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  1. I could barely handle all the references they stuffed into this past episode, the MGS one made me double take. Maud wins best sick burn of the series! While I enjoyed seeing the smooze, I was not a fan of Tree Hugger. Too much of a hippie stereotype for my liking, that and potheads are annoying in general.

    I wonder how many headcanons and fan theories this 100th episode will destroy. The damage control will be hilarious.

  2. Hero's Shade explicitly points out that he was the hero in the legends. Also, Isn't it mentioned that TP Link is a direct descendant of the hero of time? There's no way Link could be dead in MM unless Nintendo is completely ok with making the implication that Link procreated at the age of 10 Or whatever age he is in that game.

  3. In the context of combat:

    A combination of tactic, speed, and player skill. If a game makes me think quickly before I go all out on a boss using every skill at my disposal at a quick pace then that is what I define as difficulty, it's a challenge yet still fun and rewarding once you complete it. Stupid difficulty is having a really easy normal mode and then unlocking a hard mode that simply gives enemies a massive power boost and much more armor, and making no other changes. I can see how it might work in some cases, but really, a skilled player will not fall for the same tactics twice. Sadly, this is what most developers seem to be going for nowadays... even Nintendo, though they are a bit more subtle I guess. Even worse is no hit runs... yeah fuck that shit.

    In the context of game design: Make me think about where I have to go or what to do next, throw in subtle hints at best. Give me obstacles that have planning and thought as well as player skill to them, don't just put random shit in place or give me constant trial and error stages *coughunleashedcough*

    Lastly, set a consistent fucking difficulty curve. A lot of games have difficultt curves that either skew harshly ones way or the other, shard spike or drops and some are all over the place. It's always anticlimactic when a great game has an epic, yet piss easy final boss *coughgalaxiescough*

    So yeah, make me think, keep me on my toes, make me have tact in combat and keep getting consistently harder.

  4. dungeons-and-dragons-banner.jpg


    Tabletop RPGs. The subject of many great stories, fun times, and much undeserved controversy by a handful of religious zealots and soccer moms.

    Started in 1974 by Gary Gygax, DnD has gone on to become the most well known tabletop RPG game of all time. It's had many editions over the years, the most popular possibly being 3rd edition, and after reading up on the rules for previous and following editions I can see why, it just seems so much more fluid. In these games, the scenarios play out in your mind as you control your character in any way you see fit as the GM (game master, also called DM) controls the environment, enemies, NPCs, encounters, and the world in general. It's up to you to control your character in battle, dungeons, and roleplaying in social situations while cooperating with other players and avoiding metagaming by separating player knowledge (what you know about the game) from character knowledge (what your character knows).

    Use this thread to discuss anything related to the genre, stories from your own campaigns, characters you've played/are playing, character builds, GMing advice, asking questions if you know nothing about this, or even starting an Online campaign with other members here. I personally got into this genre late last year. I had always ignored it because of the association it carried and realized what a fool I was for missing out on it for so long, and thankfully that association with satanic Cults has disappeared as of the early 2000's. It has sort of semi-overtaken video gaming for me because of how inexpensive it is to play. All you need to buy are dice and bring some imagination. I've played 4 campaigns so far, the first one I played was a 3rd edition one-shot 24 hour campaign where I played a human barbarian named Conan (originality amirite?) along with 2 fighters, a bard, and a sorcerer. We didn't get to finish it since one of our players was a batshit insane fighter that killed random/important NPCs for no reason and kept coming back as the same character every time he was killed, which happened a lot because the DM was pissed but didn't want to kick him out, eventually though the DM made him play a level 1 kobold servant, to our amusement.

    The third campaign I played was another one shot 12 hour campaign for a game called Call of Cthulu, which is an RPG like DnD except you are a regular person in the real world in a story like that of an H.P. Lovecraft novel dealing with mystery, death, cults, and elder gods, the game is even named after one of the novels. I suggest trying this game out if possible.

    The last campaign I played was yet another one shot 12 hour DnD Star Wars themed campaign, and it was pretty great, as it used star wars races and character classes. I played a Jedi guardian along with a Jedi consular, a wookie, a Han Solo-esque gunner, and a... gungan. This story was actually quite disorganized but entertaining nonetheless, especially since our consular decided to betray us at the end and join a sith lord.

    My second campaign is actually a long term one that I'm still in which is an MLP module titled Ponyfinder (Pathfinder but with ponies, almost the same rules as DnD 3e), our two players that don't care for MLP say that it doesn't feel too much different at all and they can still find much enjoyment out of it. Classes are the same but the races are MLP themed. I play an earth pony Paladin along with an earth pony ranger, earth pony druid, unicor bard, griffin fighter, and persian (cat creature) wizard, so yeah big party. This is my favorite campaign so far not just because of the theme, but because of player synergy and cooperation, and the fact that the GM is competent enough to keep up with his story and doesn't get mad when we do something that may mess up the plot.

    As of right now, I am working on a Zelda-themed hyrulean campaign to GM that I think is gonna be pretty cool once I finish it. Aurprisingly easy to convert creatures into zelda themed enemies.

  5. Hmm, so. New villain basically

    -wanted all ponies to be equal(might as well make them all earth ponies while you're at it)

    -forcefully removes their special talent

    -took over a town

    -is the only known unicorn to have the power to remove cutie marks

    -lied about being equal

    -her insincerity was revealed by washing paint off of her

    -she gets away

    Starlight Glimmer is pretty much Amon.

    That said, this season premier was better than the last two season premiers. High hopes for season 5.










    Edit: I don't know if this is real or not tbh. People are reporting it as real so IDK. This day is really confusing.

    Christ, all these people shouting PEDOPHILIA AND PANDERING TO CLOPPERS!!! It's like people have never seen a fucking magical girl anime or at least know about their transformations. If anything it's even less innappropriate than in the actual where the girls are full on naked... but I digress.

  7. People still hate on furries? I thought that's what was cool in 2007 and nowadays their haters either got used to them and moved on to hating bronies or became furries themselves.

    I really don't know much about furries, but I will say that they produce some of the most amazing art I've ever seen, SFW or otherwise. Some of their suits look really expensive too, one guy I met who admitted to being a furry told me his suit cost around $3000... How invested do you have to be to spend that much? I have always wanted to check out a convention though, seems like people in suits just hanging out to have some fun in costume, nobody has to see your face either So you're probably much more liberated. Honestly though, nobody HAS to know you're a furry and if they know it's none of their damn business.

  8. A huge chunk of this topic is gone so let's try to get it back up and running.

    DLC is out tomorrow, can't wait to play as beast ganon. I'm struggling to find a few materials for certain enemies. Does anyone know where I can farm for materials for Imprisoned, Gohma, Wizzro, regular aeralfos and regular moblin? I keep doing those defeat all bosses missions for them but the constantly give shit'tier weapons no matter what.

  9. Bitter about Mexico losing. But good for Costa Rica, I think this is their first time in the world cup, so they're quite the underdogs here and I'm totally rooting for them. Now just hoping the US doesn't get booted. The US - Germany game sucked, but I'm guessing they were relaxing because they'd both qualify anyways.

  10. So...i've been looking at all the posts about ZSS on the Smash Bros 4 topic and I started researching on Metroid. Now I am ashamed to say i havent really played any metroid. Ive played a bit of Prime 1 and 3 but it was a borrow for a few days from a friend and I had to give it back. I also briefly tried Super Metroid once, can't remember how that went in all honesty.


    What would you guys say is a good game to start playing? I don't really care about chronology yet im just interested in sinking my teeth into another game series that I havent really touched but does look really cool.

    Honestly, I think Zero Mission is the perfect starting point for beginners, AND it's chronologically the first in the series and a remake of the original. Prime 1 is also good, and so is Fusion, although that's last in the series. I'd hold off on others for now though coughandavoidothermcough

    Also, what are people's thoughts on the outcry of Samus' SSB4 design being sexist? It just sounds ridiculous to me.

  11. You could just manually reorder the songs then. I like themfor the higher quality and the lack of annoying sound effects especially in art of te dress.

    Also, I find myself slowly delaying my viewing of the episodes more and more and visiting pony related media much less often... Is this a sign that I'm slowly falling off the ride?

  12. I'm usually not one to bitch at such great new info revelations, wbut what the fuck is Nintendo thinking releasing the 3DS version first? The WiiU is already selling abysmally, it absolutely NEEDS this game. My fear is that many people will think that since they already have the game on one system(although it's the watered down version) they won't need to get the superior version on the WiiU and thus, not buy the WiiU. I already feared this before, but this gap between release periods will justify that even more. That said, game's looking great at least.

  13. Some when is the funeral protest? Seriously, are people gonna protest his funeral just for lolz? This guy was trash, zero fucks given, hope he burns, something something something raped by fags in hell, etc. Honestly, I stopped caring about WBC when Arizona and Russia decided they want to be even worse than them in regards to homosexuals.

  14. I'm glad they adjusted the levels for the final battle. I actually can't wait to see what they do in lore forEmerald. Will they hack Gold or Red in? Will Magma and Aqua be replaced by Team Helix and Team Dome as extremists trying to keep their dying religions alive? Or will they start from scratch? Helix and Dome being forgotten religions of ancient times, maybe mentioned in some world history books, who will now make way for the religions of the gods of nature... REAL gods, with REAL power... This is picking up my interest again, but I don't forsee it picking up the level of hype it had with Red.

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