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  1. Instead talking shit you could argument what you dislike on my post. That's totally ridi..
  2. For that there are less Rings in Generations... If you compare this with Unleashed, there are alot less Rings.
  3. The loading times at Unleashed were not that long. Considering you have an Xbox 360 and installed it. The difference is immense!
  4. Your signature picture isn't showing up.^^

    Try to fix it! ;)

  5. A hub-world wouldn't be that anoying If you don't have to talk to each for getting hidden Stages. But having a hub-world at all is a good thing. At Unleashed it gave me atmosphere of each area. At last you don't have too much npc's at Generations I gues; If there is one anyways.^^
  6. It is still the double (touch) screened thing. That 3D is just a joke. And the Power just reaching the niveau of a PSP. They could work on a much more powerfull handheld. @Tatsumaki Thank you! ^^
  7. In my opinion I care less about a 3DS sonic game. Because I don't have a 3DS and do not want a 3DS. It's just another Gimmick/Toy from Nintendo. It's already the 5th version of a DS. Don't take me wrong. I care about them they do have one and hope the best to get a good Sonic game on it.
  8. The topic is: "How WOULD you remake an old Sonic game?" Why just don't stay on topic and just tell how you would remake it. It doesn't mean they are doing a remake of an Sonic game at all. At the moment I would give the old Sonic game the graphics of generations and adjust the controls.
  9. This is one of the early screenshots. I highly doube that they leave it like that. Especialy because they have seen the screenshot. I gues they are in the debug phase already. I am sure they will fix this. Edit: You can't spell "ignorant" without IGN!! Sorry that was necessary... lol
  10. Wow there is someone in a bad mood. Your first point is right. I can agree with this. The second. It's "kind of" confirmed. So it's not 100%. ^^ And Dr. Who is actually very popular. Younger ppl may not know him. But alot do...
  11. That was kind of what I actually wanted to write bevore I was get sidetracked by something. D: YOU!!
  12. lol I kind of lost the thread. Let us just end this conflict and just say - This are sonics. Age is not necessary. Just let us have some fun with this game. ^^
  13. I mean valuable thinks could be bought with red rings. Other ofcourse with the normal one. Buying Videos and stuff with normal rings is actually too easy. That's why I would say that you have to buy them with the red rings.
  14. I didn't ever say, that this is stupid, unfitting and boring. I basicly just said, that it in my opinion doesn't fit and looks kind of stupid at sonic. Never said anything about, that you guys are stupid!
  15. If you say so?^^ I don't realy care about gimmickry. I think it's a matter of taste. But this is getting too offtopic.. I just don't like costumes on Sonic that it. If it fits him.. ok. But else.. no!
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