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  1. warp dash (Air boost, but kills all enemies on screen and deals double damage to bosses). The warp dash allows Hyper Sonic to fly as long as you hold down the air-boost button, but consumes twice as many rings per second.

    Also, both should have an over the top boost/spindash animations where sparks fly and the path catches fire.

  2. Well,alot of people have wanted another chao garden since SA2,and were not talking about SBDC,and hey sonic generations is through time isnt it?So chao should be in it,i mean it does fit with the hub world,so yeah i just posted this so you guys can share your thoughts and opinions,its about time someone made a topic about this


  3. Maybe Jet with other Babylon rouges or some other characters.

    and Marine, cause she's funny as hell xD.

    I would'nt get my hopes up for jet,they were just characters for a seperate series SEGA decided to make,they werent in an main sonic game like shadow and silver,but sure i guess it wouldnt hurt to hope

  4. Well, as you know jazwares is making "sonic through time"figures,hmm..that smells like sonic generations to me.so that means if the figures that jazwares are making are really going to be in the game that means that

    ■Classic Sonic and Classic Amy

    ■Shadow and Silver

    ■Classic Dr.Robotnik

    ■Dr.Eggman with egg-fighters

    ■Knuckles with EGG-Pawn

    ■Tails with Sonic Colors version of Caterkiller

    ■Iblis Biter


    ■Classic Tails with Grabber

    ■Modern Sonic with Spina

    ■and Gun Beatle

    ■Classic Super Sonic

    ■Rouge the Bat

    ■Wave the Swallow

    yeah,so hopefully ALL if not most of them are in the game

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