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  1. *thinking about a SA1 remaster*

    ah yeah, this is happening

    *remembers that it would be made by current Sonic Team*

    oh no

    1. Strickerx5


      *remembers how amazing some of the levels could look now with a modern engine*

      ... ill take my chances...

      *remembers how amazing some of the levels could look now with a modern engine*

      ... ill take my chances...

    2. Tatters


      And then Sonic team gave the plans of SA1 remaster to Platinum instead and they included a Bayonetta Sonic level. 

  2. ow ow ow ow, how did i not see that coming

    1. VEDJ-F


      What is this even about?

    2. Penny


      have you ever seen any sonic sprite videos? it's one of silver's catchphrases

    3. Shiguy


      It's been ages since I've seen those types of videos. They were around the time that poking fun of Silver was "hip" by making him act like a kid with psychic powers.

      Also the Chaotix were really disliked (ironically) for some reason.

      Charmy was a Pyro

      Espio kept listening to Karma Chameleon and everybody fucking hated it.

      Vector was just spouting his trending meme line during that period.

      Also so many OC's, soooooooo many OC's...

      Good job, @Penny you've made me grow several gray hairs and i'm not that old.

  3. the fact that Battlefront 2 uses the Clone Wars cartoon voices for the clones and droids annoys me to no end. really ruins the immersion

    1. Marcello


      Matt Woods did the voices for the droids in the movies and show.

    2. Penny


      yeah, but if you compare the droids' voices in PM/AotC vs the cartoon, it's a lot different, and more fitting for the more serious setting of Battlefront 2. the voice in the cartoon is far too comedic and just doesn't work in the game

  4. 49 times


    we fought that beast

  5. as much as i love the revenge of the sith movie, i love the book even more

    1. Scott


      Revenge of the Sith is the best Prequel!

  6. i find it funny that Rise of Lyric is the pinnacle of the Sonic series when in comes to character interaction and character cutscene animation

    1. Strickerx5


      Most games in this series have at least one thing that they manage to do better than the others.

      That was RoL's one thing.

      Edit: Though, I would argue that the original Riders had some damn fine cutscene animation... for the time.

  7. omg dark souls remastered? fuck yes; thankfully its also coming out on xbone. wonder if its just gonna be a graphics update or if they're rebuilding it completely with new ai and shit

    1. Ini Miney Jovahexeon

      Ini Miney Jovahexeon

      Expect the former unless the title is misleading and its really a remake.

  8. i'll try to watch the entirety of the 2008 clone wars series only when someone can convince me that anakin having an apprentice isn't stupid as hell

    1. Nix


      Because Ahsoka's fun and their dynamic with each other made way for a really cool moment in Rebels when she inevitably meets him as Vader.

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      I haven't watched much but don't watch the movie. It's certainly a bad one in my opinion.

    3. Dejimon11


      Apparently Ahsoka is a really good character and Anakin is arguably the best part of the show cause he's not portrayed as he was in the prequels 

    4. Penny


      tbh i never had a problem with anakin in the prequels. well, i mean, he's a tad too whiny in AOTC, but overall i think he was fine. Him being almost completely different in the 2008 CW show just doesn't gel with me because it's inconsistent; it just doesn't feel like anakin. consistency is big for me when it comes to Star Wars, so things like that, and anakin having an apprentice for whatever reason, just don't make sense in the larger context of the SW series

  9. one of my favorite star wars scenes ever:



    remember watching it the night it aired as a kid and its stuck with me ever since

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      This will make a fine addition to my collection

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      I remember watching these before I went to school every day, I heard news that the new villain for Episode 3 was going to appear in the last episode of series 1. My jaw was on the floor with Grievous, I wouldn't shut up to my parents about how epic he was. Then we saw the movie and they said "You said he was amazing?". Still doesn't take away how awesome this scene is.

    3. Scott


      I really loved this art style and animation. Was bummed out when Clone Wars went CGI :/ 

  10. ngl i've never been a fan of the 2008 clone wars series. i've just always found the idea of anakin having a padawan incredibly stupid. not a huge fan of the animation or art style either.

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      yeah same here. Never was a fan of Clone Wars or Rebels. 

      Although, the episodes focusing on the clones alone are my favourite part of the Star Wars universe in general. Stuff like Clone Cadets or Rookies. 

    2. Penny


      i'm watching the 2003 clone wars show and it's pretty damn good. feels more in-line with the movies and has some really bad-ass animation and action scenes (General Grievous's introduction is cool as hell)

    3. Gresh11990


      I hated it when I first watched it but it grew on me over time like a fungus.

    4. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      @Gresh11990 better get that checked brother

      honestly out of everything star wars, the clone wars and clone army shenanigans always hooked me more than the Jedi/Sith Light/Dark bullshit. I don't know. The Republic Commando series is to blame I guess.

    5. DarkRula


      The Republic Commando books were some of the best for clone-focused stories, and quite possibly was the series that built up much of the period during the Clone Wars despite only focusing on a small part. Such a shame the series had to be scrapped once the TV series completely screwed over the entire history of the Mandalorians.
      Out of all The Clone Wars episodes, yeah... Clone focused ones are my favourites too. Any space battles being a close second. And despite being completely odd, Maul's return would be third, just because it felt very well built up to its eventual conclusion in Rebels.

  11. Star Wars

    I can understand the First Order being so similar to the Empire, because they're fanatics obsessed with everything Empire. Even going so far as to pretty much exactly replicate the blasters and TIE Fighters. They're essentially just trying to bring the Empire back, and I'd be fine with that as motivation. My problem lies with the "Resistance", at least in TFA. Why exactly were they a resistance to begin with? They were allied with the New Republic (which at that point was the big galactic power), so wouldn't the First Order be the real resistance and the actual "Resistance" be just an extension of the Republic fleet? And why not have the entire Republic fleet fight the First Order in that case? Unless what we see in TFA is the whole Republic fleet, then why does the First Order call them the "Resistance" instead of just the Republic? You could argue that the First Order, what with them being Empire fanatics, would view all the Republic as just another "Rebellion/Resistance" and that's why they call them that, but then in Hux's big speech he calls the Republic the Republic, so that wouldn't work either. Also, why don't we see more of the Republic in TFA? They're on screen for literally like 10 seconds before being blown up. Hell, outside of Hux's big speech, I don't think they're even mentioned, outside of the "Resistance" talking about how its capital was destroyed. You could replace all mentions of the "Resistance" with Republic, and the movie would work just fine and would make more sense. I mean, if the Republic was so important that the First Order needed to destroy it, you'd think we'd have seen it more or that it'd been mentioned more. On top of all that, why are the repercussions of the Republic being destroyed never brought up or shown? We don't even know that it's completely destroyed until the opening crawl of TLJ. That's not good. *sigh* Man, I really am not a huge fan of TFA honestly.
  12. Sonic Forces in a nutshell



    Image result for garbage can


    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      10/10 gold stars

    2. Strickerx5


      yes, Forces is metal as fuck.

      5/5 a masterpiece

    3. Penny


      wow stricker i can't believe you got it right. that's exactly what i meant

    4. Strickerx5


      i know meh boi

  13. it's not a new year without a brand new, hot off the presses knuckles meme lol

  14. the packers finally fired dom capers



  15. load times for KOTOR 2 are so much faster on pc holy shit. makes sense of course, but still, wow.