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  1. I’m not a fan of this idea that “people nowadays are spineless and need a backbone” when some express why they are not alright with certain offensive jokes or terms being used. Especially here in the gay community, I shockingly see people get mad here if you explain why it’s fine and valid to not be a fan of people, gay or straight, saying gay jokes or slurs even if lightheartedly. Like, cool I guess if you can be okay with your friends making humor like that, but everyone doesn’t need to think like you. It’s not stepping on eggshells for people to simply realize lots of people simply aren’t comfortable with humor like that and make different kinds of jokes when you’re aroibd people you don’t know are fine with your normal humor. It’s not “SJWWWWWW” talk, I’m not demanding you to do it, but it’s still common fucking decency.

    1. KHCast


      If it’s harder for you to associate with people and you can’t be yourself unless you’re making jokes like this around them, that seems problematic to me.(yeah that bs “this is why straight guys aren’t friends with us, we’re too offended easily” argument comes to mind.)

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      While there are definitely limits and lines that should not be crossed, I firmly believe that people are ridiculously too sensitive about things. However, this is a difficult subject to discuss without examples.

    3. KHCast


      I’m talking like gay slurs being casually thrown around and “locker room talk” kinda jokes which can make people feel like the joke of the humor is more so “haha ur gay” more than anything.

      A lot of my closeted friends themselves have told me part of the reason they stay in the closet is because they feel unsafe and uncomfortable around their friends because they make gay jokes and shit all the time making it awkward for them, and makes them feel like being themselves is seen as a joke to their group of friend  and even family. Doesn’t help that the media usually just normalizes jokes like that as well along with the normalization of stereotypes, gender norms, heteronormality, etc. which can send a message to people 

      edit: I also just think we as a society lately have really lacked in empathy and the ability to put yourself in others shoes and think about the things we say. It’s easy to blatantly call people spineless or easily triggered when you aren’t thinking like that(or are in a more privileged position making it harder to think like that.)

    4. Dizcrybe


      Ironically, the massive pushback against so-called "SJWs" has created kind of an anti-SJW culture, where we're so careful not to mislabel something as homophobic/racist/etc. that when something comes along that is, we're afraid to call a spade a spade.

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