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  1. well boy do I have some completely shocking news for you The Last Remnant is being remastered! The only platform announced so far is PS4 it seems. Between this and Tales of Vesperia Remastered, Playstation players from last gen must be pretty happy.
  2. I understand Rayman being in Brawlhalla and not Smash is disappointing for some,

    but I wanted Rabbid Peach as the Ubisoft rep for Smash, so I'm still in the game baybeeeee


    1. Forte-Metallix


      I'd be down with a Rabbid character with all five Kingdom Battle heroes as alts, a la Koopalings. (Though Rayman would be nice, too)

    2. Nix


      let's be real here though, Ubi owns Blue Mammoth, so this really doesn't change Rayman's chances at all

      That's like saying Ryu can't be in Smash cuz he's in a Capcom fighting game


  3. I mean, it's probably there specifically to fill up time, yes. Plenty of shows create a library of reusable animations for their models/puppets so they can focus on more important scenes and details elsewhere, and some like this show, some of Man of Action's other works, and several different anime reuse scenes wholesale for the same reasons. It can be annoying, but it's nothing new for animation. That being said, I think that preview clip looks pretty cool honestly. The writing isn't much to write home about, but the action there looks slick.
  4. (tweet)
    just give me kiryu 
  5. The DC Super Hero Girls short was fun for the most part; there's a lot on energy in it, but it felt like it was building up to a big punchline at the end... and then nothing happened. It just sort of fizzles out.
  6. I saw Teen Titans Go to the Movies yesterday, and it's pretty much what you should expect from it. It's like an episode from the show given some more budget, and that's all it really needed to be. That being said, much like the show, the movie is creative and a whole lot of fun, taking jabs at pretty much everything it can get its hands on. Like usual, nothing here is sacred, from the audience, to themselves, to DC as whole, to Superhero culture in general, to the film industry as whole; TTG takes every chance it gets to poke fun at it and does so pretty well a majority of the time. Some specifics bellow: That said, the movie still has its fair share of toilet humor for the kids, and the movie makes sure to drag those parts out juuuuuust long enough where it becomes almost hilariously awkward via Stockholm Syndrome. But there's more than enough in there for older audiences to enjoy too. It's just a fun movie overall; certainly stupid, but it's smart about its brand of stupid. I wouldn't put it past the TTG crew to do a long con and set up a brick joke far in advance to give some pay-off to it in a later episode of the show (they're... surprisingly consistent about some things when it comes to the lore of the TTG show itself), but it really doesn't feel like there's set-up here. I'd put money down on Teen Titans coming back for a short season to wrap everything up.
  7. I think the easier explanation would be that critics just enjoyed the film because they thought it was fun. From "it was different writers, so of course it's better!" to this; we're just digging for random nonsensical excuses to keep hating something that really doesn't deserve it. It's kind of sad.
  8. been a pretty cool week for animation

    Boruto was fucking amazing, the newest episode went above and beyond movie quality animation holy shit

    Another Clone Wars season god fucking damn

    Invader Zim baaaaaybeeeeee

    Rise of the TMNT is fucking rad too

    So happy right now

  9. It does look a lot better in motion, but the environments really lack detail and some of the animations and especially the camerawork are rather stiff. But when you're not equipped with the time and money like Star Wars: The Clone Wars is, then something usually has to give. It seems pretty inoffensive though. I think kids'll enjoy it if they ever get the chance to watch it.
  10. I like playing Paladins on the Switch, but it just crashed like 3 times trying to load the game.


    1. Nix


      Wolfenstein II's also not a very good game.

      and Nier: Automata's PC port is traaaaaash


      today's been a day

    2. Dejimon11


      Play Crash 

    3. Nix


      I've already played Crash, and Crash 1 is really bad too.

  11. I'm calling the police.

    1. AdventChild


      Hi Ruckus from Paladins.

    2. Strickerx5


      dear lord

  12. I drew a hollow knight again


  13. Nix

    Overwatch (Currently: Lunar Year Event!)

    is this spiderman
  14. So after 25ish hours, I beat Hollow Knight at 87% and what a damn good game.

  15. Nix

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    >Tyson Hesse is Android 16 The amount of effort they went through to make this look as poorly made as possible is incredible.

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