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  1. Do you mean the actual night stages or the gate areas that transition you to the stages? Cause I think the latter would be more fitting for a game like this
  2. If they’re really gonna take inspiration from BoTW, what if that means little music outside occasional ambience stuff lol?
  3. The only cartoony game that really made great use of bloom saturation that still visually looks amazing even today, is Viva Piñata. It’s a shame more games don’t follow in that games footsteps. Great lighting, just enough bloom to make the world pop, etc. it still holds up even today and doesn’t look dated like a lot of games from that era. Honestly, I’m afraid that if that ever got an HD Re-release, they’d probably not do it the justice it deserves. Cartoony games as we’ve seen here, seem to be hit or miss when it comes to properly updating the visuals/lighting
  4. I...never saw a problem with her design in 3? That said, colors in HD certainly has a few issues I hope get fixed before release
  5. I’m hopeful this also takes inspiration from Mario Odyssey being totally honest. That game mastered in my eyes 3D exploration and platforming; and even took a bit of inspiration from Sonic with thatroll function that even had physics and shit attached to it. There’s a LOT of great things to take notes from regarding that game alone
  6. What if this seamlessly takes you to the “digital world”? Kinda like Sonic CD’s time travel mechanic, but like, instant with no transition
  7. Part of me is happy it’s on previous hardware, because fuck me trying to get a PS5 or Series X those are STILL annoying to get even now, but then I’m also concerned about the cutbacks they might have to make holding back it’s potential
  8. you know at first I was like “ early 2010’s was great for Sonic, it had colors and generations”, but then I remembered this is Game Informer, and iirc, didn't Game Informer fucking hate generations? They gave it like a 4.8 or something right? So wouldn’t be shocked if Colors really IS the only Sonic game of that era they recognize as worth praising @Shaddy Zaphod FF7R and Warzone are both like 90+ GB. On the flip side, something like KH MoM is only like 5 GB. As for Sonic, Mania is like only a few MB I believe? not sure how big Forces was.
  9. He’ll probably be the only playable character, while the other Rangers are there for story purposes/be npc’s. As I said earlier, if they’re keeping the boost gameplay intact for the “digital levels”, I can’t see the other characters being playable. I mean, I guess in the Hub place, but that’d be pretty shallow I feel if they can’t take advantage of the entire game and it’s features like Sonic
  10. Saddened by the lack of Tron memes, since the whole “going to the digital world” thing seems to be an important part of the game
  11. Just my own guess: E3’s a dying market due to the ESA’s incompetence over the years, and Nintendo directs and the pandemic showed how you can generate as much buzz/interest, if not more, as it with your own presentations, isolated announcements, and not worry about the competition and pressure that E3 brings.
  12. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-27/nintendo-plans-upgraded-switch-replacement-as-soon-as-september It’s slated to be released September, and be priced higher than the current $299 price of a regular switch This is seeming to be more credible than the last few rumors on it we’ve had, but if it doesn’t seem topic material yet, mods can lock the topic until further information comes out. Not sure how often Bloomberg reports on fake leaks
  13. He sounded just fine to me, so I’m certainly excited to hear and see more from this. I’ve been wanting one of these short series animations to have voice acting for awhile. I’m just sad Generations isn’t also getting a remaster, cause that game sorely needed more story shit, and a short animated series would have been the perfect way to do that with how much potential was missed.
  14. I really hope this game doesn’t take up a shit ton of space. Like most simple remasters/ports on Xbox and PlayStation iirc are pretty small.
  15. Well this industry keeps trying to push buyers to go all digital if the PS5/Xbox Series X digital only versions (And hell Microsoft's original DRM Xbox One attempts) are any indications, so this doesn’t surprise me unfortunately.
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