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  1. pppp

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    It boils down to the fact that Fully Charged was never gonna grab a big enough audience because of a reason even worst then the fact that everything before the Wood Man episode is garbage(Aside from the second Hypnowoman episode, that wasn't that bad): It lacks a focus and a clear identity. Let's think about it, is this show made for the fans of the games? Well no, it goes out of its way to get the classic canon wrong, like replacing Roll with a new character with a far less appealing design and charm or turning Wily into Aki's best friend at school. Is it for new fans, little kids that never heard of Mega Man and this is a new spin on the franchise for a new generation? Well then why is the show shoving the Mega Man 2 theme in our ears so often, constantly shoving in reference to Classic, referencing memes that only fans will get and doing pointless pixel art transitions? Seriously who is this show for? It's not that there aren't people that like it, it's just that the aimlessness of the show means it won't get an audience that can support it enough, although yead the bad writing and bland visuals don't help. I'm gonna go one further, you know why Teen Titans Go does still have an audience that sticks up for it and it did have good ratings at one point? That's because despite its lack of quality it knows what it wants to be: a zany comedy for really little kids with poop humor and bright colors. Yeah its a bad one, but it's still got a firm grasp on what it wants to focus on and sticks with it. Fully Charged has identity issues, plot focus issues and jumped from one extreme to the other in terms of tone in the recent episodes, making it seem awfully inconsistent and at odds with itself. Sonic Boom survived 2 seasons because regardless what you think of it, it was a show that picked a direction and stuck to it, causing fans of that specific direction to flock to it.
  2. pppp

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    The problem is that there's a difference between being lighthearted for the most part while still having character development at the same time and then having darker more intense episodes that capitalize on the character development and world building that was done in the lighter episodes and shows like Fully Charged that do nothing but throw cynical bad jokes at the player, treating the characters as vehicles for jokes instead of actual people. Disney's shows Tangled, Ducktales 2017, Star vs the Forces of Evil and Big Hero 6(Also made by Man of Action, so yeah what happened?) are great examples of how to have comedy that doesn't compromise the story and the characters. Fully Charged on the other hand only works in extremes. To these writers lighthearted means doing nothing but terrible puns, and doing something serious means going full edgy with no jokes. Lighthearted tone doesn't mean "Just do jokes", there's alot of substance like character-driven arcs and world building that can only be achieved within lightearted episodes that these writers don't understand. And before you mention Adventure Time starting out as surreal humor only to suddenly change to super serious, well I didn't like it there either.
  3. pppp

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    I'm afraid I don't know what you mean, which part of my previous post are you answering to?
  4. Venom is a fun mess, but man those 40 minutes Tom Hardy said were cut really hurt it. The first act is boring and bland, but the second and third acts are more entertaining despite the bad pacing, editing and direction. The third act in particular feels very rushed. The writing had its moments, but overall fails to make the characters interesting enough for me to be invested in the story.

    Bad movie, but fun to laugh at.

  5. pppp

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    So Lightfall basically goes like this: The writing and overall direction definitely stepped itself up for this, but here's the problem, it's hard to be invested in this more serious and tense episode when every previous one was nothing but bad puns, Mega Man being a dick to people, and misguided moral lectures. I can't be emotionally invested in Mega Man and his family being in danger if I don't know Suna or Light, and Mega Man has been a dick to people so far. You had 18 eps before this to get me to know these characters and yet i still don't know the villain's deal, i still don't know anything about Suna or any of the other characters for that matter and the world of the show is still barely defined. But despite that you now wanna suddenly try to actually be a show instead of a souless commercial for toys? Too late I'm afraid. I also love how they wrote Mega Mini out of character in this, in this ep he's not being an annoying shit cracking bad jokes, he's just Mega Man's tech guy. If you have to write a character out of character for your plot to work that means your plot fails from the concept stage alone. Also these designs for Obsidian and Namagem are so laughably tryhard edgy. Because clearly this is something Classic Mega Man needs. Point being, this 2 parter is decently put together by itself in a vaccum. Thing is, it doesn't live in a vaccum. Your show can either be dumb and unfunny or serious and edgy(Obsidian's dialogue is on par with Infinite) writers. You chose to be dumb and unfunny, you can't suddenly turn into something different. Nice try Man of Action, but you need to earn these with actual character development and world building, not puns and forced references to the games.
  6. pppp

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    That excuse doesn't really fly if you watch more episodes. The show can't use the Mega Man 2 theme all the time, start the first episode with a pixel art recreation of the Mega Man 2 intro, have various classic Mega Man references in the background like a picture of the robot master selection menu and still try to claim to be only for a new audience. The older fans are clearly part of the target audience. Yeah because little kids that haven't played the older games are totally gonna get this.
  7. Allow me to remind everyone that Mandy Moore was Aerith in KH1: So it's not like this series can't afford her. Considering Zach said like 2 months ago he wasn't asked to return and yet there he is, I'm guessing Mandy will be one of the last to record.
  8. pppp

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    Mega Man did take alot of inspiration from it, but did enough different if you ask me. In Astro Boy Dr. Tenma's son dies and he creates Astro Boy as a perfect replica to be exactly like his son so he doesn't have to let go of of his son Toby, but after realizing his pain didn't really go away he rejects Astro and sells him to a circus leader(Yeah Astro Boy is really fucked up). Mega Man(Classic at least) is basically a more lighthearted take on Astro Boy, with the primary common element being the "robot humanity" theme.
  9. pppp

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    Except the image didn't say "How dare you". None of those words were in that image. So yeah I do think I was insulted, and I've seen non staff people on SSMB over the years get told off for less, but sure, staff members get to ignore the rules, I get it.
  10. pppp

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    So it's ok to insult as long as I just try to justify I was joking, ok gotcha.
  11. pppp

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    Huh. When I insulted someone a while back I got a warning point. I guess staff members above the rules. Not cool IMO but whatever.
  12. pppp

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    Long answer on why I hate on the show: Short answer: It's a badly made and cynical show that instead of entertaining the audience shoves puns down their throats. @Sean You keep insisting on this narrative that people are only hating on it because of the changes made to Classic Mega Man. That's only the cherry on top, it's what I mentioned above that has people hating on it. For the record I dislike Battle Network as well, but at least the writing wasn't so cynically filled with bad one liners 90% of the time. I admit It's been years but I don't remember that being the case.
  13. pppp

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    Personally I don't find the action/visuals anything to write home about, but yeah the real problem lies somewhere else.
  14. Personally I never really thought of entertainment as "a kids movie" or "a show for girls" or something along those lines. To me a piece of entertainment is either well made or not. If it is well made even something akin to Sesame Street can have a charm that entertains adults as shown by the dark humor here:

    I find this skit much more appealing to the 31 year old that I am than most comedy skits I see on Youtube or TV targeted at my age, because unlike those, it's actually well written full of personality.

    Same thing applies to gender, it can have as many female main characters, feminine specific story themes or whatever, if it's well made and entertaining I'll watch it.

    The whole "This is a [Insert word here] show" statement just confuses me. Great entertainment will entertain anyone who's open minded to all kinds of it.

    1. SupahBerry


      It's funny. Whenever there's a comedy that's has a mature rating, it's often because it involves people being less mature than what people in a "kids show" are.

      But your point still stands.

    2. pppp


      @SupahBerry To me the only separation is this: Does the piece of media have mature content that might be innapropriate for kids? Then yes, better not let them watch till they themselves mature and can comprehend what's in that piece of media with proper life experience and context.

    3. Wraith


      People only have speeches like this when they primarily/only consume cartoons and kid's media

      It sounds nice in theory but it's kind of a trap. It implies things can't be made to appease niches or that something that doesn't appeal to you is doing something wrong 

    4. pppp


      @Wraith  Not really, Horror movies don't appeal to me personally, but I'm still capable of telling whether one is well made or not. I gladly recommend the first Ring movie, The Shining, and The Exorcist. To me there's a difference between something not appealing to you and genuinely finding something badly made.

      I also love how you assume that I only consume "cartoons/kids media" cause obviously only then would I think that right?

      For the record my favorite movie is 2001 A Space Odyssey, followed by A Clockwork Orange(Yeah Kubrick is my favorite director), and my preferred show on TV today is WestWorld.

      As for the niches thing, Things can appeal to their specific niche audience AND maybe a wider audience if the creators know what they're doing. Xenoblade Chronicles started out as a niche Wii RPG, now it's Nintendo's big JRPG franchise thanks to the sequel on Switch having much better presentation with expressive character models rather than the stiff ones from previous games. It made it easier to market its story and world to a general audience.

    5. Wraith


      Things can appeal to a wider audience but not everything has to or should

      A play for a wider audience often sacrificing part of what made something unique in the first place.

    6. pppp


      @Wraith Well if the people making it screw up yeah obviously, but we have plenty of cases where that did not happen, Ducktales 2017 and the 2011 Beavis and Butt-head season come to mind.

  15. So yeah which moron at Sonic Team had the brilliant idea of replacing this with "Sand Hill" during development? Whoever he is he needs to be fired:


    1. JezMM


      Sand Hill sucks compared to this concept yes but if you're serious about the scenario you're suggesting here, there are like so many reasons in game development why this would happen and there is literally no way it would come down to one person.

    2. Demon Hunter Ellipsis

      Demon Hunter Ellipsis

      Can this be in the comics at least

    3. Sean


      heh whoever was responsible for axing this idea is looking a lot more like Fired Hill right guys

    4. SupahBerry



      In that case,



    5. Ferno


      my sandwich has pickles in it but i didnt ask for pickles. i want the person who made this out of a job and on the street right now

    6. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy


      More like, this hamburger on your menu is actually a vegetarian burger.


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