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  1. SUPRISE! No, seriously, banned? Wow.

  2. Heh, I knew he would be banned one day... =/

  3. Shadi! Come baaaaaaaaaaack! *sobs*

  4. I tried entering the megaman 10 topic in the computer gaming forum and got this message in google chrome
  5. GameStop preivew scares me! Please fix the framerate, S0L! T_T
  6. New hands-on. Nothing we didn't know, but it's still interesting. Btw... native language is dutch... so that's why it might seem odd when you read it http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=nl&tl=en&u=http://www.gamer.nl/doc/55265/Sonic-en-Sega-All-Stars-Racing-hands-on
  7. Yakuza series is serious business, this is the developer
  8. It's all fan service. It even says it right in the press release almost. It's not coming to the 360 for the pure fact that SEGA is trying to localize this game cheap as possible, they obviously don't care about huge sales since they are releasing it in March. It's going to be handled the same way Valkyria Chronicles is handled, lots of promotion by RubyEclipse and other SEGA community team members, and most of all, THE FANS.
  9. LOL, K btw, I was trying to help people out, not trying to be an ass. So Sorrrrry if I came off in a different way, just wanna discuss Yakuza 3 with people, and the forum where to discuss it is dead at the moment =P
  10. Come on now, don't derail this topic with Yakuza talk =P theres a topic dedicated to Yakuza 3 in the Computer Gaming forum a few boards down.
  11. You'll be fine starting off with 3, the game has a optional summary you can watch that will sum up the story so far. At least it should, Yakuza 2 had that option if you didn't play Yakuza 1
  12. PS3 owns 2010 ***** YEAH!!! Yakuza THREEEEE!!!!!
  13. Theres still time, SEGA is working on a patch. Im amazed they improved the PS3 demo that much in such a short amount of time. It makes me wonder how old this demo is, like it can't be recent because demos have to go through approvel processes. Like I said, I have high hopes for the final game. SEGA is doing good for only having 3-4 months to port it =P especially when it was built purely around the xbox 360 with no thought of the PS3 in mind.
  14. Um.. its defiantly been improved. (the PS3 demo) Easily noticeable. It's way more colorful, especially near the end, the part where you fight bayonetta's sister. and during the boss battle on the crumbling platform it actually ran higher then 30 FPS for a few seconds! XD my hopes are high now, if they get the loading issues fixed and fix the lag on the clock tower area I will be buying this at full price. It's really fun, and the more colorful areas make the experience that much better, i don't care if it's not 60 FPS, as long as the fix they major lag issues.
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