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  1. I take it we have given up on that argument lol 

    1. Captain Fun

      Captain Fun

      where would you even take it from here? 

    2. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      This is what passes for an "argument" nowadays?

    3. Zaysho
  2. Oh my god, you can't just answer the simple fucking question?
  3. It's not an appeal to popularity, yet they're adding CS in because he was a big seller in Generations...right
  4. I always found it weird how Re:Com mixed assets from both KH1 and 2. (Or did they update the assets and design of the KH1 worlds?)

  5. We could be seeing more of LW's style in some form down the line(the parkour idea I could see return, albeit more polished), don't see why you're so confident we'll never see it again when I don't think it's been officially stated as dead.
  6. Well when this style has 3 times out of 4 been imbalanced in 2D vs 3D I think it's a fair assumption
  7. Okay but like, why should that effect someone's personal opinion? Nobody is trying to rain on other people's parade. Let those people be hyped sure, but me having a different view is somehow an attack on their hype?
  8. Your retort and argument is that because something is hyped, that your doubts and concerns shouldn't be there. That can easily be assumed from the quoted piece of your comment. Also the fuck is "real hype" in this context?
  9. That literally is completely different from the sentence I quoted
  10. "Other people liked it, so you shouldn't feel otherwise, going against the majority is wrong."
  11. i chocked on my drink holy shit lol

  12. Even if he sticks through, I can't imagine his business will be booming if he keeps loosing support and popularity
  13. He could fucking hate the job and express his desire to quit, but we all know his ego won't let him
  14. I want to make a joke, but this is just getting a bit sad.