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  1. Lets see in most Sonic media he has warped objects bigger than him and even made is own Black Hole in the RPG. Is Vegeta stronger than a black hole. More like they didn't take all of Shadow's powers into consideration. I'm talking about every single move he has in any media. They gave Vegeta is SS3 form. Even if he has a limit in superform, Shadow can warp time and space instantly. Also his chaos powers are greatly enhanced. Super Shadow with Chaos Blast or Rift = Dead Vegeta. Gameplay mechanics shouldn't even be used in this fight, Vegeta has no such restrictions. He can instantly achieve his forms naturally and without draw backs. Yet Shadow needs rings to maintain the equvilant of Super Sayain? That sound kinda bias, what about Vegeta's only weakness to getting to many hits in the face? Why? Because you say so? Why does Vegeta have to have no restrictions to Super Sayain mode, the Chaos Emeralds are enough. They should have played out this fight by having them beat each other into a pulp until they couldn't fight anymore. That really doesn't awnser my question.
  2. If they make Sonic win against Mario, they really have no respect for Shadow(A Sonic character) because they think he's a rip off of Vegeta. And only Sonic wins because he's the cooler of the two, which is why they made Vegeta won rally because he's cooler and better than Shadow.
  3. It seems since screwattack decided to make a parody of Shadow's strength vs. A Sayians strength. And decided he would lose in the long run. IMO which I don't buy since Shadow has Easy access to Reality warping powers and hyper speed as Super Shadow. And also they think Shadow has a limit in how much power he can expend as a powerful character with the chaos emeralds. So if Shadow has access to the chaos emeralds, and can't use them for as long as he wants to, how much stronger would he have to get in order to maintain he super form and use the chaos powers from the gems for longer peroids of time. Also I want to discuss Shadow's true power, what he's truly capable of. Can he gain stronger chaos attacks, phyiscally improve his super speed and strength, and his stamina and endurance with more time or is he at his peak and can't gain a natural accelerated growth like the other main characters.
  4. I'am still waiting for Ian to make Shadow the Chaos Force incarnate and become greter than the Echidna's and Mongul in terms of chaos power.
  5. Amy is one of those characters who's actions are defined on her emotions rather than her will and strength. Can she achieve the latter on equal terms of Sonic, Silver and Shadow. I mean, no overpowered abilites but maybe the same powers they wield as Super Hedgehogs. Sonic has speed, Silver has telekinesis, and Shadow has chaos powers. What do you think Amy can specifically do that puts on their tier as special hedgehogs? And can she achieve a level greater than that?
  6. Nice find, Sonic does seem more interested with Shadow.
  7. Besides Eggman, who do you think Sonic likes to Mix it up with most times.
  8. Out of the two I believe Shadow is the only one that can get under Sonic's skin, since he usually gets in Sonic's way of saving the world thing by using an opposite approach of saving the world on his terms. Sonic gets upset when he can't get his way or have the last say therefore the two clash. Plus I'm pretty sure Shadow would kill Sonic's friends or allies to save the world if he has to, therefore conflict between the two.
  9. I believe I said no bashing. And besides, Shadow is a different type of rival compared to Knuckles. If you know your anime tropes, the badass angster and lancer of the series. Hiei, Zero(maybe) and any stoic arch rival to the main hero. Knuckles belongs to the crowd where Kuwabara, Yamacha, Wario is.
  10. From the Sega boards because I thought it would be a good discussion.
  11. Really thats like saying punching is different from kicking or swimming is different from flying. That is still a core difference. But he doesn't directly mimic Sonic's concept. I mean he skates to go fast. Sonic runs like a normal person to go fast. Shadow doesn't. Other than their the same speices, they are entirely different schools of execution when comparing apples and oranges. So can Tails and Knuckles(spin dash, ball attack etc). They look the same in a distored viewpoint. But are only identical in body. Shadow seems to be the only character exclusive to the powers of chaos abilites. And can execute any chaos control attack without an emerald. Okay I agree here.
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