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  1. Oh fuck me, they're doing another Resident Evil live action movie. Supposedly the last one.

    1. Blacklightning


      ...didn't they say that about the last one?

    2. KHCast


      I thought the sales of the last one confirmed it would be the last one.

    3. SurrealBrain


      Each one will be planned to be the last, I'll bet.

      But of course, the executiges will find a way to keep them going. Even they end it in a way that leaves no possible room for sequels, we might see prequels that show what happened before the first one.

      And once that runs out of potential, they might just ask to declare this one non-canon and continue where the one before left off, creating another timeline.

      ...I just gave them ideas, didn't I?

    4. Haalyle


      Surprised you didn't already know.

      I'm looking more forward to the third CGI film.

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