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  1. Currently downloading this as I type. From some rumbling I heard from Japanese 3DS owners, apparently there are some themes you can earn too as well. And there is a separate crane mini-game where you can earn more free tries on the real crane game. Still has a bit of the "free to play" model, but hoping it's not as tedious to get the free tries, but I'll have to have a real look into the game before I feel like it's worth putting some real cash into it.
  2. The sentient life-like animals produced a bit of an uncanny valley that was kinda weird in the old universe. They weren't similar to the animals you freed from the capsules either, so I can see why they changed Muttski, Akhult and Dulcy to be more Mobian-esque. It's a two birds with one stone type deal, where they could add characters and repurpose old ones with new roles. You could argue that it kinda got rid of some of the uniqueness from the old universe, but I don't think anybody was really clamoring for these characters to come back in their old forms, so I don't mind the change since this will breed new life into them.
  3. I do remember this. This was years ago, mind you, but it was someone asked about Conquering Storm returning because she was Ian's characters, and someone on staff, I don't quite remember who, said that it was unlikely because her design was based on, as well as had connection to Lightning Lynx. The tweet also asks whether there would be a new Chunan boss and Ian responds to sees to just wait and see. Taking what he said literally that we should "wait and see" if CC might return when it could just refer to the new Eggboss for chunan as well. I'm not saying to not expect Conquering Storm to appear; it's all the more likely that she was changed enough to get a pass, but this could still mean something else entirely as well.
  4. I'm pretty sure that Ian said that Conquering Storm would be off limits because her design was based on, as well as had connection to Lighting Lynx, which was a character Ian didn't have a hand in making. Anything related to her Bride title were stuff that Ian made and would be alright with using, but i'm not sure if her design as she was in the previous continuity would make it completely intact if she does appear.
  5. Really bummed that Boom is leaving just because of mismanagement. Hoping the same doesn't hold true to Mega Man's hiatus but i'm not holding my breath for it. Skelly's work is really great here. It's just really fun to look at.
  6. Thanks for this! There seems to be very little coverage from the event, so it's nice to see someone put up the whole video.
  7. So are you guys saying that NICOLE can't be a good love interest because that's what i'm getting at here.
  8. I'm still mad that the first pokemon I ever got that had a PKRS was from a friggin' Bidoof.

    1. Illuminous_Orb


      I still have the photographic evidence too. http://imgur.com/etcFtVf

    2. Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      PKRS stands for?


      At least it wasn't a Magikarp.

    3. Illuminous_Orb



      It's very rare, rarer than a shiny. And it can help with a pokemon's growth. And I still haven't found a shiny either.

    4. Demonic Frenzy Ultima
    5. Tatters


      I remember that one of my Pokemon got PKRS at end of Pokemon Platinum.

    6. Illuminous_Orb


      And I'd definitely say it's worse than a Magicarp because I really hate the Bidoof line of pokemon.

    7. Blacklightning


      Don't Pokemon spread Pokerus to one another anyway?

    8. Illuminous_Orb


      Yeah it can and I ended up doing that. I guess it was more-so the irony of it all.

  9. I do love all the cues this is taking from PL vs AA. With each new information from this game they are showing has only gotten me much more interested in it. I can still remember how baffled I was when this was first announced, but it's really shaping up to be something great. I'm hoping that the long wait is because Capcom wants to announce it at E3, but I'm totally confused as to why it's taking so long as Dual Destinies had a very short wait time for a localization announcement.
  10. I wonder why they still keep Austin around on the book considering he's always been this consistently "okay" to "below average" for the past 2 years or now and i would honestly like to see someone else take the helm.
  11. The dark gaia influence affecting people was a pretty weak plot point in Unleashed anyway. It only creeps up maybe twice and that's all you really see of it (the cutscene with the ice cream vendor in Apatos and the battle in Spagonia). It ends up feeling really inconsequential. If there is one thing they can improve on in the adaptation it's that.
  12. Marlon was clearly the most qt. Rite guyz?

  13. I'm still not over those side bars on the covers. Not only are they redundant, they end up taking up good cover real estate. I was surprised by the Sega variant... only to realize it's a Rafa Knight cover. It's absolutely adorable. Nice to see Hunzeker back, as well as Jon finally taking a crack at a cover for once. I definitely echo the sentience about the werehog not affecting Sonic's personality much in anyway it the original game. I'd like to see how him losing himself a bit will be handled.
  14. I would just like to clear something up with the discussion that is going on right now. Edit: Oh, sorry didn't see the above comment Season 2 was mostly handled by Studio Pierrot with the rest by Studio Mir, who are usually in charge of the series. I'm sure you can Wiki which episodes each did. In the credits of each episode Studio Mir was listed as the animation studio, which is a blessing because Studio Pierrot's episode animation quality was a noticeable step down. It also helps that Sifu Kitsu, who helped with fight choreography in the original series and season 1 of Korra, is back and it shows.
  15. Just watched all four of the leaked episodes. Never got acquainted with the spanish dub but it is pretty good. I can pretty much sum up Season 3 so far as better than both past seasons. The characters, the bending, and the plot points are all a big step up. I nearly shed a tear at episode 6, which was definitely the best episode. It's just really, really, good. Although, since the first two episodes weren't available, the airbending plot point as well the the villain's motivation (i'll keep this vauge due to spoilers) are a bit confusing at the moment. I'll just have to wait it out for when these episodes actually air in full, but I wouldn't say it was a bad deterrent. I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I actually can't wait to watch Avatar again.
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