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  1. if only forces had good level design. then i'd be able to stomach all the other weird or bad things about it. but nope, can't even have that

    1. Strickerx5


      some would argue that's all it needs

  2. well hey i mean at least forces took one thing from mania

    1. Shiguy


      Techically it took Classic Sonic! & the Drop Dash too.


    2. Strickerx5


      and green hills


      and metal sonic

      ... wow, this really is Mania 2

    3. Penny


      mania 2: this time designed by people who forgot how to design a level properly

    4. Strickerx5


      for the forced, by the forced

  3. anyone hear about the NES Golf thing on every Nintendo Switch? go look it up if not. such a great tribute to iwata

  4. >game looks pretty shit

    >only thing remotely interesting is the story


    >preorders game anyway because i'm a hopeless idiot

    1. Strickerx5


      god damn it penny ur part of the problm reeeeeeeee

      or something like that

    2. Penny


      i just have a low standard for fun. i mean, i have a lot of fun playing 06 and Rise of Lyric for whatever reason, so a shallow mess like Forces i'll almost for sure end up enjoying (though I don't like Colors so who knows)



  5. wow the level design is garbage and its all 2D


    who'd have guessed


    (really awesome that it's free but still like come the fuck on sonic team what the fuck happened to the Generations level designers)

  6. so there are only 10 modern sonic stages? only one more the Generations?


    that's not even an hour of gameplay

    1. Joseph Henry
    2. Marcello


      "More than 10"

      So, like 11. Presumably x4 for the additional Classic, Avatar and Tag Team stags, which would be 44 + Shadow's 3 remixed stages vs Generations 18 + missions.

    3. Jack the Rookie

      Jack the Rookie

      It's over 9000... I mean over 10 stages.

      It's over 9000... I mean over 10 stages.

    4. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Yeah but the other two fill it out. Also, doesn't it say "over" 10 stages? Possibly more?

    5. Dan86


      Two things. Modern Sonic is not the only playable character and it depends on the length and challenge of those levels.

      I found Eggman Land brutal on Unleashed. XD

  7. i am stunned that they haven't released a Sonic 3 w/ Drop Dash hack over at Retro. i need one now dammit

  8. after playing mania, i need hacks of the original classics with the dropdash implemented. 


    like its so hard to go back please i need my new best frienddddd

  9. the story and also 


    how they connect it to Mania

    are really the only things i'm actually hyped about for Forces. all that stuff is interesting, especially considering literally everything else they've shown off (well, outside of Infinite's theme) has been the definition of mediocre

  10. lemme get it uhhhhhhhh


    B O N E L E S S

  11. I think that Amy thing is fake guys. Tracker said so on Twitter this is the real one
  12. i think more people need to talk about how good Bojack Horseman is. because its fucking phenomenal 

  13. you know, as someone who's been pretty down on and disappointed with Forces, i really liked that tag team level? like, it looked pretty dang good???

    i mean yeah its not a particularly well designed level and that double boost part is pretty shit, but compared to the other levels we've seen, it definitely looks like a big step up. though, granted, my main reason for liking it is the dialog and stuff.

    idk i really dig the characters talking over levels so far in this game. reminds me of dynasty warriors sort of?? also, unlike previous games, it's not just generic video game stuff, but it feeds into the story and things that are going on in the level and game. plus, it feels more... natural(?) than previous games. even during the double boost part, though sonic.... you really don't need to talk so much bud, jeez lol. i especially liked the beginning dialog where sonic goes from talking on the comms and then immediately says "right, partner?" off comm. not sure why i like that so much, but that's pretty dang neat.

    so yeah that level was pretty cool. i hope the rest of the game can surpass it (not holding my breath tho, you know, cuz sonic team).

    1. KHCast


      Kinda sad we're at this point where we don't hold out for good level design or hold st to any real standard and since mediocrity is the standard/expectation, we praise levels like this that do the bare minimum to deviate from the expected.

    2. Penny


      yeah its really disheartening after waiting so long for this game. i just felt the need to praise the first level so far that looks like it was actually designed by someone who's played a video game before

  14. Gumball's new voice actor has a great singing voice wtf [video]


  15. Fang the SNIPER

    Bean the DYNAMITE

    Bark the




    Polar Bear

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Bark the Bruiser? 🤔