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  1. Amazing how people are currently telling me that my rights aren't threatened and that no one is going to take away my LGBT rights, ignoring the countless proof layed out by the GOP, trump and pence 

    1. KHCast


      Some are just bluntly saying this election wasn't meant for my group and I should just accept it and appreciate that trump is "different"

    2. Tornado


      No matter how many people talk about throwing themselves off of bridges or jumping in front of cars on tumblr, your rights aren't going to be threatened by the Trump presidency. He is not a hardlining right wing Republican, and he doesn't have much of a reason to go kowtowing to the actual hardlining right wing Republicans after they tried to fuck him over in the past month.

    3. KHCast


      Repealing same sex marriage, a push on conversion therapy, equal opportunity for us is at risk, a bump in freedom of religion acts, resulting in more areas denying service to us using "religion!" Yeah, don't act like there's concern for no reason 

      Having a straight white guy tell me, no offense, that my concerns are illegitimate when the GOP has on multiple occasions said otherwise only really tells me how much you're grasping to downplay the issues 

    4. ImPantsAtThis


      I'm sick of this gay marriage argument. I support gay marriage, but it's a states rights issue and should have been done properly in the first place rather than the SCOTUS legislating from the bench. That's what Trump wants to do -- leave it to the states.

    5. KHCast


      Maybe a trump presidency by itself won't do much, but with a full red house, and his presidency, and with claims that pence may be the real one in charge, I'm not gonna be some bushy eyed optimistic and act like my concerns aren't valid 

      Funny how everything else is discredited and the only thing arguers use is the marriage bit. Btw, so why is heterosexual marriage a national right then? Gay marriage wasn't going anywhere with states. Only a patch of states actually legalized it, and if we're really going to support it, and say it's just as valid, I don't see why leaving the chance to deem it illegal is fucking okay 

    6. Tornado


      I'm not straight, so you can shove that pathetic attempt at puffing your argument up as being more credible right up your ass.

      But I'll just ask you this one thing. What part of Trump's campaign, which had him doing scorched Earth of everyone and everything in the DNC, the GOP, former presidents of his own party, former nominees of his own party, the leaders of the legislature of his own party, fucking everyone who got in his way; suggests that he has any interest in forcing through a Neocon agenda?


      Or, rather, what part of Hilary winning, someone so hawkish and opportunistic that as little as eight years ago the DNC hung her out to dry after Obama successfully painted her as George Bush III, was going to be a champion of LBGT and rights?




      I'm sorry if you're a gay transgender illegal Hispanic black Muslim, but the echo chamber parts of the Internet insisting that Trump is going to round up people and put them in cattle cars because Hillary Clinton didn't win the presidency platform of progressive values does not make it true.

    7. Hyp3hat


      KHCast is right, marriage rights in the US are going to be at a severe risk because of the homophobia of the VP and the GOP base - Trump works best when fed his ideas through a spoon, as per the several inside looks at his campaign - he will kowtow to his most persuasive associates, and if his associates are Republican, that shit doesn't look good.

      It's not going to happen immediately, sure, but over the next 4 years - because the Republicans control the presidency, the house and the senate, maybe even control the Supreme Court - that could be a lot of overturned legislation by the end of it, and a hard road to fix it. 

    8. KHCast


      1. No ones was saying she'd be a champion for rights, just a better deal than trump as potential equal rights policies would be better pushed

      2. Pence also is a heavy influence and it has been suggested that he'll be in charge of social at home policies and problems. https://thinkprogress.org/trump-pence-transgender-students-aa32ee93cdb7#.xrzr908yp to say nothing of his confirmations that their presidency will be anti-LGBT 

      3. No one is saying they're gonna concentration camp us. Conservative and republicans seem to be ignoring that our issue is that rights are either going to be taken or laws will be passed likely enforcing the negative treatment of many in the LGBT community. With the GOP and Trumps pro-religious rights stances,it doesn't bode well for those that challenge those 

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