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  1. One of the most annoying thing about the Legend of Spyro trilogy was how they never got a consistent voice actor for Sparx. He went from David spade sounding dude to black guy in the span of two games like...what? 

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's one thing to switch VAs regularly, but it's another to completely change the type of voice that a character is going for. It can really impact ensuring about a characters personality.

      I still find it weird that Roger Craig Smith is the longest serving VA for Sonic in the games, considering his voice is nothing like Drummond, Griffith or even White. The change in Colours was pretty stark, but clearly intentional. I totally wish they would recast Rouge and Shadow though. Shadow has gotten better but still isn't great, and Rouge just gets worse.

    2. Red


      The original VA for Sparx was David Spade which is bizarre. He doesn't strike me as a guy being interested in voice acting.

    3. CottonCandy


      I always thought the use of celebrities as voice actors in the trilogy was a bit odd. 

    4. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      malefor was cool tho


    5. KHCast


      @Red he sounded so boring. Though Elijah wood sounded fine as spyro tbh

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