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  1. Red Rings unlock extra stages and Numbered Rings and Moon Rings don't unlock anything but the trophies. Also after getting 100% trophies in the game with all S ranks, I can say that the 0.1% Eggman rating never goes away.
  2. So I heard that Super Sonic is possibly going to be DLC, even though he is already patched in. I 100%ed the game and got the platinum and all DLC trophies. I also S Ranked all of Shadow's missions. Where he heck is Super Sonic?! I was expecting to unlock him by 100%ing the game and that Shadow DLC, but I guess not. Edit: Just read back a page, it's indeed DLC then. I hope it's free. Also as a note: Screw Sonic vs. Infinite 2 speed run challenge! Who decided that you should be speed running something that is VERY scripted? They should have given around five more seconds. I spent a good three hours trying to beat that challenge. Also Final boss was annoying as well, I kept failing multiple times by literally milliseconds so many times.
  3. Oh no, there is definitely a lot of room for improvement. Unleashed still sits as my favorite Sonic game. I am not saying they don't need to change directors/workers, because they should. Ever since Generations, Sonic has been pretty meh. Even Generations to me, while fun, didn't fill my cup. I enjoyed it, but I still go back to Unleashed way more than Generations, as good of a game it is. Though as I said, even if this game sells well, it doesn't mean they will just sit and do the same exact thing. There will come a time where if they make a couple games that feel the exact same, they will continue to get a lot more complaints if it stays the exact same and not trying to improve, despite sales going up. I am not saying all complaints are not valid either, I can see where they are coming from. But maybe I just have lower standards than most. Side Note: I was told I was insane for thinking Sonic Mania isn't the best Sonic game since slice bread. I played and enjoyed it, but once again it only satisfied me for only a few hours. I guess I was never a huge fan of 2D Sonic, but it's not a game I will be going back to again and again for a few months. Doing daily challenges, going for S ranks on every level, and all those collectibles will keep me playing for a couple months in Forces.
  4. Honestly, I think the amount of backlash this game is getting is a tad ridiculous. Some people are acting like it's the end of the world. If you don't like and are disappointed, that is fine. If you love it, that is fine too. The thing is, it feels like this is a really bad case of fans vs fans right now. There are those who love and those who loathe this game and they are being so passionate, it almost feels like they are at each others throats about it. At least, lurking all 78 pages of this spoiler page has shown me that. From what I seen, I don't see why it's so wrong for casuals/fans to love this? That first streamer who says he hasn't played a Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 1, he seemed to be having a blast. Some others watching said it looked really cool. I know how defensive some Sonic fans gets, and how much they want it to improve. But saying "I hope it flops and does horrible in sales" is not going to make it better. If they lose tons of sales and have to let go of even more workers at Sega/Sonic Team. That won't be good. How will we get more games then if they eventually keep firing more and more and then go bankrupt and we get no more Sonic games? The thing to do here is give them good criticism and hope they listen. Not try and hope it fails, because that could bring down the whole ship.
  5. I think what I disliked most about colors is the slow platforming the wisps brought, like the blue wisp for turning things into blocks and in reverse. The platforming and speed itself was fine, just the wisps felt like they really got in the way. The way they are used here for weapons, I am completely fine with as they don't slow down the platforming itself. Also, like I said, it could also be I am very desperate for a new 3D Sonic game since Generations. I played and finished Lost World, and it didn't satisfy whatsoever. I only found it a very very average game. It didn't give me the rush of speed. Now I don't speak for all kids with ADD/Aspergers, but I know I am someone who always needs to keep moving and keep doing things at a quick rate or I get bored. Even if it's automated more now than ever, it still gives me that speed. Make fun of fidgets spinners if you want too, they have really helped me with my case of getting bored.
  6. In other news, I am desperate for a new 3D Sonic game, I liked what I see, and I just went and put down the money for my pre-order today. The stream sold me even more on the game, not put me off. It may be more automated than Unleashed or Generations, but it still looks the "Same" to me. And with it being a "Re-skinned colors", it doesn't bug me as I only ever finished the first three worlds of Colors before getting bored. I can't wait to play boost again! Just feeling the rush of boosting and going fast is enough for me to fall in love with it.
  7. So I played the demo and I can say I like it just as much as Generations and Unleashed. Maybe it's because I just have fun boosting and speeding, but I found it fun! Also, I think there is much more to this game than just "OMG only one minute to beat it!" There are red rings and other collectibles in these levels to find. So there is much more replay here than people think. Also on PS4, if you play on your English account, you get an English version! Not sure if that has been said.
  8. It's a couple years shy from ten years old, but I have been recently playing the God of War Series. Since the first games came out in 2005, I guess I will talk about that one. This game is certainly your general QTE button masher(With combos) game, but it is unique in it's own way. It progresses it's story very well and the soundtrack is quite good. The graphics were also good for it's time and you certainly can tell that Santa Monica Studios takes great care of God of war, especially from what you see of today's God of War games. I also can feel the emotion Kratos is feeling, and it's not often that I will get hit in the heart from a character's history. All in all, it was a fun game and I am willing to play it again for nostalgia sake later on in time. Definitely a game I would give a 7.5/10, It's good, but it's not perfect and has a few flaws, it is the first game after all.
  9. You can sign me up for both the Vita version and PS3 version of the tournament! I have been lurking around and I just got this game for $30 on the PSN, though I have had the vita version for a long time. Can't wait for it to start! PSN: DawningWolf55
  10. I remember when I used to use AIM and MSN. I was with a site who used instant messaging. Then we got bigger and eventually moved to skype and also started to do voice calls. I can't say I am going to miss MSN, but with how big skype is now. I think everyone should move to it anyway.
  11. Well Sword Art Online will move onto covering the third and fourth volume of the Fairy Dance Arc. It is placed in a whole different game world and everyone looks like fairies and elves. http://www.crunchyro...esigns-revealed Here is a link to all their designs. I will have to get used to the elf ears, but I think I am going to like this. Though I don't like how they are shoving whole three gaming worlds into a 25 episode series. The new world is called Alfheim Online.
  12. Cartoon Network does not own Toonami. William's Street does. They are two totally different companies now, they just air on the same channel. The reason why William's Street airs Toonami later in the night is because they don't want to lose their Comedy hour. The last week as a whole, Family Guy had almost all it's episodes in the top 15, being beat out once or twice by American Dad. It is true though that there are quite a few Toonami fans that thought it would come back with a whole lot of awesomeness. This was not the truth, what a lot of people don't understand is that the budget Tom Demarco is running on is a very low budget(From what he says, like when Toonami first started). Demarco also said that there are plans in the future for after 2012 that are in place to not have any re-runs. We all just have to be very patient and wait out for a super awesome Toonami. I really hope Casshern will get cut though, it's dragging Toonami down.
  13. I hope so, because I love Toonami and I want it to expand. DeMarco says he is working on Compilation videos right now and it sounding really optimistic after the second week ratings. If ratings keep climbing like this, maybe there will be a time where we can get a whole midnight week run in the next year or two.
  14. April 1st: Bleach: 1,010,000(12 AM) Dragonball Z: 999,000(12:30 AM) Gundam Wing: 806,000(1 AM) Tenchi Muyo!: 773,000(1:30 AM) Outlaw Star: 786,000(2:10 AM) The Big O: 769,000(2:42 AM) Yu Yu Hakusho: 706,000(3:12 AM) Blue Submarine No. 6: 595,000(3:41 AM) Trigun: 561,000(4:20 AM) Astro Boy: 502,000(4:53 AM) Gigantor: 414,000(5:23 AM) Week 1(Memorial Day Weekend): Bleach: 1,060,000 (12 AM) and 580,000 (3 AM) Deadman Wonderland: 860,000 (12:30 AM) and 557,000 (3:30 AM) Casshern Sins: 796,000 (1 AM) and 488,000 (4 AM) Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood: 699,000 (1:30 AM) and 473,000 (4:30 AM) Ghost in the Shell: 2nd Gig: 698,000 (2 AM) and 450,000 (5 AM)I Cowboy Bebop: 669,000 (2:30 AM) and 419,000 (5:30 AM) Week 2: Bleach: 1,274,000(12 AM) and 830,000(3 AM) Deadman Wonderland: 1,107,000(12:30 AM) and 756,000(3:30 AM) Casshern Sins: 938,000(1 AM) and 690,000(4 AM) FMA: Brotherhood: 861,000(1:30 AM) and 664,000(4:30 AM) GitS 2nd Gig: 836,000(2 AM) and 642,000(5 AM) Cowboy Bebop: 857,000(2:30 AM) and 579,000(5:30 AM) For those who are interested in the ratings. I am glad that the ratings went up a bit on the second week. There was no competition to it that night.
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