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  1. Haven’t military officials come out against the trans ban and said it isn’t as expensive or time consuming a thing to deal with as Republicans make it out? So why are people still buying into trump and his administrations reasoning that has no real evidence to support it? How is this actually a “hot topic” argument. This feels like the gay ban all over again 

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Control, power, prejudice and egomania is always the answer.

    2. Solly


      I feel like deep down you probably know the answer to this. 

    3. KHCast


      Idk, some of the discussions I get on regarding this topic, those defending trump and his administration, seem to genuinely believe it. It really doesn’t feel like “they’re just uneducated southern hicks that secretly hate trans” I mean if anything I guess ignorance mixed with trumps ability to spin lies/half truths in appealing easier ways while also “appearing” more emotionally approachable/relatable, but even then, there’s flat out evidence these people seem to be against 

    4. Diogenes


      people typically favor their existing biases. they may not actively hate trans people but they find it confusing and weird and rather than examine those feelings and learn more about the situation it's easier to just listen to people like themselves that confirm the way they already feel

      and then if push comes to shove and they're forced to confront it, nobody likes admitting that they're wrong, especially on a moral issue. nobody wants to be The Bad Guy. so they double down and insist that they're right because they imagine themselves as Good People and if they were wrong that would mean they're Bad People but that can't be true because they're Good People right? so they decide it's everyone else just trying to make them feel bad, and making people feel bad means that they're The Bad Guy, not me, oh no, I'm The Good Guy and they're The Bad Guy!

      the human mind is such a huge mess of stupid bullshit

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