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  1. Happy birthday! Please come back.

  2. Help Stop Uganda's Anti-gay Bill

    Even though I completely disagree with any kind of violation against human rights anywhere, how can an internet petition actually stop a third-world African country with little sympathy for other countries? I wish that somehow, someone in Uganda could actually fight for human rights and succeed.
  3. It's all about the moolah in this world -__-

    1. Mr. Awesomest

      Mr. Awesomest

      Everybody's complainin' about the world, but no one seems to want to try to change it. No one's ever wrong when somethin's just ain't right and that's just the way it is.

  4. Sonic Misconceptions

    Well, my first Sonic game ever was Sonic Triple Trouble, and I must have been about three at that time... xD I use to actually think Knuckles was a girl because he looked 'pink' and had long hair. LOL! My brother obviously corrected this horrible error, but I actually remained a bit skeptic until I turned about five.
  5. Good 2000s cartoons and bad 1990s cartoons

    Though I was born in '95, I guess it practically means I grew up into the 2000's. I agree with a lot of the good 90's cartoons (except Skun Fu, sorry, I couldn't even watch a minute of that show), but I really love Spongebob, as well as some other good Nick shows. Back when I was kid I really used to enjoy shows like Chalk Zone and The Proud Family, too (God, I miss this show so much). But if there was any 90's show that wasn't really memorable at all, it had to be Captain Planet. Sheesh, I only saw this show when there was nothing else on. Besides, what kind of an American name is Wheeler anyway?
  6. How would you remake an old Sonic game?

    It's not a bad idea, but I guess fans will just get angry over it or something after the game gets released for x or y reason.
  7. So, what's canon to you?

    I would have thought that for the most part, canon Sonic games are the ones that belong to the 'main series' (basically the Wikipedia selection about this, which include the main Sonic games). Other Sonic games are just side-stories, and affect little of the normal game series; even though I still think they're cannon, just in a different way.
  8. Sonic Misconceptions

    Before when I used to be in fourth and fifth grade, kids used to think that Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was the Gamecube sequel to Sonic Battle for the GBA. Weird, considering the history behind both games and how the years differ greatly, too. But I guess it's cause of them name.
  9. Everytime I try to play Kingdom Hearts, something stupid happens that I can't play it -__-

    1. ChikaBoing


      like bad camera?

      no sense of direction?

    2. Ulver


      Just more like bad luck XD

  10. Last World War One Combat Veteran has Died.

    Wow, this amazing! I've always thought that people who have grown to live so long, have seen so many changes in our world's appearance and social structure. I hope that by the time he died he could still remember things, and actually reflect about everything he lived through in all his life. It's pretty amazing that one person managed to live one of the world's greatest calamities, and actually managed to survive many decades to tell it later.
  11. Music recommendations please

    Hmm, maybe you'll like these songs; Falling Away From Me - Korn The Nobodies - Marilyn Manson Weidmanns Heil - Rammstein (I couldn't say this one for absolute sure, but you might like it. Even though it's German, this band is pretty well accepted by english or different language speakers)
  12. Favorite Sonic Cartoon?

    I'd have to say Sonic X because it's pretty much the only Sonic cartoon I actually grew up with (I guess I must have been about eight or nine when it aired), and to be honest, I haven't really watched any other. A few months ago, I did manage to watch Sonic Underground, though. I watched a few episodes here and there, but I really didn't like it. The ending theme, though, was pure epicness.
  13. What's with all the Seven things.

    Didn't Sonic the Hedeghog 2 have more than seven zones, though? But that's an old game xD I don't know, if Sonic 2 had more than seven zones and still the same number of emeralds, why can't they make it more like that in future games? I haven't played newer ones, though.
  14. What's with all the Seven things.

    This isn't the first game in history, or series to feature number 7. Number 7 seems to be everywhere, just like the seven dragonballs from Dragon Ball Z and the seven Cristal Stars from Paper Mario (Just to set a few examples). I don't really see it changing anytime soon, considering it's a norm for a lot of games and things. You know, it's sorta like not too much nor too little.
  15. Dr. Eggman or Dr. Robotnik?

    I kind of like Doctor Robotnik better, it sorta makes the character sound more 'serious', and actually evil. I guess since Eggman is the Japanese name then they just suddenly stuck to it, but it's sorta like calling Bowser, Koopa out of nowhere.