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  1. Wondering if there are people getting triggered that it’s called “Super Smash Bros.” and thus is non-inclusive as it uses a male pronoun despite there being women in it 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      super smash person

      wait no that's offensive to persons

      super smash beings

    3. Polkadi~☆


      hey i'm not a being


    4. Sean


      I don't really understand how thinking up hypothetical situations to mock people is in any way shape or form constructive

      Also, none of you are funny.

    5. Celestia


      Haha, it's funny because women and trans people are unreasonable! Thanks for giving me even less reason to take your performative nonsense over social issues seriously.

    6. Polkadi~☆


      right, perhaps we are most definitely taking this a step far

      Anyways, to get back on topic, there's not much reason to even be upset about such things. No ill will is intended with such a name, and there's been several years to raise the issue with it. But if no one has an issue with it, why would there be one now? Of course, I may be naively thinking.

    7. Wraith


      Not a discussion worth seriously having

    8. KHCast



      I wasn’t even acknowledging or mocking trans issues in my initial post, moreso highlighting how pc in itself while good can be taken to extremes. Living in Portland I see that way to much. I mean when people, usually men, are legit getting on someone’s case for saying “mankind” and not “peoplekind” I feel as if that’s PC being used in which nothing is really gained. 😕

      I mean be my guest if you don’t wanna take my acknowledging of issues within my community seriously  though won’t stop you 

    9. Perkilator
    10. Wraith


      I wish you applied that level of criticism and careful thought to yourself.

    11. KHCast


      You are aware I do that level of criticism with most of my statuses regarding issues regarding PoC and lgbt people. Just people prefer to ignore them since they don’t have a personal stake in the discussion. I make literally one jab at pc culture going extreme on something (which it does) and suddenly I’m a monster that’s unsympathetic to women and trans people? Gotcha

    12. Polkadi~☆


      i have entered the wrong status update

    13. Sean


      It’s “just one jab” but it’s one that 80% of the internet has already made mocking SJWs and people criticizing problematic stuff in media. It was in poor taste.

    14. KHCast


      I still fail to see how it’s in poor taste when even mods have in arguments against me made humor at me or my arguments being a “tumblr sjw making something out of nothing”

      Its literally in regards to the extremist side of society easily prone to find a problem in even small pointless shit. Like how the Canadian prime minister complained at how a girl referred to it as “mankind” instead of “peoplekind”. That even if his heart is in the right place is a bit fucking much especially when they’re agreeing with you. The one time I make this humor and that apparently decreds my entire stance now whenever I take issue with something against my communities? How the hell is that fair or logical 

      I’m all for social justice and don’t ascribe to the “baw sjw’s are crazy” mantra, however I will definitely say there are extremes just like how there are extremes on the other end 

    15. Sean


      Dude you are impossible.

    16. TCB


      So how about that smash

      Who still hype I'm still hype

    17. KHCast


      Where exactly is the equivalence regarding my joke here not even at the general concept at being annoyed by something potentially harmful or offensive, but moreso a group that tends to go overboard on political correctness, and now apparently not being able to care about whenever I bring up an actual issue our communities face like, I don’t know, gay concentration camps in Russia, or police brutality, the war on drugs usually being a scapegoat to go after blacks and Hispanics, etc?

    18. Celestia


      Let me put it this way. Not too long ago in Canada "peoplekind" was said out loud, in real life, by our Prime Minister. This was...routinely mocked by everyone, in particular those on the left, because we saw it for what it was: at best a silly joke (which, for what it's worth, it seemed to be in-context), and at worst a weak attempt to sound cool and hip without really understanding progressive movements and politics (which is...fascinating to put it nicely, as he's our Liberal leader).

      That is an example of """PC gone too far,""" in the sense that it was a politician pandering without any real understanding. That's somewhat important in the sense that it gives us insight into how politicians like that think about these things. But of course there was much more important things, so people dropped it quick (at least in my circles).

      In contrast, your joke example using Smash of all things just brings to mind the shit we saw with Sm4sh where people would highlight random posts on social media supposedly freaking out over Samus getting punched by Mac. Remember how people wrung their hands over that? All I saw there was either 1) people who meant well but were misguided, or (more likely!) 2) obvious bait that people "fell" for so they could feel better about not being an unreasonable SJW or whatever.

    19. KHCast


      I never was aware of the smash stuff going on during 4, so that never crossed my mind personally. I was more going for 1 guess in this context 

      Though still find in poor taste of you referring to my issues I bring up regarding social issues “nonsense” so thanks for that. Guess gay concentration camps, “illegal” immigrants getting their families split up, etc, aren’t something to give a shit about amirite?

    20. TCB


      And that's the last stop on this train for me no better time to get off than now before it flies off the rails and the cliff

    21. Wraith


      almost nobody on this website takes you seriously

      you namedrop social issues randomly like a fucking marvel movie to seem intelligent but you end up lacking the most basic understanding of most topics

      you have the nerve to joke about those cuh razy sjws when youre one of the people most prone to overreact to things and shoot yourself in in the foot in the entire community

      you are now doing the thing the people you hate do where you make an off color joke and instead of owning up to it an apologizing you pull out a laundry list of excuses

      this is embarrassing 

    22. Celestia


      ...When I say performative nonsense I'm referring to your attitude, and how theatrical and insincere you come across. I'll be frank, I don't think you really care about this shit. You mostly just want to win arguments online. As evidenced very fucking clearly with what you just said.

      I don't know why I'm bothering replying to you after you'd say something like that. Fucking hell.

    23. Polkadi~☆


      end of the line, end of the line, end of the line, everybody off the train now y'all

      please, you guys, please

    24. Tornado


      And here I am just wishing we could still hunt gays for sport.

    25. KHCast


      Again, I’ve actually discussed immigration policy, lgbt and black discrimination, but you know what, go ahead and just say I namedrop this shit and don’t actually care and discuss it. I often ask for discussion, no one wants to. No one has anything to say, which fine, but at least say it. And @Celestia I can say the same right back at you for accusing me, someone who actually 1. Has dealt with racial profiling 2. Discrimination for my sexuality and 3.  Has actual fucking family and friends that are effected by these hunts for “illegals”, as someone that doesn’t actually give abfuck about them and simply wants attention. So fuck you right back. Maybe I go overboard sometimes, but I give a shit and care. I care fucking deeply that gays are killed in mass for who they are. I fucking cried when that story first came out, I had to talk to groups of friends and family about that for hours. One of my friends was severely beaten for who he was. I’ve been told to my face I should be lynched. So fuck. You.

    26. Zaysho


       @KHCast you can take your attitude and shove it. You are being a disruption and when people question/criticize you, you immediately jump down their throats. So don't act like you never get discussion just because the conversation doesn't go how you like. Throwing gems like this:


      Though still find in poor taste of you referring to my issues I bring up regarding social issues “nonsense” so thanks for that. Guess gay concentration camps, “illegal” immigrants getting their families split up, etc, aren’t something to give a shit about amirite?

      to deflect your personal failures in this conversation is getting really fucking tiring. You know exactly what Celestia was talking about and you decide to pull your victim status to come off as morally superior. Celestia might have had a kneejerk reaction, but they corrected themselves, and you don't get to act like you didn't provoke it (especially because I screenshotted this entire status just for that purpose).

      Since you can't even be bothered to have a conversation like this in good faith in the status updates, I'm revoking your status privileges. When you get them back? Who knows. I don't care. Enough is enough.

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