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  1. Endgame spoilers 

    So Thanos needs a civilization of ancient legendary giants to build him a gauntlet to hold the power of the infinity stones...but Tony here just cooks up a glove in a couple hours. Lol

    1. Ferno



      I do like the contrast tho, one glove is all magical/ mystical, and the other one is very robotic/ sci-fi esque, not to mention both gloves are for opposite hands; like in a super nerdy way it'd be awesome to wear both at once


    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      I have a theory that...


      the reason Thanos needed it was because of the protective properties of the glove, in that it can take damage, but still function, keeping in mind Thanos could survive two snaps, as compared to the one snap that has permanently injured Hulk, and killed Tony.

      I mean, strength also obviously come into it, but I’d like to think Tony’s glove can’t offer anywhere near the same protection, and results in higher damage, with chance of death.


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