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  1. We criticize because we care, and should be able to do so freely without fear from being lynched by people whose only "argument" is to call one buzz words. I don't think we do so because we want for the franchises we support to fail nor get any pleasure from it. In the case of Sonic, while it has up and downs, the problems have always been things like the execution of ideas or tonal shifts where one moment we have Sonic in a heartlighted setting and the next trying to be dark and "deep". You don't see controversies related to identity/diversity because the franchise is very neutral in that regard, like a lot of franchises in Japan since they don't have the need nor desire to pander to any group of people (never change Nippon). Plus the characters are just a bunch of technicolor woodland critters to whom things like sexuality, nationality or ethnicity don't really apply to. Star Wars on the other hand is a product of Hollywood, where they embrace progressive ideas but execute them in a way that just feels forced. They fail to understand that while there are different groups of people because humanity itself is very diverse, they need to show these characters in a way that for the audience to see in them a person... Fictional yes, but credible, which at least IMO is the most important aspect by far over other things like race/gender. Instead, them fall for the trap of showing only stereotypes of what they think to understand that rub one off the wrong way, like the case of Rey, since instead of a strong, compelling character who happens to be a female, we got a text-book Mary Sue like Azzy explained and gave examples of why. Things really went crazy when certain groups on both sides of the current controversies decided to make a battlefield out of several entertainment media and franchises, who just like the Sith, deal in absolutes. Even reasonable criticism is meet with a lynch mob mentality and risk being called names by either of them. I guess we were lucky to have enjoyed the original films in a time when people were not so sensitive nor stingy. Same with Sonic during that short era when it really gave Mario a serious competition. No matter what happens next, those memories can never be taken away. Beyond that, the only thing left is hope for the best. At least for Sonic the was Mania, which shows that good things can happen again if a property is handled with care and respect instead of a cash cow. The right people with the right focus can always achieve great things.
  2. I think that for a character to be well received, it needs to first captivate the audience, something that Rey fails to do because writers are more focused on showing how oh so awesome and strong she is by handling everything to her on a silver plate than in making her an interesting character who has to grow up to overcome fears, maybe an inner conflict and most importantly, EARN that victory. This is a very simple principle that applies to any character regardless of gender, and really struggle to understand how anyone could possibly like such a character since she is basically plowing through the story with nothing to pose as an obstacle to overcome, and that is something that offers nothing to engage with the character's story nor care for what happens next because the outcome is so painfully obvious. And while I can understand and agree with people who think that there is nothing wrong with the protagonist being female, I honestly don't think this is the best way to represent females in movies or any other form of entertainment. If anything, it feels patronizing if not insulting, as if females have to be handled only in a very particular way that paints only a positive, but ultimately unrelatable and uninteresting character out of fear to offending someone. Funny how this is not the case with males, who they don't seem to have a problem with experiencing both the ups and especially the downs of their respective journeys. But hey, it's the current year and in a world full of very polarized views, even the reasonable middle ground will be seen as problematic by either extreme. And just to make a Sonic comparisson with Rey, I will mention the buddy character from Sonic Forces, who is also liked by everyone and achieves so much more than any of the other characters that had been with Sonic on his fight against Eggman. Edit: thinking about it, I feel Flynn would had made for a better protagonist. Too bad he now is a character with not much of a purpose beyond the generic "gotta bring down the FO", since the idea of him doing something to free the Stormtroopers, who are basically child soldiers and victims who were robbed their lives and family, would had been a more engaging tale that puts him in a hard position of fighting his former comrades. Sadly Star Wars is only about Good vs Evil, and while Rogue One showed the rebels doing terrible things, god forbid they humanize the bad guys since this is no Gundam.
  3. I don't think Sonic needs to be something radically new to succeed. It just needs to get right all the things that made it great in the first place. There is a good reason why Sonic 4 failed while Mania succeeded. Both projects aimed to achieve the same thing, but one only had a shallow and superficial understanding while the other went the extra mile. A change that is made without concern of how will it affect everything else is something that should not be done. Take for example The Last Jedi: Ryan Johnson went in with the intention of shaking things up by subverting expectations for the sake of subverting expectations. He didn't care about telling a story, much less how it would affect the next movie given how they had to undo his mess by bringing back JJ as director as well as Palpatine (which should had been Darth Jar JR...smh for yet another wasted opportunity) since the story was left without it's main big bad. Same thing happens when you mess with the core formula of something like, say, the 2-D games. For example Sonic Advance 2, which threw platforming out the window to focus solely on speed speed speed... You get something that on the surface looks like the old games, but once you play it for yourself, realize it's a different beast.
  4. Word of God is that Sonic isn't into any of that because he literally is a boy at heart, and will forever be one: Ignoring the Sonamy stuf, the key part here is the sentence "Sonniku was eien ni shonen no haato desu". The way the original Sonic Team designed Sonic's character is for him to be a kid. He's not interested in romance because he is a boy who wants to do boy stuff like looking for adventures, fun and excitement and hanging with his best buddy. This is why I can't stand it when writers like Penders try to shoe in real-life stuff like him becoming sexually active, or altering his character into flirting with every chick he sees (I hated this in Archie since I don't think Sonic is the kind of people that would play with other's feelings nor is he someone dishonest) as I feel it's very disrespectful to the creator's original vision of the character. Same goes with "woke" people (often kids) who want to force their bloody LGBBQ identities or whatever they're called onto a character that was meant to be enjoyed by everyone.
  5. Not that he alterers them that much. I mean, his masterpiece graphic novel (that will be released a few million years later) for which he fought in court features what is essentially Knuckles with the OVA hat: A beloved character from the Sonic franchise. Pen Kenders like totally over 9000% original, doughnut steel character: The Praetorian. That guy has some nerve to be talking about copyright when he himself is such a scumbag who weasels his way out. Only reason he does not get sued is because he is not making any money out of it (yet) and because it's not worth it (Sega's lawyer would have to take his car out of the garage to make room for whatever is seized from Penders as compensation... tha poor car). Unlike him, Sega knows that whatever Kenny boi decides to do is so small and irrelevant that there is no way his work can have any impact on how people perceive the franchise nor cause any brand confusion.
  6. Some people seem to like Sonic's movie design but most people hate/dislike it.
  7. Something I wonder is if when Sonic Team redesigned classic era characters (Eggman, Amy, Chaotix), were there concept sketches with alternate design before settling with the final ones used for the modern era?
  8. This reminds me for some reason of that South Park episode where the town in invaded by homeless.
  9. Personally I'd rather have a movie that delivers what their target audience (fans) want than something that tries to appeal to people so full of themselves (critics) who think that their opinions matter... plus they're going to complain anyway.
  10. I always liked how much care and though Sonic Team puts in all of their characters (even the ones I'm normally indifferent to) since nothing about them feels random nor improvised. Another aspect I have always enjoyed is fanart, especially seeing the works of other people regardless of skill since all of them carry their passion and dedication, showing a very positive side of the fandom and just how many talented artists there are out there who create this pieces to show their support for this franchise. The cartoons. In my personal case, some more than others... Basically, love the OVA, Boom and the animated shorts by Tyson Hesse, which are samples of Sonic's potential in this media form when done well.
  11. Recently found some episodes in Japanese on YT. Man, I missed listening to the whole gang in the language from the land of the rising Gundam. Maybe it's personal preference, but their voices are just so enjoyable, especially with how Tails, Amy and Sticks all sound much more cute (in the case of Amy, her softer voice never comes off as mean, even when she's angry) Really want to see how Taeko Kawata performs in that scene were Amy fiercely defends Knuckles. XD
  12. At least with Sonic, there is always a chance to see the main characters like Sonic, Tails, Amy & Knuckles together. The new trilogy on the other hand, killed Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. Worse, both Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew passed away, which means I'll never get to see the original cast I grew with being together one last time. : (
  13. Baron, mah good old chap, don't you mean FOUR robotic Sonics? Remember that there is more than one Sonic 2. Anyway, I laugh at how Kenny boy resents Ian Flynn, which is funny since the way each of them handled Knuckles tells a lot about their respective abilities: Penders cloned Knuckles god knows how many times and tried to add "depth" to the character in a very pretentious way by brute-forcing the echidna civilization and the countless Knuckles clones into becoming the "be-all-end-all" of the comic. Ian on the other hand, just needed a couple pages to humanize Knuckles in that little chat he had with Amy in one of the last issues of Sonic Universe in such a way that not even the games ever achieved. (Only other person I'd trust Knuckles with is Tyson Hesse)
  14. At the very least, I'd like to think that Black Knight came right after Sonic Unleashed because of the whole date thing. The other two games really don't have any particular connection to the main games, so it doesn't matter when did they take place.
  15. I share the feeling and honestly, you're making yourself a favor since basically, Penders treated the game cast as if it wasn't good enough compared to his own "superior" creations. Speaking of which, I imagine that as soon as any of the Archie staff came up with new characters of their own, Kenny boy would waste no time to undermine them too. I mean, just reading how proud he was of Geoffrey (aka Pepe le Pedo) acting like some kind of Chad that had relations with an underage Sally before Sonic essentially paints the whole picture of how he handled things.
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