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  1. Are people really still pulling the “allegedly” argument to get on people’s case for talking shit on projared? Yknow the ones, “well until it’s proven, in a court of law, you can’t attack the man. He could be innocent we don’t know!”

    1. PublicEnemy1


      Even though they have ACTUAL EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM.

    2. KHCast


      But you don’t get it. It could be ALLEGED evidence against him! It hasn’t been 100% proven legally!

    3. Bobnik


      I haven't seen anyone use "allegedly" non-ironically when it comes to Jared.




    4. KHCast


      I’m seeing people claim that since he hasn’t been sentenced yet, Jared could for all intents and purposes, sue for defamation since they’re still legally “alleged” claims against him. I’ve also seen a few of his fans still use that phrase to argue for him

    5. Polkadi~☆


      Fans dismissing arguments against their favourite creator, because they can't turn down their commitment of having followed a creator's content for years?

      Suck it up, I've been on this ride before. Sometimes, a person will end up being an arse, or the wrong words slip out of their mouth.

    6. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      My favorite people are the ones saying "man we should apologize to JonTron", like one dude being an adulterer (and maybe a pedo? I haven't been keeping up with this stuff) somehow excuses another from expressing white supremacist sentiments

    7. Solly
    8. KHCast


      @Shaddy Zaphod People didn’t already do that? Considering jontron still shovels out videos that get tons of views, if not more than before, I took it people moved on.

      I gotta wonder if there’s correlation between these kind of people and those that got on peoples cases for “jumping to conclusions” about Brett Kavvy.

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