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  1. Okay, this made me laugh lol


    1. Tara


      I think it's my favorite thing from Aaron Webber.  Verbose vocabulary is my favorite humor.

      I believe this might be my most preferred post from Aaron Webber.  Long-drawn out diction is my most preferred form of comedy.

      There is a feeling prompted from this post that exceeds the others.  It is my belief that the increase in sophisticated phrasing is the most intriguing form of recreational laughter.

      The mental processes which are responsible for maintaining the hierarchy of stimuli denotes a pattern that makes this encoded message upon a world wide-based computer system by the public relations management of the game development studio responsible for the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.  Furthermore, the same aforementioned processes denote a high inclination for a form of entertainment inducing laughter originating from the usage of vocabulary that is extended and refined beyond that which is necessary for a casual conversation.

    2. KHCast


      How much time did you spend on writing that XD

    3. Tara


      About three minutes or so, accounting for the times I took a break to look at Skype.

    4. KHCast
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