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  1. you know, as someone who's been pretty down on and disappointed with Forces, i really liked that tag team level? like, it looked pretty dang good???

    i mean yeah its not a particularly well designed level and that double boost part is pretty shit, but compared to the other levels we've seen, it definitely looks like a big step up. though, granted, my main reason for liking it is the dialog and stuff.

    idk i really dig the characters talking over levels so far in this game. reminds me of dynasty warriors sort of?? also, unlike previous games, it's not just generic video game stuff, but it feeds into the story and things that are going on in the level and game. plus, it feels more... natural(?) than previous games. even during the double boost part, though sonic.... you really don't need to talk so much bud, jeez lol. i especially liked the beginning dialog where sonic goes from talking on the comms and then immediately says "right, partner?" off comm. not sure why i like that so much, but that's pretty dang neat.

    so yeah that level was pretty cool. i hope the rest of the game can surpass it (not holding my breath tho, you know, cuz sonic team).

    1. KHCast


      Kinda sad we're at this point where we don't hold out for good level design or hold st to any real standard and since mediocrity is the standard/expectation, we praise levels like this that do the bare minimum to deviate from the expected.

    2. Penny


      yeah its really disheartening after waiting so long for this game. i just felt the need to praise the first level so far that looks like it was actually designed by someone who's played a video game before

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