue sometimes. i loved the song though omg. more than i'd like to admit. also i think the reason autumn blaze perhaps came off a bit pinkie pie-ish is because she had not talked to anyone in so so so long. i'd be that way too if i had just one person to talk to after not being able to have a real conversation in years.
  9. just wanna say i binge watched all 4 seasons before season 5 was out and damn. i wasn't expecting to get as into the show as i thought i would. a lot of it is really just a huge punch to the gut. some of the episodes hit so frickin hard and find a lot more characters relatable than i should, in certain aspects. i watched season 5 like.. the day it came out i think? or maybe a day after. i finished it all in like a day, day and a half. i really liked it. it didn't hit as hard as other seasons in my opinion, but it still left me emotionally drained. so far my favorite character is princess carolyn. she's a badass.
  10. well..ah. i didn't word it right. i didn't mean become another queen chrysalis, or turn into her but.. like. sort of do the same things she did. make the same mistakes she did. i didn't mean literally turn into another queen chrysalis. words are hard. ;v;
  11. i liked the new episode!! maybe its just me being overly sensitive, but i sort of teared up at the end. where they all came back together again and became friends again. cozy glow does strike me as... odd. suspicious. also, i think the reason why ocellus was scared of chrysalis, is not because she was scared of turning into her or anything, but i think it is because she is a changeling, and she is scared that as a changeling, she might end up going back to her old ways and possibly become another queen chrysalis? that's how i saw it at least. i look forward to the next episode though! im excited for it.
  12. i havent watched the road to friendship or the washouts as they havent aired in america yet and i like to watch them as they come out, but i do look forward to them. to be honest i liked friendship university, but flim and flam got on my nerves as they always do in every episode they appear in. i also liked the end in friend. it was a cute episode, even if rarity is my least favorite out of the mane six (but she is starting to warm up on me.)
  13. i got it from various social media. it's probably not accurate, though
  14. Skye

    Butch Hartman controversy

    i saw a lot of the controversy spreading around on facebook and i find it highly disappointing finding out that butch is homophobic and transphobic (from what i've seen and heard) as just a few weeks before this i binge watched danny phantom on hulu (as it's one of my favorite tv shows he worked on and i'm extremely disappointed it didn't go for more seasons) but.. as someone said above, i'm also not surprised as a lot of the later episodes of FOP were very... odd and just.. i don't know the word for it. not good, for lack of better words, and a lot of his youtube stuff was clickbait, sadly enough. ah well. i'm just disappointed. i feel like a lot of my childhood has been ruined.
  15. i liked a matter of principals somewhat, discord just really annoyed me the whole episode to be honest. and the ending was sort of weird. but i really liked the hearth's warming club. to be honest, it made me a little emotional at the end cause i'm a big baby.

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