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  1. Feeling a lot of delay in my controller for smash since the update 

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I've been feeling a lot of delay in my inputs for Smash Ultimate since it came out. lol

  2. KHCast

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Considering we’re in a age where social media is conveniently there and free and sharing features are just a standard thing in games from pics to levels, yeah I still maintain holding a share feature behind a paywall is dumb as hell. It’d be like if Nintendo held a Facebook app on its service behind a paywall.
  3. KHCast

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Don’t play persona 5 then. Most of the people who play persona 5 are used to the car so it’s not that big of a issue, but yeah to newcomers or people unfamiliar it can be a bit much. But the references are top notch regardless and cleverly done. Edit: can a mod merge thought it would do it on its own agh
  4. KHCast

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    Can I just say it’s bullshit needing the online membership for fucking stage builders sharing functions?
  5. Jokers classic mode is pretty awesome 

  6. Love how you need a Nintendo switch online subscription to post and view online stage creations lo lolol fuck you nintendo 

  7. Finally started updating 

  8. Imagining any of my wanted dlc picks, the servers would crash for all of them. God imagine Banjo or Sora and the traffic there.

    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      People would be pissed no doubt.

  9. So, the maintenance supposedly finishes in 30 minutes. If it’s still crashing afterwards, Nintendo can gladly take the piss, cause this is ridiculously stupid on their end 

  10. Nintendo officially came out and addressed it:


    the way they word it, it sounds like it may not be out even after the maintenance. Otherwise they’d have said what they said on the website here

  11. Usually I don’t like HMK, but yes lol this was pretty much me 



  12. KHCast

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    ...that’s not any better. They had to have in advance had this planned out, so either release joker before or after the maintenance, not during it. And that’s on top of the possible traffic to boot. This was regardless poorly handled given the competition handles this much better
  13. Rollouts are a thing Nintendo, I don’t get how they didn’t improve at all on this front between the Wii U and Switch. Like whatever “preparations” were made clearly didn’t work, and still are pretty crappy in comparison to Microsoft and Sony’s better handlings in updates and dlc

    1. KHCast


      Like on top of this, Nintendo should have had the intelligence to know releasing a highly hyped character the same time as maintenance would be a bad idea when it already has to deal with its own updates 

    2. Ferno


      we gotta call Reggie about thi- ..oh.

      oh dear.





  14. KHCast

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    You’d think they’d have learned after Smash U and it’s dlc trainwreck with the servers

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