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  1. you know I love Cave Story and I'm glad it's on the Switch now

    but $30 is a bit steep for a free game

  2. ARMS is fun and all.

    But Skillshot is the absolute fucking worse.

  3. Yeah it's not like Eggman actually getting the W right from the get-go is a good enough narrative hook for a silly Sonic story. Let's bring back all of the old villains (Metal Sonic is the only one who has actual business being there) and a new "exciting" villain who's more than likely orchestrating everything because fuck it. Fuck this game.
  4. oh shit new 2D Metroid for 3DS


    PRIME 4

  6. woah, shit

    Undertale's coming out on PS4/Vita?

    That's crazy, i wonder how they're going to pull it off.

  7. I mean, if they're going to steal everything from Gens anyways, you'd think they'd at least steal its UI too instead of using whatever that abomination is.
  8. skyrim has amiibo support lol

  9. Td9mZBU.jpg


    1. Forte-Metallix


      It'd be even funnier if the first game was Smash 4.

  10. If OG Xbox backcompat doesn't launch with Ninja Gaiden I swear.

    1. Boomer


      Spider-Man 2 please.

  11. I'm not saying it should play like Burst Limit, heavens no. But this is the kind of look I was hoping they'd go for after Burst Limit was probably the best looking DBZ game for like... 9-ish years?
  12. Cool to see ArcSystem Works on this game. This game has the look of the Dragon Ball game I've wanted ever since Burst Limit came out; the screenshots look great, but I need to see it in motion. Excited to see more.
  13. Shantae's out on Switch boys, get to it.

  14. lol stars is 3DS exclusive

    called it

    1. Eevee of the Everstone

      Eevee of the Everstone

      Technically, Its not Stars.