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  1. ok I'm not sure how they're putting Hellblade on the Switch, but whatever, it's a good ass game and I'll buy it again

    also, inject Astral Chain directly into my veins please please and thank you

    1. Nix


      also thank fucking god that Dragon Quest XI is getting the orchestral soundtrack on the Switch


      without having to mod it in

      definitive edition indeed

    2. Cobalt_Bolt


      I will wait for some gameplay footage of Hellblade on the Switch before deciding to plunk cash down for it. I do not want to be burned by a Porting Disaster on my Switch.

    3. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Yeah, I'm a bit concerned regarding that game... The Switch would struggle and probably would take a lot or a really good porting studio to getting running acceptably because it is probably pushing the systems limits. It is also the type of game too that focuses on graphics so I'll imagine that it would look awfully blurry in handheld mode like plenty of PS4/Xbox One/PC focused games to Switch like Doom, Wolfenstein and MotoGP 18 (the first two are considered miracle ports too). I think unless the port ends up really good, I think people are going to be disappointed.

      As for Astral Chain I find Platinum to be more hit or miss compared to a lot of people so I'll wait and see regarding this. Also since the Anarchy Reigns person is involved with this, I hope that the camera is much better in this and no motion blur because it was so bad in that game. Couldn't play that game at all after an hour...

  2. The amount of emblems you need to find depends on which difficulty you're playing. On Beginner you have to find 90, Standard 60, and on Proud you need to find 30.
  3. I finished Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.

    It was awful and I loved it.

    1. TCB


      It it worth it

    2. Nix


      I'm not sure If I'd actually recommend it to anyone honestly lmao

      If you enjoy Suda51's other games, then it might be worth it.  It's really quirky and endearing in the ways his games normally are.

    3. TCB


      Ah. Well seeing how I never played his other games before, guess I'm give this one a pass?

  4. goddamn, Spider-Verse was crazy

  5. This Granblue fighting game though.

    I love how Cygames is using their unlimited money to get the A+ devs working on Granblue games.  They have Platinum working on a Granblue Action RPG too.

  6. gaddamn this new shonen jump

    one piece, mha and such are gonna be free weekly and be released on the same day as japan

    most of their back catalog for $2 a month 

    1. Adamabba


      Amazing news

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter


      Tho it does encourage me to wait and binge, rather than keep up with the series weekly tbh. That's alright by me since that's what I'm already doing, but still...

  7. so, uh, it's safe to say that persona 5 is probably coming to the switch at some point right

    1. Nix



      it's Atlus, it's never safe to say anything



  9. There's going to be a day when 2 TB cards are going to be readily available for consumer purchase. It would be asinine if Nintendo didn't prepare for it.
  10. that new FFXIV expansion though

    Yoshi-P is bringing the goods for 5.0


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