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  1. clara had a really nice exit in face the raven. so why oh why did they have to ruin it in hell bent? hell bent's not all bad (the return of gallifrey as well as 'the doctor's theme' is quite nice) but bringing clara back single-handedly kneecaps the whole thing

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      I didn't mind it but yeah, it does hurt Face the Raven. Also Ashildr not getting any punishment for her actions in Face the Raven really irked me.

  2. are you my mummy

    1. Failinhearts
    2. E-122-Psi


      NO! You are the very first member of my new Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad!

  3. so i'll ask again: where are people getting mania plus in the US??

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Beats me but it sure as hell ain't on Steam.

  4. what stores are people getting mania plus at in the US?

  5. man i forgot how shitty shrine of amana is in scholar of the first sin. playing vanilla ds2 recently really spoiled me

  6. happy birthday!


    1. Penny


      thank you!

  7. new panic! at the disco album just released!

  8. smash bros ultimate is already my favorite smash game. little mac is back, snake is back, Mushroom Kingdom 2 from Melee is back AND it plays a lot like smash 4? oh yeah, no question my favorite

  9. smash bros ultimate is the sonic generations of the smash bros series

    1. Diogenes


      highly overrated?

    2. Penny
    3. Ferno


      over in 4 hours and holds your hand?

    4. Strickerx5


      best smash game in years, probably

    5. Polkadi~♪


      i hate how correct this is

    6. SupahBerry


      I don't see Ultmate Fox teaming up with Melee Fox with his Shine Dashing.

      Why don't we call it the Sonic Mania of Smash?

    7. Kiah


      Something full of blown opportunities that’s going to be disappointing?

    8. Penny


      tfw stricker is the most positive one in the status


      i meant it in terms of being a celebration of the past while also being a pretty dang good game in its own right. man you guys are depressing.

    9. SupahBerry


      Sonic Mania doesn't do that???

    10. Kiah


      Sorry but Sonic Generations tends not to trigger a positive reflex for me. It might of been a good game but it was definitely a shallow one meant to celebrate a memorable milestone in Sonic’s history. 

      Sonic Mania on the other hand...

    11. Polkadi~♪


      ok, so my post sounds depressing, but it was more like "wow, you're absolutely right and I don't know what to say"

  10. man am i hyped for sekiro: shadows die twi--

    >it's not an rpg and has no souls mechanic or character customization and there's no bonfire-esque checkpoint system


    man am i not hyped for sekiro: shadows die twice

    1. Polkadi~♪


      man am i not hyped for sekiro: shadows die twice

    2. Penny


      nah, i'm still sorta excited, but a lot of my hype was replaced with disappointment. as great and well made as i'm sure the game will be (it's Miyazaki and From Soft, of course), i'm just not sure how much i'm gonna like the game without a lot of the souls stuff 😕

    3. Polkadi~♪


      The Souls series was supposed to end with Dark Souls 3 anyways, right?

      Sekiro is their step forward from the Souls series, so time will tell what it'll be like.

    4. Penny


      well yeah. i'm not saying they should continue the dark souls series, but i was hoping sekiro would be more like a bloodborne-esque type of souls game, where it's pretty similar gameplay wise, but with some unique twists here and there in a new setting. i mean, it kind of is anyway, but its more of a huge departure from the souls games than i could've expected. gonna take some getting used to; my souls itch needs more scratching ;-;

  11. Whoa, you visited my profile this year. Surprised you even remembered I existed past me kind of vanishing. 

    How have you been, man?

    1. Penny


      i've been doin pretty well. don't have much to complain about, except for maybe the Looming Debt i have. otherwise, i just work and play vidya. been obsessed with the souls games recently. so yeah, pretty good all things considered. how about you?

    2. Lisbon


      Ehhhh, I failed out of Uni in May 2016. I wanted to be an English teacher, but still have to take Math and Science courses and the like and I wasn't at all cut out for that. Ended up just not going back because I couldn't get past the Math course I had to take because my exam scores wouldn't let me move up to college-level courses right off of the bat, then I had to retake those two straight terms in a row, so "failing out" is kind of a strong way to put it since I just didn't try to go another year because I didn't think I was cut out for it. But hey, still 13k in the red to show for my troubles, I guess. Seems you know what a headache debt can be, though.

      After that I just started knocking about and staying with a guy I made friends with in college who had his own apartment, before my best friend I met online invited me to go live with him, and I took what money I had saved up and bought the plane ticket. Have been living in Germany with him since June 2016. Kind of a big reason why I vanished, had to work hard at college and then after I figured I wasn't from the cloth for it I ended up moving to a different country to stake out my claim in the world. Things are getting more stable now, though, I guess.

      And I tried getting into the Souls games, but my computer was just too janky to run any of them and my roommate doesn't have them on his PS4. They look really cool and have been wanting to try them out for a while, but just can't seem to have any luck in that regard ._.

    3. Penny


      i ended up just not going to my college anymore lol . my car and laptop broke, so that made doing any homework nigh impossible without staying at the school all day. on top of that, i really didn't want to do what i was going to school for anymore, so i just decided to stop. sucks that something sorta similar happened to you, but definitely good to hear that things are getting more stable for you


      on the other hand, really sucks that you can't play souls. my current laptop can't run souls either, but i'm lucky enough to have an xbone. my brother bought me dark souls 3 early last year and i got sucked in. beat 3, and then went back and beat the first two. all are fantastic, but 3 is definitely my favorite. hopefully you find a way to play them soon because dark souls remastered is the perfect starting point. of course, maybe you could try and find an xbox 360 for cheap or something? you couldn't play ds3, but you could at least try 1 and 2.

    4. Lisbon


      Eh, I'm sure I'll find a way eventually. Save up and buy a new computer probably, this one's getting kind of old anyway. Might be able to do it then.

      Though I do wish they'd port Bloodborne to PC someday, albeit that'll never happen. That just looks so cool to me with its sense of aesthetics that I can't help but take a big interest in it in of itself, but eh, I'd need a PS4 for that. Shit's always so expensive >_>

    5. Penny


      i had a ps4 for a few months, so i got to beat bloodborne. ngl i personally didn't like it, but i'm in the minority on that one of course. it's artstyle and atmosphere are definitely one of its highlights though, for sure. still worth playing at least once, if possible

  12. mike daniels of the packers playin smash!

  13. i'm not a fan of fortnite, but the fact that they're releasing it for free, today, is pretty cool

    1. Strickerx5


      well it's always been free on literally everything else

    2. Penny


      i know, but the fact they did it like immediately after announcing it


      idk i expected a wait for it


  15. no release date for dark souls remastered? come on nintendo


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