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  1. Keanu is the best thing to happen to E3.

  2. The new DLC was shown off during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra concert. Spoilers in the trailer. Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND. Coming this winter.
  3. I've been skipping tsr's story apparently because they have two versions of the select button and the "skip story" version of said button is mapped to A because ???

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Yeah, we all hate that decision. It makes no sense.

    2. Bobnik


      On PC for me it's A to play through story and X to skip story.


      What platform are you on if you don't mind me asking?

  4. Persona 5 Musou baybeeeeee





    1. MarioAmigosYT


      Coming to Switch too.

  5. Not gonna lie. Her metaverse outfit is garbage, lmao.
  6. The Great Ace Attorney is so good.

    1. JosepHenry


      The writing compared to DD and SoJ is night and day.

    2. Nix


      The characters are just animated better in general too; it all just comes to life in a way that 5/6 can't compare.

    3. JosepHenry


      Everything is better than those, even the goddamn graphics, it actually makes me mad that it we didn't get it.

  7. I mean, ultimately, we don't know and I'm definitely making a lot of large assumptions based on what we do know and the datamines. But her being a playable protagonist and being a new character aren't mutually exclusive ideas. It could be a FES situation with her being a new Wild Card protag in an extra campaign, but I guess we'll find out sometime in April.
  8. They have announced Persona 5: The Royal, and they seem to be teasing a playable female protagonist.
  9. Not really. They continue on with the arcs of some of the minor antagonists in the show, but not much else. She's just Dr. Light's daughter as far as we know. Most of the robot masters kind of give their backstory when we meet them. They grow and develop a bit as the show goes on. They gave Air Man some depth in one of the newest episodes though. He's mentioned recently that he wants to take over the city I think. Guess he's trying to divide the robots and humans so they don't join together against him or something. Don't think it's been mentioned yet. Her name's Chaotique and she's just a robot prankster who dislikes humans. Fire, Drill, Wave, Elec, Guts, Wood, Air, Ice, Junk and Cut are the returning ones so far. Hypno Woman, Blasto Woman, and Chemistry Man are the originals I think. --------------------------- It was kind of a strange episode all around to be honest. Aki goes straight paranoid "what the heck is he up to this time" mode despite personally knowing Chauncy before he became Cut Man and was there when Cut Man accepted Dr. Light's help. Like, Cut Man relapsing back into his perfectionist tendencies is fine, it took Ice Man some time to get over his own quirks after all, but the way tension was built in that episode before Cut Man did anything was really bizarre. I still like the show. It has some really great character moments, and the action is pretty decent overall. It's a shame it has trouble connecting Point A to Point B sometimes.
  10. man having Halo on PC again

    Spent waaaaaaay too much time on Halo 1 back in the day.


    The PC port of 1 was the best game Gearbox ever made.  Don't @ me.


    1. Polkadi~☆


      when i was in elementary, there were two games being shared around on USB:

      minecraft, and HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED BABYYY

      by the end of the semester, everyone had those two games on their school laptop

      fun times

    2. Penny


      and yet Gearbox still kinda screwed it up. some of the textures are worse than the Xbox version and Bungie had to release a patch to fix the pistol in multiplayer

  11. I beat DMC5.


  12. Legit disappointed that they're doing random encounters again rather than letting the wild Pokemon roam around like they did in Let's Go.

    Being able to actually see the wild Pokemon made Kanto feel more alive, and seeing the environments without their wildlife walking about makes the Galar region look kind of boring.

    That said, Let's Go did need some sort of special entrance animation for Pokemon in caves, because the way they spawn in looks awkward without the grass to cover them up.

    1. Adamabba


      They said they wanted to innovate in this game but so far it looks like more of the same

    2. TCB


      If there's anything from Let's Go I want to see be carried into these new games it's the encounter system. Seeing all these mons in the overworld really did make Kanto more alive than it ever has been.

  13. ok I'm not sure how they're putting Hellblade on the Switch, but whatever, it's a good ass game and I'll buy it again

    also, inject Astral Chain directly into my veins please please and thank you

    1. Nix


      also thank fucking god that Dragon Quest XI is getting the orchestral soundtrack on the Switch


      without having to mod it in

      definitive edition indeed

    2. Cobalt_Bolt


      I will wait for some gameplay footage of Hellblade on the Switch before deciding to plunk cash down for it. I do not want to be burned by a Porting Disaster on my Switch.

    3. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Yeah, I'm a bit concerned regarding that game... The Switch would struggle and probably would take a lot or a really good porting studio to getting running acceptably because it is probably pushing the systems limits. It is also the type of game too that focuses on graphics so I'll imagine that it would look awfully blurry in handheld mode like plenty of PS4/Xbox One/PC focused games to Switch like Doom, Wolfenstein and MotoGP 18 (the first two are considered miracle ports too). I think unless the port ends up really good, I think people are going to be disappointed.

      As for Astral Chain I find Platinum to be more hit or miss compared to a lot of people so I'll wait and see regarding this. Also since the Anarchy Reigns person is involved with this, I hope that the camera is much better in this and no motion blur because it was so bad in that game. Couldn't play that game at all after an hour...

  14. The amount of emblems you need to find depends on which difficulty you're playing. On Beginner you have to find 90, Standard 60, and on Proud you need to find 30.
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