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  1. After seeing how Star Wars and Marvel nerds can get on “sjw political” topics, I’m not super shocked by the negative reaction the gamer community seems to be having regarding Jax’s ending in MK11.

    1. Thigolf


      -> Minority, LGBT or female character does anything of importance


      It's always the same song and dance.

    2. KHCast


      I wonder what the reaction would have been if a white dude was the one to go back in time to end slavery.

      People of color: look at that another white savior trope smh

      geek culture: “well to be fair...(insert devils advocate argument for why black people shouldn’t be annoyed at this)”

    3. dbzfan7


      I wouldn't say it's fair to completely dismiss everything like that. Can't say for Marvel as I never saw CM to really form an opinion, but for Star Wars I'd definitely say there's something alright. I think it could be argued of Ass Creed as well.

      A lot of the outcry I feel comes from people who feel certain characters are just immediately awesome, amazing, and/or loved without really earning it. No need for hard work they're just hyper talented already. Spoonfed or given tricks or skills someone previously would never be capable of so easily. I don't think it's all about women or color as I don't recall ever hearing any whining about Black Panther or Wonder Woman or Alitta etc.

      Power fantasy could be what some are bugged by, which would be hilarious if they have no issue with the 80's/90's power fantasy films. Though tone I suppose helps. Like an Arnold movie is power fantasy but knows it's dumb. Kinda like how Kill Bill gives the same feel, but also goes all over the top. Bride is one of the most badass female characters alongside Ripley.

      It's honestly a fascinating topic. What's going too far into unearned overpowered protagonist power fantasy and what's not. If we count one thing, we need to bring up this older film or vice versa of similar tone/character to see if by same definition on a man if we're being fair or not. It's become touchy though. 

      The most common part of this discussion I feel comes back painfully to the ol Mary Sue/Gary Stu argument. What's proper growth, and what's just being unrealistically hyper competent. What feels genuine and what feels artificial.

    4. KHCast


      Uhhh, yeah, there were totally sects it geekdom raising complaints regarding Wonder Woman and Black Panther, I especially remember seeing nerds that actually tried to claim Black Panther as racist to whites. There’s attempting to see the argument from the other side, and then there’s just ignoring the overarching points to make pointless arguments about how some that complain about minority inclusion regardless of context or reason, aren’t racist and somehow have legit reason to be irked. Geekdom I saw complain about Black Panther, I saw complain about Wonder Woman, definitely saw it with spider-verse(and miles entire series) don’t get me started on when talk of lgbt representation is brought up. Yes, bigots unopen to change are quite a popular group within nerdom. Do I even need to remind you of gg

      and not sure how this rant of yours has anything to do with Jax. He clearly worked hard, and everyone gets a ending where they can alter time. Helps he was already a liked character, he’s not just liked/cool by default because he’s black.

    5. dbzfan7


      Well of course it exists for basically all media, but I don't think anything of Wonder Woman or Black Panther was ever brought this same discussion like Star Wars for instance has. I don't think a Geekdom video really is the best point. I mean we have several news outlets/articles on CM and Star Wars and just how that became a loud argument. The point being I don't think it's fair to act like it's all bigoted or racist are the motivators all the time. Especially when we as Sonic fans have no place to do judging by a book.

      It's more on trying to read into WHY this is felt. We need to understand the core argument and then really dictate if it's just hating or if there is a point. Otherwise we can just discredit practically all arguments we don't like as gender politics, racism, etc. Not saying it doesn't exist, but I can not count how many times that is used as a defense to not have to address criticisms.

      On Jax I don't personally see the problem in his ending at all. The closest thing I suppose is suggestion he only freed colored slaves and not those of other realms and end slavery in general. So he helped earth, but things like Outworld still suffered. Don't take this as my stance or not, but it's trying to look more into the argument itself deeper than just immediately scoffing it behind political stuff.

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