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  1. gaddamn this new shonen jump

    one piece, mha and such are gonna be free weekly and be released on the same day as japan

    most of their back catalog for $2 a month 

    1. Adamabba
    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter


      Tho it does encourage me to wait and binge, rather than keep up with the series weekly tbh. That's alright by me since that's what I'm already doing, but still...

  2. so, uh, it's safe to say that persona 5 is probably coming to the switch at some point right

    1. Nix



      it's Atlus, it's never safe to say anything


  3. There's going to be a day when 2 TB cards are going to be readily available for consumer purchase. It would be asinine if Nintendo didn't prepare for it.
  4. that new FFXIV expansion though

    Yoshi-P is bringing the goods for 5.0

  5. oh my god, Eevee is too fucking adorable

    Pokemon Lets Go might actually kill me

  6. It's not just Blue. Red and Green(!) are there too. That's actually kind of interesting.
  7. Destiny 2 on PC is pretty neat so far.  Haven't played it on consoles yet, so going from Destiny 1 on PS4 to this is a pretty significant leap the graphics/framerate department.

    Not sure how much time I'll be able to make for it, because Bedablo III, FFXIV, art and work are consuming almost all of my life right now, but it's cool.

  8. Diablo III on the Switch is magical.

    1. KHCast


      Better than the mobile game 

  9. SSB:U's World of Light cinematic is really cool and all, but I get hardcore FFXIV flashbacks from it and now I just want to play even more XIV than I already do.

    How SE turned FFXIV from the trash it originally was and into the best Final Fantasy is still one of my favorite game development stories.  Finishing off 1.0 with Bahamut just destroying everything and paving the way for a new FFXIV in A Realm Reborn was brilliant.

    Can't wait for the next expansion; shouldn't be too long now for an announcement.

  10. the plant got in before Waluigi


  11. shantae is in smash!


    as a .jpeg


    1. Thigolf


      I screamed when I saw that

      DLC pls

  12. what

    1. mayday2592


      Mr.Sakurai... I don't feel so good.

  13. got home and there's a new bubsy game

    it honestly doesn't look that bad lmao

    1. MightyRay


      Apparently it's aping Bit Trip Runner which I've heard is pretty decent and they're is apparently going to be four playable characters including Bubsy. So my guess is Bubsy disgruntled sidekick and his bratty niece and nephew might be playable, maybe? 


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