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  1. oh man. I unlocked Super Sonic with a room full of people in college. I pressed X. "OMG IS THIS ***** FLYING??!" Most hyped...5 seconds ever. God why does Sonic Team make so many dumb decisions like this?
  2. Regarding Crabmeats in particular, I beg the question, was getting hit by them really that bad? I thought it was an interesting surprise from a 22 year old enemy. You get hit once, learn, and go about taking them out. I got hit 1000 times in my first few runs of Sonic 1. I don't see the big deal about taking damage from one sneaky enemy. Another thing. The multi-lock on needs to go. I thought it would be awesome, but its too random and can really screw you over.
  3. I'm also a fan of the charged homing attack. Taking out the massive caterkilllers with one charged homing followed by a kick is fulfilling.I'd argue people only consider it "bad" b/c it was never explained. Maybe next game have it charge it by holding the A button for max jump height when close to an enemy. Instead of the kick I'd much rather have an "action button" with a special target/cursor similar to what SilentDoom suggested button. I'd also have more variable situations to use it as opposed to the "stun state." For example, take the Sonic CD badnik in Silent Doom's post. If you Spin Dash towards it, this special cursor will briefly pop up. Hit the action button and Sonic uses the enemies sloped shape as a ramp for his Spin Dash for airtime. How you approach an enemy whether slowly, full speed, jumping, rolling, opens up opportunity and encourages the player to try new things. And you can still just bop most enemies with a jump.
  4. I got Generations my senior year of college. I was initially afraid to play it in my dorm because Sonic was considered "kiddy." But most people were like "oh is that Sonic? Awesome!" I would play it and small crowds of people would gather and watch me play. Something I learned is that watching Modern Sonic speedruns made Sonic cool again for some 20+ year olds. My first playthrough in Modern Speed Highway with my friends freaking out with me was one of my favorite Sonic memories ever. Some guys in my would suite would challenge me to Classic time attacks(Modern was too complicated for them lol), and hold their own. Good times. I played the hell out of Generations. So much so, that I gave it to a friend, as I knew I couldn't play it any more. Its flawed, and as a whole I preferred Colors by a long shot. But it made more memories with my favorite franchise.
  5. I enjoyed them. They're cliches, and I don't particularly like their character designs, but I thought their dialogue was perfect for the tone of the game. I enjoyed them as much as Eggman's announcements in Colors. Zazz didn't have good dialogue but his voice entertained me. Zik getting hit so hard that he asked who Sonic's master got a good chuckle out of me. Not a fan of Zomom but his last words threw me off guard, made me laugh, and feel bad at the same time. Every Zor line (except his morbid final one) was some of the most enjoyable writing this series has had. Zeena was quite vain, but the characters played off it well. Zavok was a generic "This isn't even my final form" big bad, but Sonic kicking his ass multiple times and embarrassing him kind of made up for it. My biggest problem with them is that they're pushovers. They moved the plot in interesting directions, but when it came to battle they were a letdown. Yes, Sonic is overpowered, but they all got rocked even with Eggman's machines, after their big power up, and 3 on 1.They were NEVER a real threat to Sonic like advertised. Sonic could probably beat all 6 at once(why didn't they try btw?). Knuckles wasn't on Lost Hex because the story would have ended at Desert Ruins. In fact Knuckles really should have been there They were fun, but they shouldn't be major protagonists if they return. The showed up and left(died?) without much explanation, and backtracking to explain everything is weird and almost not worth the effort.
  6. SA1 style control and level design that incorporates momentum and rolling. Really no matter how many times we say it, it doesn't make it any less obvious the ideal direction for the franchise. Momentum Here is why I think momentum most important these days. Speed Variation. In 3D games, speed has been broken into sections. 1. Normal analog/Run Button 2. Automated 3. Spin Dash/Boost One issue I had with the boost games was that you were either jogging, or hitting Mach 3. No build up or variation. Momentum and varying terrain basically solves this without picking and choosing which style to go with. LW's 3 tiers was nice from a practical standpoint, but the run button being one speed killed its potential. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm-WU3uEZBg 9 mins 38 seconds. See this right here? The 2D gameplay is the same as 3D but just with a speedcap and camera change right? Put moments like that in 3D. Oh and take out the springs and dash pads. Completely unnecessary, as we've been saying for years now. Either refine 2D or remove it I might be alone in this but I'm tired of these weak, clunky 2D sections. Colors' platforming had similar problems (but way overblown by some Sonic fans ), but the main acts were massive with multiple paths and Wisps actually enhanced the gameplay. LW's stages only had one or two paths to go, and with the awkward jump and ledge grabbing the platforming feels like a chore. And why wasn't there more momentum based sections like in the above video? Seriously moments like that were defining moment of Sonic that even Classic in Generations captured. Quality Control Here's whats hurt the most about LW, and will make me hesitant to hype every Sonic game to come out after it. On paper this game was amazing, but the developers made some outright terrible design decisions. No matter what concept Sega comes up with, as long as the developers think snowball stages, DKC rail stages, vertical scrolling/80's Nintendo levels and carbon copied cloud/cannon sections are good ideas, the product as a whole will suffer. SEGA IT IS OK TO JUST RUN FROM POINT A TO POINT B. Your concepts of "variety" have been poor since 1998. Let it go guys. We just wanna go fast...with clever platforming. TL;DR: Keep the non-linear 3D worlds but keep them grounded like SA1. Keep the Parkour, and actually create ways to expand the level design with it. Don't compartmentalize it like you've done with speed, and platforming sections. Merge them together! That's what makes a great Sonic game. Its not that hard! I'm tired so I'll make edits tomorrow.
  7. Ugh...it really is Unleashed all over again. Guess we gotta wait on the next Colors...or hopefully something even greater.
  8. "Lost world fairs better in its 2D sections" No No No. This is what I don't wanna hear. 2D in this game looks so poor, and I'm tired of half-assed generic 2D platforming shoehorned in the 3D games. I love Colors, but the 2D sections have only gotten worse since then.
  9. My biggest fear is Sonic Team running back to Generations/Unleashed style gameplay. This WAS the right direction to go in. The Spin Dash provides great speed, but without a blatant tutorial on how to use it, it will go unacknowledged like in IGN. People don't spend time trying to learn a game, it needs to be handed to them. Sonic used to operate on one button, so I can't even fault them. I'm no apologist however. This game's level design had unforeseen questionable decisions, and blatant aping of Mario/Nintendo Platformers was always an issue. This mixed reception might be a good thing, as some of these flaws have been apparent way back in Colors and Generations level design. I hope Sonic Team continue what SLW started, but make it a less complicated and more refined experience. P.S How the hell did Sonic Team, make the Wisps worse after their initial game?! I loved them, and now they somehow manage to bog the games down. P.S S ArtFenix holy shit. I know the games never been your cup of tea, but gloating like this? Come on son. We're all on the same Sonic Team here
  10. Now that's a speedrun I've waited to see since I've learned how the Spin Dash works. I'm not missing the boost at all.
  11. Dear God Sega. Must you spoil EVERYTHING about your games. Have some confidence in your product.
  12. The new Mario trailer surpassed SLW in hype. But remember... there's 5+ SLW trailers, its weeks from launch, and we know a LOT about the game. All Mario had was E3 and this new one that caused a 180 on the general opinion of the game. I think Sega should take some marketing cues from nintendo honestly. They keep over-saturating us with videos. They spoiled ALL of Generations in trailers(even though the demo leak did already). On another note, it kinda makes me sad how this Mario game gets press on major news sites(Yahoo, NBC), while Sonic Lost World, despite being hyped got almost none. The Sonic brand name still has a ways to go to recover
  13. That's what I was talking about. So far they don't have nearly as many alternate routes as Colors' 2d stages.
  14. Absolutely. Aquarium Park and Sweet Mountain are the obvious choices. The levels just shown in Lost World barely have tiers. But they seem more based on using Wisps/parkour to get by quickly, rather than finding hidden areas. So we'll see.
  15. Eh, its the first boss. I'm not too upset about the easiness. Never forget, "oshi- the drill came off!" of Sonic 2 lol Still not really impressed with most of the 2D stages. A huge step back from Colors' massive levels. Oh well, still hyped in general. ^EDIT: Ninja'd. Of course lol
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