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  1. I agree with you. Despite some visible problems, the game IS good! It's fun to play, the soundtrack is superb, the stages have a cinematic quality to them; the avatar concept was well implemented; Infinite is a good villain, threatening and intimidating; the radio system is cool; and the Resistance was a clever way to gather the characters around and give them a purpose. If the game had been in development for at least another year, it could have been a great and memorable game.
  2. My mind is brimming with ideas for steamy Infinite/Avatar fanfics.

    This is your fault ST!

  3. Playing several fangames of OFF, by Mortis Ghost. It's a surreal game with horror elements and the occasional odd, dark humor.
  4. Great. This is a direct violation of one of our Constitutional rights: the right to privacy. By the way, there are guests here with us. They're just too shy to speak up. HELLO, NSA. AND YOU TOO, CIA. HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY?
  5. Even though I don't eat junk food and have a healthy diet, I've always had difficulty to lose weight, particularly in the abdomen. I feel like a bloated monster everytime I stare at the mirror. But ever since last year, I've managed to follow an exercise program which seems to be performing miracles. My abdomen has shrunk quite a bit - not as much as I'd like -,but it has definitely deflated. In three months, I lost the equivalent of 7.5 kg. My belly still looks swollen and flaccid, but it has visibly deflated and it doesn't look so bloated when I sit down. I've been struggling with this problem for 18 years. I have a very stressful routine and all the stupid fighting at home tend to increase my level of stress even further. All this contribues to weight gain and low self-esteem. But now, for the first time in almost two decades, I have hope to change my appearance and feel beautiful, not having to worry whether I'll look like a bloated, unshapely monster in my clothes or not.
  6. I've been playing Undertale these past few days and attempted the Genocide route. Obviously, I was stomped in the fight against Undyne until I finally beat her by sheer luck (and a large dose of blind stubborness). I'm happy to report that three days ago, I finally made it to Asgore's castle. I made a total of 54 attempts to beat Sans until I finally got tired of having my a** handed back to me by a sarcastic skeleton in slippers with only with 1 HP. Overall, it was a good fight. And I love Megalovania. Sans is a tough son of a b**ch. He's made the Genocide route worth playing to me.
  7. That is my wish as well. I really love the art style used in the intro and ending of Sonic CD. I think it was done by Toei, but I'm not sure.
  8. No, it doesn't. The writing in Boom is of very low quality. It's as if the producers made no effort to come up with an interesting cartoon. If the intent was to make a cartoon, Sega could hire a much more competent studio than Oui-do. As it is now, the show's terrible. Sonic has been turned into some sort of third rate stand up comedian, with awful puns being spewed every minute. However, I agree with you when you say that if Sonic as a brand is going to survive, Sega and Sonic Team need to change the current direction the franchise is heading. That doesn't mean, however, that they should settle for mediocrity.
  9. I don't understand.

    When has rage replaced the love that was in my heart?

    1. Osmium


      that's the cheesiest thing I've heard all day. 

    2. FriendBot


      What happened? Are you ok? 

    3. Stardust



      I've just realized these past few days that I'm beginning to hate some of the things people do. Common things, that didn't bother me before. 

       I've never been an angry person, quite the opposite. But now I literally feel blind with rage. 

    4. FriendBot


      Like what things anger you now?

    5. Kiah


      Is there something that's troubling you that you are aware of?

    6. Stardust


      Soni: I have a member in the family who has this habit of victimising themselves. They're always sick or broke or depressed or some other thing.

      Because they had a nasty fight with one of my relatives and left home, I tend to side with them and be of assistance whenever I can. 

      Turns out I found out they were lying to me all these years. You see, they wanted to cause the fight to justify leaving home. I remember a lot of fighting at home when I was little, but I nenver understood what was the cause. And I always blamed the wrong relative.

      Not only that, I found out they tried to get some money ilegally out of that relative twice. 

      I also found out the many times they tried to convince me to go live with them was so that they could force that relative to send them money to take care of me.

      I've only found out about all this when I turned 30. And I've known this person since I was born. 

      But they insist in talking to me as if I'm stupid. As if I'm nine years old and I'm obliged to treat them as the adult. As if I'm incompetent, and therefore supposed to take orders from "someone who knows best".

      I was always forgiving before because I thought they were just a victim. I was tired of this duplicitous behaviour. And now that I know what that person was REALLY on about, I'm putting a stop to this crap. Beginning this Christmas.

    7. Failinhearts


      It's okay to be angry sometimes, I do a lot too. Even at particularly common things.

      Hopefully things will pass, and things will balance out.

    8. Stardust


      Failinhearts: Thank you for the kind words. I mean it. <3 I'm really needing to hear something nice right now.

    9. Failinhearts


      I did see what you said, though.

      And frankly, your anger is warrented. I would be seething with rage if this happened to me. Just letting you know that this anger is okay, as it's more unnatural to be loving rather than mad despite this

    10. Kiah


      As long as anger doesn't take over your sentiments it's okay to feel it as it is a human emotion after all and it isn't realistic that they are all positive all the time unfortunately. And per what you said I can definitely see why you are angry. 

      Good thing you are putting your foot down and I hope things will work out and get better for you soon. 

    11. Stardust


      Thank you, Kiah. <3 Right now, I'm angry and I feel very sad for finding out how someone could lie to my face all these years when I gave her all my support. But I've learned my lesson. I have to be more careful in whom I trust, never mind if it's family.

      I just thank God nothing serious happened and that person never got what she wanted.

    12. FriendBot


      In a way I can relate, I have an uncle who used to took advantage of my mother's side of the family to gamble and all that stuff. We had to kick him out in hope that he would reform, that was was like when I was around the time I started high school I think? 

      I'm now in my second year in college and while it's not as bad as back then but my uncle still hasn't changed for the most part.

      But that's nothing compared to what your relative did, you are in no way in the wrong for being mad at them. So don't worry about, you're doing the right thing.

    13. Stardust


      Soni: I'm glad your family took that decision. I didn't really understand why, but now I see how things can become when money and relatives are involved. We usually want the family life to be a nest of love and honesty, but unfortunately, we can't change some people. 

      Thanks for your words of encouragement. <3 This Christmas, I've got an overall idea on how to deal with this situation. I'm really tired of being disrespected. 

    14. Failinhearts


      Go get 'em, buddy. You don't deserve such mistreatment.

    15. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      That's pretty horrible. It's awful to be betrayed by a family member. I remember my sister used to tell me terrible things about my Father, and then I learned that she was mostly being a bitch to him. 

      I forgave her, but that was a terrible time. I hope you can get through it too. 

    16. Stardust


      Sniper dreams: I can understand. Some relatives have a way of twisting the facts, of getting inside our minds to convince us that the other is a villain. 

      I believed in that person for 18 years. All that time I believed the other relative, the one they were trying to take advantage of, was the villain.

      Imagine living 18 years in a household mired by moments of shouting alternated with prolonged silences. All that because someone took advantage of the chaos they left behind so they could benefit from it in the future.

      The benefit being that I managed to go back to work recently and now they want to take advantage of me the same way they tried to take advantage of my relative, the one who I thought was the villain.

      Yes, by taking advantage I mean trying to convince me to give them and their side of the family money, since they're all adults and nobody wants to work for a living. That's how messed up they are.

    17. Kiah


      You are very welcome :) 

      And betrayal...definitely one of life's unpleasant surprises. Especially when it comes to family. I'm really sorry that happened to you. Sometimes people don't change for the better when they really should sadly.

      While you should definitely be careful with whom you trust try really hard not to be too tightfisted with it if you can. Easier said than done especially when things like this happen. Again I hope everything works out and you are feeling better soon. 

    18. Stardust


      Kiah: I will. Thank you for your advice. I'm really thankful for your support. <3 And I'm happy that I got the chance to talk about this nasty situation. It's difficult to speak about it. I feel a lot more confortable putting it into writing. 

      Thanks everyone for listening and for helping me cope with it. <3

    19. FriendBot


      It's fine, I'm always around if you want to vent. I'm a good listener than a talker. :P

    20. Failinhearts


      No problem. Best of luck.

      I'm here for you if you need me as well.

    21. Kiah


      Again you're welcome. And I'm always here as well. I'm always happy to help. Especially when it comes to my SSMB family. I and others here have your back :) 

  10. Wow. So Sonic in Spanish is called Ratón Azul de la Velocidad? The things you learn.
  11. That's a redundant question. Any player born in the 70s or 80s who played the Sonic games released in the 90s had the same unforgettable experience with the games. A bunch of retard kids bor in the 90s and 200s who only began playing Modern Sonic repeating incessantly that Sonic always sucked won't suddenly make it true.
  12. Something along the lines of the Sonic OVA: funny without making any effort to be so.
  13. LOL! GlaDOS is a lot worse to me in the sequel. She's spewing so much nasty shit at me, chamber after chamber. And here I thought I'd seen the worst of her in Portal 1...
  14. It's so fucking cold.

    Not even the socks are warming my feet.

  15. This Overwatch game seems nice.

    1. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa

      i dunno im pretty excited for it

    2. Ferno


      I like how within the past year two games got super popular, one with "Under" and one with "Over" as half of their names. We just need a "Sideways______" game now.

    3. Stardust
    4. Boomer


      Mercy is bae

    5. Celestia


      I dunno, the characters are all shooting each other and stuff, that doesn't seem very nice to me.

    6. -Ace-


      Best Character B)


    7. Adamabba


      mfw they announce Sonic Sideways

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