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  1. Trump puts a baby up to a microphone and everyone suddenly forgets he's Donald trump and says "he's not such a bad guy" lololololol people are fucking ridiculous 

    1. Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      That's so out of a cartoon.

    2. SurrealBrain


      @Ducktor Naldush Repulsa I wish it was nothing more than a cartoon.

    3. Blacklightning


      I swear at least one episode of the Powerpuff Girls actually did exactly this now that you mention cartoons

    4. Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Yeah, I was thinking either that or early Spongebob.

    5. Bowbowis


      Good thing the baby wasn't crying, Trump might have thrown it out of the room otherwise.

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