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  1. Key art for Anime Expo 2020 is uhhh....



    it's happening


    1. DiamondX


      TWEWY 2 oh yeah!

    2. Sean


      A New Day from the Switch version destroyed whatever hopes I otherwise had for a sequel. Bringing back Neku and the gang was a mistake.

  2. reminder that the scott pilgrim game has one of the best soundtracks ever

    the game not being available on current gen consoles is an actual crime

    1. Milo


      fwiw regarding the scott pilgrim videogame, it's going to be ten years since it (and the movie) were originally released

      important not so much because of the obvious milestone celebration, but hopefully whatever legal tape that was there before might finally go away (or at least be loosened up) to allow for a re-release (o'malley on his first, now-gone twitter account implied there was some legal complications in late 2016 about getting the game back)

      hopefully that ubisoft tweet is a tease for the above scenario

    2. blueblur98


      anamanaguchi is a national treasure

    3. Sean


      the best

  3. To be fair to this game, AlphaDream went bankrupt late last year. Paper Mario was probably way too far along to even consider drastically changing it. Anyways, I'm cautiously optimistic about this game. I'm not too adverse to the idea of Paper Mario spinning off from its RPG roots anymore, but Sticker Star and Color Splash did nothing for me. At the very least, this game looks somewhat more engaging than those two.
  4. That feel when the next gen is about to start and you realize the only mainline Sonic game the XBO/PS4 got was Sonic Forces.

    1. Thigolf


      And the lighting blew so hard at times that it didn't even look impressive or sometimes good

    2. TheOcelot


      Fuck Forces. This is the mainline Sonic game for PS4/Xb1:

      Sonic Mania Plus Switch Review- Attack of the Fanboy

    3. Bobnik


      Now watch how next gen there's gonna be 0 mainline Sonic games



      i know that's not the case but pls


    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      We'll soon get to witness the next main title looking even less Next Gen the the previous gen

    5. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      @TheOcelot That art is amazing. Is it official?

    6. TheOcelot
  5. rip catfish dark

    you were too pure for the world

  6. Might subscribe to PSNow honestly.

    The convenience of being able to play a bunch of PS4/PS3 exclusive games on my PC is just nice.  Spider-Man's a bunch of fun except for those circuit connecting mini games.

  7. Can't wait to play FF7 Remake one year from now.

    Fuck money hats.



  8. Lost World is good and Desert Ruins Zone 1 is top tier don't @ me

  9. fuck man, Shantae comes out on my birthday

    Xenoblade comes out the day after

    and now a NieR remaster gets announced

    it's like this year was tailor-made for me entertainment wise

  10. They're gonna replace the Spring Man assist with Springtron when he's battling. Bet on it.
  11. Superhot VR is probably one of the coolest games I ever played.  

  12. W101 won't take any of my credit cards and I just can't right now.

  13. Like, all of those features sound great. But that premium price lmfao. At least GTS is free.
  14. I really loved the first 2 Acts of Dragon Quest XI, but Act 3 is some hot ass garbage.


    1. Zaysho


      Are you referring to the postgame? I just started it tonight and I'm fairly mixed about it.

    2. Nix



      The whole part where you go back in time to save Veronica.

      I'd be cool with it, except it reverts all of your party members back to their Act 1 states.  All of that character development that happens in Act 2 is thrown in the trash. You have the option to redo some of their personal stories again, but this time there's no tension or stakes involved and they just rush through it all to get a happier ending.  None of it  feels earned anymore.

      It doesn't even feel like I'm traveling with the same characters anymore.  Serena is never given the chance to grow out of her sisters shadow, and that's incredibly rotten.  Learning more about Erdwin's Lantern and the adventure of the previous Luminary is cool, but those story tidbits aren't worth essentially killing off the entire cast for.


    3. Zaysho




      Yeah, the second it came up when you investigated the Watcher ruins I immediately winced. I actually got emotional during the goodbyes, but when the Timekeeper explained what it would entail, knowing I'd be giving up all the growth and development really rubbed me the wrong way (in particular Serena's, but everyone else's personal quests and development being null and void sucked). Getting the reduced skill trees and my party being thirty levels below where they were at the end of the game stung too.

      It's a shame because I like the little "epilogue" bits that come up where you see Cobblestone being rebuilt and how there are plans for Heliodor, as well as Erik promising to take Mia on an adventure and all that. Resetting everything, even if I like Veronica, really stung in that regard.



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