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Hi, I'm SMS Skull Leader, or as my friends know me, just SMS for short. Pretty much I'm just another fan of the franchise with an interest in the games, their gameplay mechanics, music, art, visuals, etc as well as some of the other media such as TV shows, OVas, anime, etc.

Anyway and following the example of VEDJ-F (aka Pur-Rulz, who I will not kill for placing Sonamy in her list of couples she's neutral to. XD ) I'm going to make a few lists to better show my preferences:

Favorite Sonic character: Amy Rose

While the first time I saw the character was in Sonic CD, it wasn't until 1996 when after playing Sonic the Fighters she really caught my attention, mainly because she really came off as a really fun/lovable character with all the colors of the rainbow and armed with a toy hammer (which back then reminded me of the Chipote Chillon used by El Chapulin Colorado, a character created by the great Don Roberto Gomez Bolaños, aka Chespirito) and always brought a smile whenever I played her. (the only other character who had that effect on me was Bean due to my fondness for ducks, especially the wacky ones such as Daffy)

So while she left a really good impression, it was not until SA1 where she pretty much secured her #1 spot due to her endearing and balanced personality as well for making the transition from the stereotypical damsel in distress into a self-sustained semi-action girl. Another aspect I really like is how unique she is when compared to the other characters, whic is somethign that will always show off, wether in her visual design, or in her gameplay (even if she is forced to spindash she still adds that little touch that makes her stand out from the rest)

Favorite Sonic games(based on how much I enjoy them)

*Sonic Advance 3 (IMO this one puts S3&K to shame in terms of replay value)

*Sonic Advance 1 (mainly for Amy's unique, challenging and fun gameplay)

*Sonic 2 (for it's level design, tough currently I only play the Amy hack made by E-122 Psi

*S&SASR (a nice change from the more mature oriented games that populate my 360)

*Sonic 1 (only the hacks made by E-122 Psi, mainly the Amy and Charmy hacks for their unique styles)

Favorite Sonic couples:

Sonamy: The main reason I like this for the teasing. Also this one is pretty much the only couple that does not require for Sonic to act OOC, betray who he is, give up his freedom nor does it need to humilliate, mistreat or use other characters as stepping stones. Plus their chemistry is always fun and never gets old. In short this one is and will always be lighthearted and more comedy-oriented (plus they remind me of Basara Nekki and Mylene from Macross 7)

Orbot X Cubot: You have to be blind if you did not see this one in Colors.

Vecpio: Let's be honest, these guys are the only ones that can really be a yaoi couple without forcing them into situations that would make any of them go OOC. (plus drawing them together is always fun =D )

Shadamy: I do like the concept of pairing two character that come off as opposite reflections of the same image.

Blazamy: Yeah, I know this one really is crack, however my fondness for the beauty of yuri helps me overlook that fact. Anyway the reason I like this one is because of the combination of a kuundere girl with a genki one, especially when the first is socially akward and closes her heart behind a wall while the other reaches unto those hearts by looking the good in them (and if that does not work the she'll bring down those walls made of sadeness with a hammer of love and happiness). Saddly Blaze lives on another dimension... and to add insult to injury Cream was used as an Amy expy in Rush... *cries*

As a bonus, I'll leave you with my own personal list of the best variable fighters from Macross:

*VF-1 Valkyrie

*VF-19 Excalibur

*VF-25 Messiah


*VF-22 Sturmvoguel

*VF-0 Phoenix

*VF-4 Lightning III

*VF-9 Cutlass

*YF-29 Durandal

*VF-11 Thunderbolt

*VF-5000 Star Mirage

*VF-171 Nightmare Plus

And my list of the best pilots:

*Basara Nekki (if you think piloting a tranfroming fighter jet is hard, try doing it with a guitar while singing and dodging teh enemy's fire)

*Max Jenius

*Roy Focker

*Ozma Lee

*Isamu Dyson

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