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  1. I'm just gonna share some screenshots I took from my...recent convo. It has to be seen to be believed.  The guy is just so disattatched to reality fuckingchrist.




    1. KHCast


      Like I said before, my simple critiscim of media and personal desires to see change and better equality and representation, is being akined to legally demanding change, and being, by a white straight dude, told what's best in the most pretentious ways possible, telling me to just make my own show or movie if I have a problem with it, and saying there's some other reason that isn't homophobia or fear of shaking the status quo, that LGBT representation in media is still abysmal. I'm being to shut up because I'm "bitching and whining"  that there's inequality, and that somehow it doesn't effect me at all(except normalize in people's minds stereotypes and gender norms on how certain people act)

      And considering I've heard Trump is good friends with a few big headers in the film industry, it's fucking laughable at his "Hollywood is so liberal" shit


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