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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to -Mark- in Which do you prefer more: SA1/2 or Colors/Generations?   
    I 'prefer' the Adventure games as a whole, but I'll admit that at least Generations is definitely a superior game. I'm making a definite distinction between the one I like the most and the one I think is the best game, since favourite =/= best.
    Whilst in my opinion, Generations undoubtedly has the best gameplay (except for the fact it falls flat on its face in the final hour), it suffers from the same problems that Colours and Lost World do- namely boring, minimal (almost nonexistent) writing and characterisation and (ironically) a shameless disregard for the series' history and continuity of lore/ worldbuilding, save for one or two token references.
    For me personally, the Adventure games hit the nail on the head first time tone-wise. They took themselves seriously enough to tell an interesting story and give the characters some personality and depth beyond one-dimensional cliches spouting horrible one-liners without overdoing it like Shadow and arguably 06 did. Sure, Generations is a better game, but post-2010, that's almost the problem- the Sonic series has never felt more like 'just a game'; the characters, world and extended universe have all been thrown by the wayside. I feel like the series has lost its identity.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Frogging101 in [Add-On] Yoshi's Island Zone   
    Well, it's good that Lost World is getting some DLC love, but there's just something that really rubs me the wrong way about Mario characters and worlds being in a main series Sonic game. I'd prefer Sonic to stay separate from Mario as much as possible, and this combined with the obvious Mario influence in multiple areas of SLW including music, graphics and levels... ehhhhhh.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Diogenes in FULL interview with Ken Pontac   
    Nothing, because it never came up before. But it comes up now, and we see how Tails feels about it.  
    I mean, this is why I get so frustrated when people rag on SLoW's characterization. What I see them doing with Tails, is a lot like what I consider the best of the Adventures; when they put an obstacle in front of the character that can't be solved just by hitting it, and actually allow the character to feel something.
    SA2's story, it does some questionable things, it may not have the best tone for the series to emulate, but I certainly like parts of it, and one of my favorite parts is how Shadow is allowed to bother Sonic. Shadow isn't just a bad guy for Sonic to knock down and thus save the day. Shadow is an attack on Sonic's identity (as any good doppelganger should be). He looks like him, he frames him, he outspeeds him, and he mocks him. And alongside saving the day, Sonic's side of the story is all about building a response to that and reaffirming his identity. "What you see is what you get. Just a guy that loves adventure". That is something that I've always respected, no matter how much shit I give the game, because it made me give a shit about Sonic the person and not just Sonic the superhero or Sonic the gameplay avatar.
    And what they've done with Tails, here. He's come into his own, he's no longer just the kid who follows Sonic around, imitating whatever he does, he's someone who can be relied on for his own abilities. And now there's a problem, a problem that he (rightly) feels he can solve with those abilities. But Sonic trusts Eggman with it instead of him. And that hurts. So he starts taking it out on Eggman, since he's the one muscling in on the usual arrangement. Is this how Tails normally acts? No. Is it incompatible with his usual characterization? Also no, it's just a side of him we haven't seen. He's hurt and he's angry, and he's acting kind of petty and childish, but he is a child, and it's a very human way to act, regardless. That's interesting, that's compelling even, maybe moreso than Tails has ever been.
    I look at Tails in SLoW and I see a kid who's hurt and struggling to deal with it properly. Other people, they just seem to think he's being a big smug dick.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Humbler in Spoiler Topic [Warning - Untagged Discussion]   
    I managed to go Super Sonic in the final boss. It totally broke the on rails boss fight and let me do whatever I wanted. Also gave it a better (albeit harder to work with) camera angle.

    edit: I know what you're thinking. And the answer is no. This isn't supposed to happen.

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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Diogenes in Interview with Ken Pontac & Warren Graf.   
    Unleashed had no real connection to previous games, had barely any of the cast show up, Tails and Amy showed up but didn't do much, and the whole middle section of the game is just coasting along with nothing really happening. I don't really see much of a drop in quality aside from SLoW having a weaker climax, and it makes up for that in the characterization.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Diogenes in Interview with Ken Pontac & Warren Graf.   
    They did surprisingly well for not having an in-depth knowledge of the series.
    Honestly not being huge Sonic nerds might've been an advantage.
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    thatguyfrom03 got a reaction from RK64 in Where do we go from here? (Warning: Untagged SLW Spoiler Discussion)   
    I'm also a fan of the charged homing attack. Taking out the massive caterkilllers with one charged homing followed by a kick is fulfilling.I'd argue people only consider it "bad" b/c it was never explained. Maybe next game have it charge it by holding the A button for max jump height when close to an enemy. 
    Instead of the kick I'd much rather have an "action button" with a special target/cursor similar to what SilentDoom suggested button. I'd also have more variable situations to use it as opposed to the "stun state." For example, take the Sonic CD badnik in Silent Doom's post. If you Spin Dash towards it, this special cursor will briefly pop up. Hit the action button and Sonic uses the enemies sloped shape as a ramp for his Spin Dash for airtime. How you approach an enemy whether slowly, full speed, jumping, rolling, opens up opportunity and encourages the player to try new things.  And you can still just bop most enemies with a jump.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to SilentDoom in Where do we go from here? (Warning: Untagged SLW Spoiler Discussion)   
    There are lots of potential discussion elements here, but I think for this post I'd like to focus solely on the combat.  Whilst I do enjoy the fact that they tried to spice up the combat and give it a little more variety, the execution left quite a lot to be desired and ended up being convoluted for a good few people.  The main reason is simply due to the fact that there are times where Sonic is punished for attacking an enemy when it isn't clear.  Let's take these enemies as some quick examples:
    You know instinctively not to jump on these enemies due to the fact that they are surrounded by spikes and basic logic dictates that spikes hurt.  They always hurt in any video game unless you have suitable protection.  You either have to tackle them in a different fashion (rolling into the former enemy) or you have to wait until the spikes retract/go away (the latter enemy).  The context as to how you attack these enemies makes sense.
    In Lost World however this is not the case.  How are you supposed to know to kick a Crabmeat to topple it for example?  They aren't any larger or more domineering than, say, a Motobug (heck both originated from the same game and could be defeated simply by jumping on them before).  Yet you go for the Homing Attack on one and you get hurt and lose your rings.  That's pretty poor design because there's no logical context as to why this Crabmeat was able to hurt you.  And this is only one example.  The flying kick in this game, whilst adds variety to the combat, also serves to make it more convoluted needlessly.  
    Consequently I don't feel the flying kick attack or the charged homing attack should stay as there are better ways to make the combat more varied without making them finicky or nonsensical.  Here's what I feel should be done:
    1) Only punish players for attacking an enemy if it makes sense in context
    As aforementioned, a player shouldn't be punished for attacking an enemy in a certain way, but rather because the enemy has logical protection against your attack such as spikes, an electrical shield or when the enemy is actually attacking you themselves.  Even with this in mind angles need to be taken into account.  If the enemy has spikes on the top, rolling into them from the front or back should defeat them.  If they have throw an attack from the front, weave behind.  The Crawl's in Lost World actually were the best example of this.  They had shields that blocked you from attacking from the front or overhead.  Consequently you had to either get behind them to attack or kick an enemy into them.  
    2) Reward players for precision
    In Lost World Egg Pawns required two homing attacks, a powered up homing attack or a single kick to defeat.  Though what I want to focus on here is the fact that a normal homing attack would simply stun the Pawn.  I feel this idea should be carried onto most enemies in the game.  The homing attack is quick and efficient.  It moves quickly and doesn't require much in the way of skill or precision.  As a result I feel it should be the weakest form of attacking an enemy.  As a result enemies should only go down in one shot if you're using a more precise attack such as a jump, a melee attack, the bounce attack or something that requires charging such as the spindash or light speed attack.  Which actually leads me onto my next point...
    3) Make the core system more like Sonic Advance 1 but in 3D
    Advance 1's engine feels like a direct expansion and evolution of the classic games (the only game to actually do this).  It takes all the moves you had in Sonic 3&K and adds a couple more (most notably in the form of a melee attack).  This system should be transferred to the 3D games.  Sonic should focus around 3 buttons.  A jump, a crouch and one more action button for attacking and such.  Crouching would allow you to curl into a ball whilst moving, rev up the spindash whilst mashing the jump button and maybe a bounce attack whilst in midair.  The action button would be used for your melee attack on the ground, homing attack in the air and maybe even a light speed attack if held whilst crouching (just spitballing here).  Sounds convoluted at first but really it's a mix of Advance 1, Adventure 2 and Lost World and if everything is explained properly it wouldn't be a hard system to adjust to and I feel it would be a nicely balanced system as each attack would have its set of pros and cons but every attack could be used to eventually defeat an enemy unless given a logical context.
    These are the things I feel really should be done to not only make combat more dynamic but balanced and involving.  The homing attack isn't your god tool, the best tool in your arsenal.  It becomes more of a movement tool if anything.  However, it would also have the potential to open up even more possibilities if it were to put a foe into a stun state like the Egg Pawns in Lost World...
    4) The stun state
    This here is pure spitballing, but what if you were able to interact with enemies differently whilst they were stunned from your homing attack?  You go up to a badnik such as Motobug for example, stun it with your homing attack, approach it and press the action button whilst next to it and begin to ride on top of it for example, allowing you to drive it into other badniks.  Another example would be something like this badnik from CD

    You stun this one, use the action command right near it and grab it's laser weapon thing whilst on top of it to start shooting stuff for a brief period.  Maybe defeat some badniks or better yet open up a different area that was previously inaccessible to Sonic.  There's the potential for some really interesting interaction here that would not only add another layer of depth to the gameplay but it would make Sonic FEEL really cool.  You'd feel like you were playing as the Sonic from the CD amv or even one of the TV shows for example.  It would really empower the player whilst in control of Sonic and honestly (as much as I cringe saying this) would make you feel like a bit of a badass.
    Though as I said, the first three points I think are key to focus on.  They're the most important for establishing a core moveset for Sonic that he can use for basically every game with one or two adjustments here and there because that's something Sonic REALLY needs (especially after Lost World completely reinventing the formula).  Mario has had his core established for ages now and it's part of the reason why his games are so successful.  He runs, he jumps on enemies, he can crouch and has a few other different jumping methods and he has varying attacks between each main 3D game.
    But yeah, pretty long post considering it was only focused on one element.  I think I got a little carried away .-.  
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to stan423321 in Where do we go from here? (Warning: Untagged SLW Spoiler Discussion)   
    Contrary to many of you there, I'm gonna defend the charged homing attack. It actually makes a lot of sense in-universe, when Sonic looks at the target longer before the jump he can hit it more precisely. Again, some of the enemy ideas are alright, some are not.
    I'm not the fan of the parkour system as it was implemented in the game. Running on the walls sideways fits Sonic well, but sticking to them is plain absurdal. Instead, natural terrain formations (sand curves?) and momentum-based push-in (springs from the other side) should be used as they did before, only with less hand holding. Running up the walls is basically stealing a part of Knuckles' moveset and again could be implemented by more physics-based solutions. So reintroduce classic physics and replace run button with walk button. I'm OK with ledge grabbing as long as it slows you down.
    Speaking of springs, those level part transitions are jarring. Use rainbow ramps or something to make these a little more active and less cinematic. If this helps reducing length of transitions, reduce the size of parts.
    Wisps were cool-to-okay in Colors, but their SLW implementation feels tacked on. If one chooses to utilise them in level design I'm not gonna stop them. I would insist however on using them so they enforce choice between paths, in later levels mixed with a choice between Wisps. That said, it would be far easier to make an interesting game with shields and/or multiple characters. 
    Boss fight shouldn't take seconds, they should take at least two minutes for experienced players, assuming they're not glitching. Reducing chase bosses was a good idea though.
    If I remember correctly, this particular point was mentioned as a part of classic Sonic physics on Retro wiki.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Sami in Sonic Lost World Reviews   
    I did have some fun jumping from block to block as fast as possible in Colors, personally. I was able to speed through those levels pretty quickly, despite it not being as frantic as Unleashed and Gens.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Sami in Where do we go from here? (Warning: Untagged SLW Spoiler Discussion)   
    Make it more like Sonic Adventure, less like anything that isn't Sonic (coughcoughmario). That's my request.
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    thatguyfrom03 got a reaction from Blue Blood in Where do we go from here? (Warning: Untagged SLW Spoiler Discussion)   
    SA1 style control and level design that incorporates momentum and rolling. Really no matter how many times we say it, it doesn't make it any less obvious the ideal direction for the franchise. 
    Here is why I think momentum most important these days. Speed Variation. In 3D games, speed has been broken into sections.
    1. Normal analog/Run Button
    2. Automated
    3. Spin Dash/Boost
    One issue I had with the boost games was that you were either jogging, or hitting Mach 3. No build up or variation. Momentum and varying terrain basically solves this without picking and choosing which style to go with. LW's 3 tiers was nice from a practical standpoint, but the run button being one speed killed its potential.
    9 mins 38 seconds. See this right here? The 2D gameplay is the same as 3D but just with a speedcap and camera change right? Put moments like that in 3D. Oh and take out the springs and dash pads. Completely unnecessary, as we've been saying for years now.
    Either refine 2D or remove it 
    I might be alone in this but I'm tired of these weak, clunky 2D sections. Colors' platforming had similar problems (but way overblown by some Sonic fans ), but the main acts were massive with multiple paths and Wisps actually enhanced the gameplay. LW's stages only had one or two paths to go, and with the awkward jump and ledge grabbing the platforming feels like a chore. And why wasn't there more momentum based sections like in the above video? Seriously moments like that were defining moment of Sonic that even Classic in Generations captured. 
    Quality Control
    Here's whats hurt the most about LW, and will make me hesitant to hype every Sonic game to come out after it. On paper this game was amazing, but the developers made some outright terrible design decisions. No matter what concept Sega comes up with, as long as the developers think snowball stages, DKC rail stages, vertical scrolling/80's Nintendo levels and carbon copied cloud/cannon sections are good ideas, the product as a whole will suffer. SEGA IT IS OK TO JUST RUN FROM POINT A TO POINT B. Your concepts of "variety" have been poor since 1998. Let it go guys. We just wanna go fast...with clever platforming.
    Keep the non-linear 3D worlds but keep them grounded like SA1. Keep the Parkour, and actually create ways to expand the level design with it. Don't compartmentalize it like you've done with speed, and platforming sections. Merge them together! That's what makes a great Sonic game. Its not that hard! I'm tired so I'll make edits tomorrow.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Chaos Warp in Where do we go from here? (Warning: Untagged SLW Spoiler Discussion)   
    (Figured that I'd just make this an untagged spoiler topic since we'll probably need to discuss a lot of SLW spoilers)
    So, Sonic Lost World came out. It's very divisive, and has not met many's expectations. It's much like Sonic Unleashed in that way, except this time we're coming off of a very well received Sonic game as opposed to..........06. Even for fans of Lost World like me, it is quite a flawed game. So...............where do we go from here? I'll start with my thoughts.
    -If there's anything we're gonna keep from SLW, it should be the parkour. That was really the best part of the game. But I think it should be refined. Make it so Sonic controls ala SA1, and trigger parkour by pressing the trigger as always, but this time the trigger triggers an extremely short dash, the idea being that you use it next to whatever you wanna parkour up/around, thus triggering the parkour. Really, SEGA should have just went the SA1 route in terms of base controls. But make doing parkour faster then normal running so parkour can not only be a tool to create great level design and flow, but also to gain extra speed. Basically combine the parkour with what worked from previous Sonic games. 
    -Keep the spindash, but make it so it goes faster depending on how much you charge it up, and don't make Sonic randomly uncurl after a certain period of time. 
    -Keep the character interactions, but put them in a much better plot. The characterization and interactions of the main Sonic cast in SLW were, IMO the best the series has ever seen (minus them still not knowing how to handle Knux), but the actual plot was really disjointed, had no sense of flow, lacked context for some things and was just kinda shoddy. Kind of a shame that they had to get one thing so right and mess up another, we need both things to be good in the next game. 
    -Get rid of the tube formations, but keep the open-ended free movement of them. It felt really damn liberating to not be constricted to sets of paths and LW, and any ground-based level design in the future should try to keep those design philosophies in mind. 
    -Keep ledge grasping. Seriously, it's awesome. 
    -Add some sort of momentum physics. Now, this is probably the most unlikely thing to happen, but, hell, LW already has a roll and a spin-dash, and I feel it would perfectly compliment parkour. The more momentum speed you get, the higher you can go up with the parkour. Works great. 
    EDIT: Keep the artstyle if it's required for 60 FPS, but god damn it optimize the game engine about 100 times better and get rid of THAT DAMN POP IN. Seriously, it makes the game look really bad. 
    EDIT 2: Forgot 2 things
    -Level-specific gimmicks, not full on gimmick levels. Now, the boost games were lacking in level gimmicks, but I feel LW goes overboard with gimmick levels. Focus more on level gimmicks as opposed to full on levels for a gimmick. Also, no un-sonic-like gimmicks like leading a fruit around to cut it on a big fan blade to create the way forward. 
    -No more kill-x-enemies-to-continue stuff. I thought we were done with that with Rush. Granted it's not an intolerable thing, but it's still kinda flow-breaking.
    So that's where I think the future of Sonic should go after Lost World. Essentially taking the good things about LW, expanding upon them and combining them with the good stuff from other Sonic games. 
    What are your thoughts?
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Sami in Lost World: Discussion, Impressions and Fan Reviews   
    I thought the cutscenes were... okay. It tried to tell a story using the same structure and pacing that Colors did, which doesn't exactly work. With Colors, most cutscenes were just fun little interactions between the characters and were for the most part dialogue-driven, rather than plot-driven. This structure works for Colors because these interactions don't require much overarching narrative or flow, they just exist for the sake of existing. I quite enjoyed it for that reason - I liked the portrayal of the characters in Colors very much (especially Sonic, who was hilarious), so I had fun watching them just... "hang out", basically.
    With Lost World, the game actually attempts to tell a story. While this may seem like an improvement on paper, all it really does is prove that Colors had its script written with the structure of the game in mind, whereas Lost world doesn't.
    Think of it this way - In Sonic Adventure, after fighting Chaos 0, the game "really" begins with Sonic lazing around at the pool, enjoying his day. Tails' plane crashes in the distance, and that's what gives Sonic a reason to take a run through Emerald Coast. Once you save Tails, he delivers some exposition about the Chaos Emeralds and tells you to meet him in his lab, thus giving you your next objective in a context that fits the game's story.
    Lost World doesn't work that way. Rather, the cutscenes exist completely independently from the levels themselves, existing more as "rewards" for finishing the level than to explain why Sonic is going through this particular area, doing what it is he's doing. As a result, everything feels very disjointed. At the end of one cutscene, Sonic is in one location, while in the next, he's somewhere else entirely. Where was he? In the level, yes, but where was that level? What's its context? how does he know exactly where all of the animals are and how is that going to help him get any closer to the Deadly Six? 
    The game simply lacks narrative structure, and the story suffers greatly as a result. The gameplay and story are completely independent from each other, so rather than working together to tell an effective story, they instead just get in the way of each other. While this works for a more dialogue-based game like Colors, where the actual plot is very light, it doesn't work for a game that actually tries to do something more.
    For the sake of a metaphor, Colors is Sonic Rush and Lost World is Sonic 4. Though the physics engine in Rush works fantastically in the game it was designed for, taking it out and trying to apply it to a vastly different style only highlights its flaws and takes out its benefits. It does much more harm than good, and it's really just an awful way to design a game.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to JezMM in Sonic Lost World - Music Thread   
    I cannot get over 0:49 at all.  It's just so gorgeous.  I never thought I'd hear such a perfect swell of violins like that in a Sonic game soundtrack, it's like one of my favourite orchestral sounds.  Though 1:10 is certainly the prettiest part of the track overall.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to SilentDoom in Sonic Lost World - Music Thread   
    I was just thinking about the Tropical Coast 3/Lava Mountain 2 track and I think it might be one of my favourite tracks in the series.
    You put this track into context (at least for Lava Mountain 2 anyway), the cutscene after the level is the one where Sonic is all alone.  Tails has been captured, Eggman dropped off a bridge and he wasn't able to get in contact with Amy and Knuckles.  The track in my opinion really helps prelude to this.  The piano and violin combination are outright gorgeous, with the minor chords and arpeggios really helping to convey the emotion, whilst the percussion and synth help to drive the piece forward.  I just find it so incredible to listen to and honestly did quite a bit to make Lava Mountain 2 that little bit less frustrating (it's still a complete pain in the ass to beat though). 
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Sami in Speculation Thread: The Third Wii U Exclusive Sonic Title   
    What I really really want - A sequel to Sonic Adventure. Or a remake.
    I think that if Sonic Adventure were modernized and wasn't so dated, it'd be the best 3D game in the series by far, if not the best game in general. Make it so the other playable characters were more unified in their playstyles (make Amy's gameplay slower but still about platforming, maybe give her a running speed like Sonic's in LW, for instance), polish it up to modern standards, and you've got a winner for sure.
    This does not mean a sequel to "ow the edge" Sonic Adventure 2, by the way. We've gotten enough of those over the years.
    Oh, and no more Mario, please.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to JezMM in Lost World: Discussion, Impressions and Fan Reviews   
    To me 3DS LW really REALLY feels like a modified version of the Sonic Colours Wii engine.  Sonic's jumping is almost identical and it just... generally feels more like I'm playing as Modern Sonic with his boost taken away and replaced with parkour.
    Here's a perfect example of the kind of crazy stuff you can do with parkour on the 3DS version.  I tried to do this on Wii U and whenever I jumped off a wall, Sonic just lost everything (the best part is this sometimes happens even during wall jumping segments in 2D).
    Another time I did actually pull off something a little lower scale than this, and was greeted with an invisible wall at the top.
    Wii U just is full of areas where you can try to parkour but the game is like "no no, you're meant to have total freedom in these designated areas".
    As you can see there is nothing up there at all on the area I showed off on the 3DS, but it sure felt good that they at least acknowledged that you can get up there by putting somewhere to run around on.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Sami in Lost World: Discussion, Impressions and Fan Reviews   
    I'm fine with Rush physics depending on the context. If it's some "this is classic" bullshit, then no. But I still find Rush to be a very enjoyable game in its own right.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Lady Soniko in Lost World: Discussion, Impressions and Fan Reviews   
    It's not wrong to want anything.
    The annoying thing is, SEGA have tried so many genre and gameplay types that they've effectively created their own problem, where one fan likes the SA1 gameplay, another likes the Team aspect of Heroes, another likes the Rush Gameplay, another will like Unleashed's day time, others will like the slow, reserved nature of the Werehog platforming/battles.
    SEGA have been too diverse over the years and have created their own problem of "not being able to please everyone" because they've split their fanbase so often with every couple of titles when "trying something new".
    SEGA have done light hearted stories, melodramatic stories, grimdark stories, NO STORIES, and now "saturday morning approach" stories.
    The series has given us so much selection over the years, that SEGA simply cannot appeal to everyone any more, and that goes for every aspect in their games, they could absolutely nail gameplay and level design, but I can guarantee you no matter when people say "having amazing gameplay and level design is much better than having a story so I don't care" people will STILL complain at a lack of story, character development etc. and people will make that a point to slanderize the game again.
    SEGA have a habit of making games, good games but with HUGE "buts" 
    This game is great fun, and the level design is amazing..."but" the story is lacking, the characterization is horrendous.
    This game has amazing character interaction, voice acting and a brilliant story...."but" the gameplay is flat, boring and unimaginative.
    You see the pattern here? Recently, SEGA feels like they're making half a game, they nail some aspects, but the aspects they don't nail lets down the overall experience and because it's Sonic, this is a big, big problem with both the fanbase and the general gaming consensus.
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    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Blue Blood in Lost World: Discussion, Impressions and Fan Reviews   
    Righto, full impressions time. I'm so torn up about this game as a whole that I'm just going to have to divide it into sections to analyse every aspect individually. Spoilers tags where necessary regarding the plot.
    We all know that Lost World is a massive departure from the Unleashed and Generations, and even Colours when you regard the art style. It's actually a very pretty game. Terribly impressive? No, not really. It just offers some pleasing visuals. Everything is brimming with life - you'll have a hard time finding something that isn't fully animated to take advantage of the solid 60fps framerate. It's just genuinely a pleasure to look at this game most of the time because of the bright and vibrant colours. But with this art style comes something of a trade of.
    First up, you'll notice that at time the visuals can become very flat. This isn't because that the textures are often little more than flat colours (this looks really nice as a matter of fact) but rather down to the fact that the lighting is pretty balls. Look at this picture of Silent Forest. The idea is that you're deep in the middle of a dense rainforest, with some light trickling in through the breaks in the canopy. But this isn't reflected in the final product at all. The landscape appears to be hit by a much brighter light source from all directions, resulting in a real lack of depth and atmosphere. In other levels it's not so bad, simply due to the environments. But there'll normally be a very flat look, especially if you look towards the contrast between light and shadowed areas.
    Cutscenes, for whatever reason, are only played at 30fps. They stick out like a sore thumb when you've just been playing the game. There's also a distinct air of Mario about the visuals, but more on that later.
    This is kind of a tough one. I enjoyed the soundtrack. It was fun and everything suited it's purpose. But I am having some trouble recalling the tunes sometimes. And it's as though the composers had been told to forget Sonic's existing style and focus on imitating the style from another game series. Again, more on the Mario copying later. On the whole, I have to stress that the music is very enjoyable. I'm probably just not finding it too memorable because I've only been playing the game for five days. I absolutely love Windy Hill 1&2, Desert Ruins 1, Dessert Ruins 3 and Frozen Factory 1.
    There was one big negative I noticed in this game in regards to the sound, and it's not the music. It's the sound effects. They suck. For a game that's so intensely vibrant in it's music and visuals, the rest of the sound is really lacking. The majority of the sound effects are very generic. I'd not be surprised if they were lifted straight from stock samples. The only ones that aren't boring at the series' standards, like the spings and rings. Though Sonic Team are still using the versions from '06, and this game would MUCH better suit the Adventure or Generations Classic sounds.
    As I'm writing this, I've played through Desert Ruins 4 (Zomom second fight) and Frozen Factory 3 (Casino). In former, the tornado tearing through the level is pretty quiet and doesn't make any interesting sounds are it throws objects around. In the latter, there's hardly any of the typical casino sounds from Sonic games. In fact, the bumpers now use some menu sound effects from the Riders series. It's very jarring if you're at all familiar with the series. Tropical Coast is also laden with towering waterfalls, but neither they nor the barrage of badniks in the stage seem to make much noise. Silent Forest fortunately does have some ambient animal noises in the background, but on the whole sound effects in the game are a stinker.
    Voice Acting
    Just a little off-section from the sounds, because as Sonic fans we're obligated to argue about the voice overs. Let me just say that the voices in this game are fantastic. Smith delivers his best portrayal of Sonic to date, really bringing to life Sonic's emotions in a way that Griffith never could have hoped to. He does Sonic's snarky side so brilliantly. Tails and Eggman are as good as ever, while Amy doesn't sound near as annoying as she did in Free Riders or Generations. I uh... think Knuckles might have had a line somewhere in the game? (He sounds fine, but his appearance is pointless)
    The Deadly Six took me off guard. Only Zeena and Zomom sounded anything like what I was expecting; the others knocked me for deadly six. Basically, their voices suit their personalities to a tee. I dread to think how the 4Kids VAs would have handled Zor or Zavok, but as it stand in the game they're exactly the right kind of cliché. Just like Sonic, you will understand them very well from their acting. There's never a moment where you'll be thinking the tone doesn't fit the context.
    Yes, as a Sonic fan I also feel obligated to do a mini-section on this. Let me just say that they're really good for the most part. Unlike any of the past 3D games, you'll find that there's very little scripting. If you run or spin off of a ledge or ramp, you'll keep all of your momentum and this becomes a key element to performing well in some areas. It's really the first time that physics have ever played a role in a 3D Sonic game. The only downsides are the spindash behaving differently to in 2D games (it's clearly designed as an alternative to the boost here) so that it's not influenced by ramps and hills, and the other downside is that there's a lack of ramps or hills that aren't preceded by dash panels.
    Level Design
    Oh boy. This one is a tough call. Let's start with the pros, eh?
    All of the Zone 1's (sans Lava Mountain as it's just a boss fight) in the game are a treat. It doesn't matter which world they're in, they aren't ever cheap or unfair in their design. The cylindrical layouts offer great space for running around to your hearts content. Or, in the case of Tropical Coast and Desert Ruins, you're offered up a lot of places to go mad with free running and spindashing off of ramps. They're a real joy to blast through at high speed. Some people might argue that they play more like obstacle courses than Sonic games, which isn't something that I'd instantly disagree with. They're sometimes too flat, but all in all they are fun and succeed in what they try to do. They're the highlights of the game. Especially in areas where you can just run along and up walls without springs. That's really great.
    The other three Zones in any world are very varied in style, fun and quality. Two zones in each world will contain boss battles. So that's half of the levels in the game (not counting bonuses) having boss fights. That's way too much for my liking. Add on to that that there's a lot of gimmick acts, and you've found Lost World's first pitfall. The game has a very distinct lack of focus. You've got the well-made Zone 1, and then a myriad of modern Sonic Team style 2D levels (that is to say inoffensive, but rather shallow), a couple of dreadful grinding stages, some tubular caves and other very random gimmicks, like an incredibly slow Super Monkey Ball stage. More often that not they're not levels you'll want to go back to. So you've got a game of 28 mandatory levels, and within that I can think of 6 main stages and just a handful of others that are worth playing. Especially when you get to Frozen Factory and beyond, they just become so brutally unfair and dickish in their design you might just end up killing yourself intentionally so the handicap item box shows up. If you've not seen this, it's a P-Wing without the P (yes, really) that warps you to the next checkpoint. There's no detriment to this, except you might miss some Red Rings if there are any en route.
    Less than half of the game has any replay value based on fun alone. That's a major problem. The good parts are really good though.
    Just an off shoot of the level design, the enemies in this game are really good. They pose a threat for a change, and all behave differently. It's a bit of a let down that 9/10 are old designs, though this probably won't get in the way of their cute designs and the fact that you'll welcome the different ways you're challenged to tackle them. If you just go in ready to spam the HA like in previous games, you absolutely WILL take damage. Ball Hogs require timing to avoid their bombs, you have to wait until the last minute to attack Buzz Bombers in order to get the multiple target animal bonuses and Cluckers can't even be destroyed without something to flatten their turrets.
    The worst part about the badniks in this game is the new kick attack and charged homing attack. Basically, how on Earth are you supposed to which attack to use? Crabmeats took me by surprise. They're no larger than Motobugs, and they're a pretty standard enemy for the series. But if you try to home in on one, you'll get hurt. Why? I've no idea. But if you kick one they'll go down instantly. Snailbots either require multiple HAs, one charged HA or a kick. Whatever you do won't bring any negative repercussions though. It's a bit of a mess. The kick and charged HA really aren't necessary. To me, they come off solely as an effort to slow the game down. The standard homing attack is, however, bloody great to use. You can nuke all the nearby targets in a flash, provided you've made the effort to get past their defences. More of this, please!

    Fuck the hell off. The Wisps in Colours were a nice idea. Sure they were limited mainly to designated areas of the levels, but you still had a degree of freedom with them. This time around they're completely unnecessary gimmicks that control like absolute shite. They don't even have proper places within the level design. Using them does you no favours apart from in the mandatory areas. What moron decided to erase half of Silent Forest 2 and replace it with a bottomless pit and a Rhythm Wisp? All you do with it is tap the right hand side of your touch screen (you needn't bother with the notes) to reach the other side.
    Here's a little hint though - some Wisps can actually be controlled with traditional methods instead of the touch or gyro controls, even though the game doesn't tell you this. It makes them a bit more bearable.
    A terrible, terrible detriment to the game. I think they were only included because they garnered praise in Colours, though Sonic Team clearly decided to disregard all that was good about them.


    The cutscenes themselves are a hoot. I found myself laughing more than just once. But I just can't enjoy the story. It's not a mess like other games. There's no enough there for it to be a mess. It's almost non-existent, though this time with proper cutscenes.
    I feel this needs to be mentioned. Just like the game neglects to explain the story, it also neglects to explain any controls unless you open up the manual or seek out the somewhat random hints that you have to manually open. I don't really care if it's all there in the manual; any game these days should include explanations as you play. This is only made worse by the fact that the controls are complex. Trying to understand the wall-running without them being explained to you first will prove to be totally futile.
    Gyro and touch controls for the Wisps are, as I previously said, shockingly bad. A poor effort to force Wii U gimmicks into the game.
    Sonic's movement, once you get to grips with it, it very tight and works almost perfectly. The only real issues I'd have are with speed. I was in the crowd that wanted Sonic to slow down, but SLW takes things too far. Sonic rarely feels faster than Mario under normal conditions (go figure...), and it's hard to maintain speed if you aren't running in a straight line. He slows down too much when making turns, or when vaulting whilst free running.
    Okay, now this is a really big issue. Is this game supposed to be a whole new look for Sonic? Or is it instead supposed to be a Mario clone? Because come the fuck on, it's Mario from start to finish. Literally in fact. Not only do the levels look like they were ripped from NSMB, they also follow the exact same tropes and order, right down to the sky levels that's a rehash of previous environments and the final level being a lava-filled, vertical castle climb. Utterly shameless. Sonic has done desert, beach and lava tropes a million times over, but not once in that time would you get the series confused with Mario. It even pours over into the music. Tropical Coast, the most Mario-looking of all the stages, also features Mario's trademark steel drums. This wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't so alient for the Sonic series. I'm used to the beach stages sounding like Emerald Coast or Seaside Hill.
    If I wanted to play a Mario game, I would have bought a Mario game. Sonic's got his own thing going on, and I've loved that for all 20 years of my life. Mario is another kettle of fish, and so Sonic shouldn't be so blatant in efforts to ride off of his success. I completely refuse to believe Iizuka's comments that the Galaxy similarities are merely a coincidental by-product of creating levels without edges.

    That's the worst part of this game. It's not got much in common with the Sonic series as we know it. I can dig the new gameplay style (I'd rather SA style with parkour though), but nothing else feels like it belongs at all.
    Closing Thoughts
    I like Lost World. I really, really do. The series needed a breath of fresh air after it was left to go stagnant with the boost formula ofUnleashed, Colours and Generations. There's too many problems though by way of it not feeling like a Sonic game, or just from some really poor design choices resulting in a game that's not worth playing much of the time. On the whole, I'd probably say it's all around quite average. There's potential in the game for sure, but it's not lived up to.
    Currently my expectations for future instalments aren't too high either. With near certainty I can say that SEGA want to leave behind everything that happened for the series between 1998 and 2009, including the fans. I grew up with the Classics, but I also adored the Adventure series and Heroes. The series had continuity and an identity, and Sonic Team weren't afraid to do their own thing instead of just what the fans wanted. In this way, I can really empathise with members here who are disappointed or even upset by the fact that Lost World is a cartoony, childish affair. I don't quite agree with them cause I still think that Lost World gets the tone right. But I also felt that SA1 got the tone right. We've probably lost all that variety in the series now.
    And the score...

  22. Thumbs Up
    thatguyfrom03 reacted to Autosaver in Sonic Lost World VS Sonic Generations.   
    One thing to note about 'fastfastfast', the slowest speed Sonic has gone is still much faster than competition.
  23. Thumbs Up
    thatguyfrom03 reacted to jeremycarrier in Sonic Lost World Reviews   
    It just a bit frustrating how inconsistent this franchise is. It feels like its one step forward, one step back. with every entry.They'll make the controls less finicky, but with lots of slow ill-fitting 2D platforming and dumbed down 3D sections in Colors. We'll try to do the best of both worlds, but in a tiny slight package full of filler side activities, mediorcelevel design, and a shit last boss. We'll finally hire some good writers and voice actors, and we'll waste them on Baldy McNosehair and insubstantial childish storytelling. They'll fix the homing attack having a mind of its own, then introduce LOTS of different targets for your homing attack to get confused in Lost World. They'll tiered speeds, but with zero momentum in-between the speeds, just hard stops that breaks up the flow. 
    And just a hundred other different things they seem to be constantly improving and breaking and introducing
    Like FUCK can they just do one game where they get the vast majority of it right? One game we can all agree was awesome? Is this franchise cursed to be various levels of "mixed bags" forever?
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    thatguyfrom03 got a reaction from Shane in Sonic Lost World Reviews   
    My biggest fear is Sonic Team running back to Generations/Unleashed style gameplay. This WAS the right direction to go in. The Spin Dash provides great speed, but without a blatant tutorial on how to use it, it will go unacknowledged like in IGN. People don't spend time trying to learn a game, it needs to be handed to them. Sonic used to operate on one button, so I can't even fault them.
    I'm no apologist however. This game's level design had unforeseen questionable decisions,  and blatant aping of Mario/Nintendo Platformers was always an issue. 
    This mixed reception might be a good thing, as some of these flaws have been apparent way back in Colors and Generations level design.
    I hope Sonic Team continue what SLW started, but make it a less complicated and more refined experience.
    P.S  How the hell did Sonic Team, make the Wisps worse after their initial game?! I loved them, and now they somehow manage to bog the games down.
    P.S S ArtFenix holy shit. I know the games never been your cup of tea, but gloating like this? Come on son. We're all on the same Sonic Team here
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    thatguyfrom03 got a reaction from Goldenlink64 in Sonic Lost World Reviews   
    My biggest fear is Sonic Team running back to Generations/Unleashed style gameplay. This WAS the right direction to go in. The Spin Dash provides great speed, but without a blatant tutorial on how to use it, it will go unacknowledged like in IGN. People don't spend time trying to learn a game, it needs to be handed to them. Sonic used to operate on one button, so I can't even fault them.
    I'm no apologist however. This game's level design had unforeseen questionable decisions,  and blatant aping of Mario/Nintendo Platformers was always an issue. 
    This mixed reception might be a good thing, as some of these flaws have been apparent way back in Colors and Generations level design.
    I hope Sonic Team continue what SLW started, but make it a less complicated and more refined experience.
    P.S  How the hell did Sonic Team, make the Wisps worse after their initial game?! I loved them, and now they somehow manage to bog the games down.
    P.S S ArtFenix holy shit. I know the games never been your cup of tea, but gloating like this? Come on son. We're all on the same Sonic Team here
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