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  1. So have you guys heard of the early Xbox 360 game made by Sumo Digital that releases 9 days from now? It's called Crackdown 3:


    1. pppp


      Seriously, what the fuck happened?

    2. BlueSpeedsterYT


      development hell everyone

    3. Milo


      @pppp Development hell at its finest is what happened.

      (Recall this was originally supposed to be released in 2016, was first announced to be in development in 2014.)

      CD3 was originally supposed to be made by four studios.

      - Cloudgine was intended to develop the core engine, which had a big focus on using cloud computing for the destruction of the city

      - Reagent Games (studio located near Cloudgine) handled gameplay and art assets

      - Sumo Digital was responsible for the game's campaign mode

      - Ruffian Games managed the multiplayer

      Moreover, the main idea of having Crackdown 3 use cloud computing features was the brainchild of Dave Jones. He directed the original Crackdown, and is the founder of Cloudgine, the former Realtime Worlds (who made the original CD) and Reagent Games (who made CD2). [You can also see how CD3 using cloud technology was a big part of the whole "Xbox One uses the power of the cloud" campaign MS was pushing at the time.]

      Then in early 2018, Cloudgine was acquired by Epic Games, with in Jones and several Reagent programmers also leaving to join Epic around the same time. Sumo Digital was announced by MS as the primary developer for the game later at that year's E3 (with MS saying they were always the lead development studio, Cloudgine was only there to provide cloud computing support).

      e: Wow, the main characters / vehicle don't even have any shadows, what's up with that?....

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