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  1. Spoiler alert: Sonic & All-Stars Spoilers Transformed!

    . O_O How did you know? XD
  2. Let you off then XD. Thanks man.

  3. Yeah, I did! I checked my emails, and one simply said "supersonicsjm has left a comment on your profile" and I didn't register your initials! As soon as I saw your picture, though, it all made sense! *salutes* Have fun around here!

  4. Great to see you too. You really thought I was a random person?

  5. Hey, welcome to SSMB! *grins* I wondered who this random chap was, adding me randomly! Great to see you here!

  6. Let's go out of the box for a minute.

    I really think this game looks truly incredible, as much as I love Sonic Colours, the 3D sections don't have the extras that does, and certainly doesn't have the terrible werehog levels that Unleashed had. It appears to be an out and out Sonic game, pure and simple, and hence should turn out well if Sega keep it that way critically and in the eyes of Joe Public. We all know Sonic can do 2D and those 2D sections certainly have a classic Sonic feel to them. They look amazing and it seems like they have upped their game in this department when compared with Sonic 4 (visually speaking). All in all Sonic Generations looks pretty darn good at this point. The question is, can Sega keep it at that level, which shouldn't be hard to do.