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  1. How Would You Like This Game to End? Spoilers

    "All's well that ends well, right? Sonic?" *fade to black* *credits roll*
  2. Knuckles and Silver are such delightful goobers.  It was a good idea to put them together.


  3. Don't necessarily want to single you out on this particular point because you're definitely more than welcome to hold off judgement until release, but I've seen reasoning like this being used a disturbingly large amount as an effort to defend this game and others from criticism on this forum, other enthusiast forums, and at the school I go to. The idea that we can't judge the content that the developers/publishers specifically put out for us to see is rather silly. I understand there's reason to err on the side of caution whenever it's just a teaser trailer and we have little info to go on (hell, I'm probably one of the few who is reserving judgement on the new Mega Man cartoon until we get something substantial to work with), but we're about three weeks away from the game's launch and Sega/Sonic Team have shown us numerous gameplay videos from a variety of this game's zones, have given us a fair slice of the game's story, and have given us music, separate from gameplay, for us to listen to. Not to mention all the smaller tidbits we've been getting from social media like Twitter. There's certainly a chance that this game will be just fine, sure, but we've been given a lot of information to work off of, and we also have Sonic Team's extensive history to use as a point of reference as well. The idea that we can't make a judgement on the game based on all of that is a bit dumb, and even if the rest of the game turns out to be absolutely phenomenal, it still won't change how poor their initial showing has been for many.
  4. They didn't. Sonic Colors employs a lot of the same shortcomings Forces has like its bland 3D design and almost Mario Maker-esque platform placement, but the level design itself is much more involving than what Forces has presented so far. Especially when you throw in the Wisps that unlock new portions of the level to play in, and new ways to go through it (which gives the player incentive to go back to old levels to find out how certain Wisps will play into them after you unlock them too). When you hit Sweet Mountain and get the Drill, the levels from then on and beforehand become significantly larger with entire playgrounds stuck underground(and underwater) and new shortcuts to go along with it. I'm not sure where this "Colors was never good" revisionist history came from, but it's silly.
  5. Ah, just what Sonic Forces needed, jarring "cinematic' mid-level cutscenes. Also that camera angle change towards the beginning is hysterical. I actually thought it switched into a 2D section for a second there.
  6. Finished Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward and goddamn that final boss was legit.  It was a bit easy since everyone in the party already knew what to do, but I can't  even begin to imagine what it was like when the expansion first released.  Lots of insane shit going on, amazing visuals, and superb music.  Just an all around great way to cap off its story.
    Just bought Stormblood too.  I might have to wait on getting Mario Odyssey for a bit because of it, but man FFXIV is just incredible these days.  Can't wait to actually get caught up with the game and experience it as it evolves with the content updates. 

  7. Just jumping in here for a bit- The idea that trophies/achievements are a cheap congratulations and are little more than a form subtle manipulation is an incredibly old argument and pretending people are only bringing up the idea to shit on Forces is kind of dumb. And honestly? Yeah they kind of are. Manipulation is sort of the name of the game when it comes to entertainment. Films and Television are essentially a string of visual and audio ques that are supposed to influence their viewers and invoke certain emotional responses. Games are similar but now they have to convince the player to actually do something instead of just watch/listen intently. Nintendo (somewhat recently?) talked about their design philosophies behind BotW and how they use certain shapes to guide the player's eye towards interesting landmarks. That's all manipulation, albeit a very subtle form of it. Achievements/Trophies are really no different in that regard, except they have a presence outside of the game itself and contribute to another meter that encompasses all games on that particular platform. The fact that people go out of their way to play easy plats to fill up that meter as far as they can says a bit to the addictive nature of collecting trophies. I personally don't think it ruins anything however. It's a shame when developers make incredibly boring lists like Sonic Team did in Forces, but it is what it is. I also think it's worth noting that a Platinum doesn't necessarily mean that you've "100%" the game or completed all of the game's challenges. Like, I sure as shit didn't finish all of Bloodborne's Chalice Dungeons, but lo and behold I have a shiny Platinum anyways (Sony was nice enough to throw a free theme my way for it though, which I think more developers should do).
  8. I'm actually more interested in V3 now since all ya'll apparently hate it (and honestly, by the way you all and the people on GAF talk about it, that kind of sounds like the intended response that they were trying to get out of you, which I think is pretty interesting).

    Can't wait to try it whenever I get the time and money.

    Can't be worse than UDG at least, lmao.

    1. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      lol As gross as UDG was

      this is worse

    2. TCB


      Oh but this makes me even more curious, and I never played a game in the series

    3. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      so the impact won't be huge for you

      is for the fans

    4. Polkadi


      I've been meaning to get into Danganronpa, and this talk has only interested me,

    5. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Hey, the fuck is wrong with UDG? I loved that one!

    6. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry


      i dunno, doing child abuse topics and the same time PUTTING A ABUSED LITTLE GIRL IN SUGGESTIVE POSES


    7. DemonLord DanJ86
    8. Nix


      @Waveshocker Sigma

      The only good part about UDG was seeing a bare chested Byakuya in chains every chapter.

    9. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      ...Is that all? Seriously, is that all?

      Because you're clearly some kind of a lightweight if that bothers you. I'm used to seeing WAY worse happen in many other anime related media, but eh.

      Different strokes for different folks. You do you, buddy.

    10. Nix


      It's a Danganronpa game that's a bit lighter on story and has more focus on gameplay.  Only problem is that Danganronpa games generally have terrible gameplay and UDG is no exception.  Also, UDG's story really isn't worth dragging yourself through the mess.  

      I can deal with the child abuse stuff, but that game is trash regardless of those elements.

    11. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I don't agree with you at all, but whatever. -shrug-

    12. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      @Waveshocker Sigma That's way I hate anime culture and stuff lol The most anime thing I love is Tales of Berseria, and I have a lot of problems with it.

      there is a lot that I like about it still

      but what I don't like outweighs it (not just because of child abuse)

      also the gameplay is BORING.


  9. New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest

    Visually, it looks rather drab in comparison to the most of Sonic's Casino levels. Level design is still rather awful and blocky, and Classic Sonic still obviously doesn't control correctly. The lack of enemies is also weird; makes the stage feel a lot more barren than it should be. Not even the music can save it for me. Sounds like it comes from the Sonic 4 games.
  10. mtnHTCG.png

  11. This deal keeps getting worse all the time.

  12. Had a go at FighterZ.  It was a pretty good time.  Wish they had a training mode available so I could fool around with the characters and get acquainted with the game before jumping in the deep end, but whatever.  Didn't win a single match, but I had a pretty decent run with Trunks a couple of times, so he'll probably be one of my go-to's.

    1. CD Sanic

      CD Sanic

      How easy is the game for non fighting game players like me to get into?

    2. Limit Breaker Diamond

      Limit Breaker Diamond

      You got in the beta?!

  13. Man, if only we had some sort of dimension hopping feline with a skill set similar to Sonic who could do the same thing. Shame such a character doesn't exist.
  14. I'm not even sure why they bothered wasting resources on Classic Sonic at this point. Worthless addition in both gameplay and story. Kudos to the editing team on this trailer though. It takes skill to make an entertaining trailer when you got Fist Bump backing up your footage.
  15. did they just put fucking DOOM on the Switch


    1. MickeyMFromDa303


      Wuuuuuut?  Great. NOW i want switch

    2. Strickerx5


      It is, apparently, a very optimizable game.

      Though, if this succeeds there really won't be that many excuses left for other 3rd parties to not port their games over for fear of it being "too violent", "too graphically intense", or "not made for handhelds".

    3. Giant Dad

      Giant Dad

      *one more step closer to inevitable dark souls port*

    4. MickeyMFromDa303


      Next thing you know there's the entire CoD collection.  All 86 of them

    5. Clewis


      I wonder how they're going to fit all 70 gigs of its megatextures onto the Switch. Maybe they'll cut out the multiplayer mode that nobody bothers with.

    6. Strickerx5


      @ClewisI thought they had already confirmed the multiplayer?

      Also, it's possible to cut down on texture quality to lower the file size. I mean, it's not like the Switch could utilize them at their full resolution anyway.

    7. Clewis


      @Strickerx5 They probably did, I haven't actually watched the Direct yet.

      Although it makes me wonder why they would bother to include it anyway. It was never super popular in the first place, and the scene they were trying to capture originally have probably moved onto Quake Champions by now.

      Snapmap mode might be neat if they bother to improve the horrendous loading times that turns most people away.

    8. Strickerx5


      Personally, I think they're doing it to test the waters. To see how a multiplayer shooter could do on the system (that's not Splatoon).