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  1. I guess considering we’re in a fucked up society that almost gloats about how much people work, I shouldn’t be surprised people are positively reacting to the news of them redesigning Sonic 

    1. Thigolf


      People are just happy an ugly design is getting changed. That's it. Noone is actively thinking "Awesome, those poor humans are gonna work themselves to death!", they're just no thinking ahead enough. Which is naive, ignorant or just uninformed, but I doubt anyone is actively malicious.

      (they really should delay the thing, though)

    2. Strickerx5


      Tbh, I don’t know a lot about live-action cgi but a part of me does think that simply swapping out the model shouldn’t be too difficult to pull off. Don’t get me wrong, simply rigging the thing again and some of the more cgi heavy scenes are going to take some effort but overall... this isn’t like changing entire scenes in an animated film. Sonic’s overall height and general size will more than likely remain largely the same so it should literally just be a swap out job (with no need for reshoots either).

      Also, simply based off the leaked material, the model has already been through quite a number of changes within even the last few months. Wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of scenes with him weren’t that far along to begin with.

      Could be completely wrong here but if they properly manage this and maybe bring on a few more contract animators to disperse the work load... a full on model change should be doable in time for November. The biggest issue will probably be promotional art as that stuff has to be printed/ verified and sent out months in advance.

      Though, I do doubt that we’ll be seeing any significant changes either way. I doubt Paramount really wants to put in the money and effort needed for that (because if they did they would’ve done it in the first place). 

    3. Pawn


      The general public doesn't realise how much work goes into something like this. In fact, a common assumption is probably that more people would be hired to take care of the extra work. This is on the management for fucking up in the first place and making promises that other people will suffer to fix them.

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